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Aigner sandals, Longchamp satchel, native American belt (all own), sunprotective dres c/o Coolibar and sunglasses c/o Sungait

Floral prints are very feminine. However, they are tricky to style. This guide addresses Dos and Don’ts of floral print attire to look ageless in  floral prints.


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Why to Avoid to Look like a Peer Mom

Looking ageless means not looking Old Lady and not looking like we rioted our (grand)daughter’s closet – aka Peer Mom. To look ageless in floral clothes the print, color, cut, and styling are keys.

post logo how to wear floral prints showing woman in a hand-baticed maxi dress



Which Blossom Prints Are the Best for Mature Women?

Let’s start with the print. Here is a list of ageless prints:


timeless look in floral inspired dress, pantyhose, brown bag and sandals
Aigner sandals, Longchamp satchel, native American belt, Taylor’s Gold’n Stone quartz cube earrings, sun-protective dress c/o Coolibar, and sunglasses c/o SUNGAIT.



Which Floral Prints Look Unflattering Over 40?

Here is a list of prints that get you into risky territory:

  • All Laura Ashley like floral prints
  • 60s Mod flowers (Recall – we don’t want to relive our youth/childhood, we are proud of who we are now! We had lived the Flower-Power history actually.)
  • Kid flower prints
  • Pastel prints (they are for bed sheets and PJs) unless your personal style is Romantic Style.
  • Provence florals (they are so 1980s and date us)
  • Prairie-prints unless you are an actress in a Western movie or participate in a historic parade celebrating the Gold Rush time in your community


ageless vs. aging prints
The two prints in the left panel look timeless, while those on the right are examples of prints that look unflattering after a certain age.



What Are the Best Cuts Look for Floral Print Garments?

When wearing floral prints go for clean, sleek cuts. Minimal details in the cut are key to look stunning. Shirt dresses, sheaths, and wrap dresses are save bets. Sleek gamine style medium size floral print bias cut midi dresses are great for women with small breasts. Also blouses or shirts in a crisp button-down shirt-cut. Classic tank tops are also a good canvas. Try a floral blazer, pencil skirt,  scarf, top, tailored blouse,  and – when a trend  – a floral bomber with a grown-up print. Floral coats, bags and shoes are real statement pieces.


Tip: When you are pear (triangle) shape, avoid any pattern on your hips as they draw attention to where you don’t want it. Determine your body shape with the free tool.


Fit-and-flare dresses can be risky. It requires a print with abstract flowers in bold colors, and knee-length (see next photo) to stay out of girlie territory.


Are There Cuts that Look Unflattering with Floral Prints?

Avoid shift/A-line dresses, anything with ruffles or full skirts (Old Lady alert!), puff sleeves, sweet or girlie that a kid would look cute in, short fit-and-flare dresses with scoop cleavage (peer mom alert!) or short skater skirts (riot alert!). Wide pastel floral prints on pants look like PJs and only work in Alaska.


How to Style Outfits with Floral Prints

Always ground your prints. This means adding accessories in one of the (main) colors of the print. Doing so is easiest when using the print’s background color. In winter, black tights and shoes are a save bet too.


Tip: Let the print be the statement and add sleek, elegant pieces. Avoid anything that makes your outfit look too busy.



Nicole featuring how to look ageless in floral prints in fall
Abstract print in fall colors. The top, sunnies, bag, and shoes pick up colors of the skirt. Paloma Picasso vintage sunglasses, gemstone belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Liz Claiborne pumps, Longchamp pliage, unbranded sweater, Talbot floral print skirt, vintage bangle, pantyhose, and top c/o Coolibar.



Outfit Inspirations How to Look Ageless in Floral Print

The photos below show some more floral print outfit ideas.


stylist in floral skirt with striped top and white denim jacket
The print of this skirt is “risky” as it is a modern interpretation of the Mod flowers. To make it work for anyone over 50 all styling must be modern too. Save bets are pairing it with stripes or other pattern. Back in the 60s, mixing pattern and prints was a no-no except for quilts. More on the history of flower prints.


older woman in ageless blossom top with white jeans
This example shows an abstract blossom cardiganin ruby red, and coral with black on white worn as top . I grounded it with the white boyfriend jeans and belt.


over 50 years old fashion blogger in orange sweater with floral skirt outfit
Lula Roe fit-and-flare abstract print dress worn as skirt, GNW tights, Vince Camuto boots in one color of the skirt, unbranded sweater in matching a color of the skirt, citrine and moonstone necklace, Hermes collier de chien, smoky quartz ring.


over 50 years old nuptial ceremony guest with silk floral coat to stay warm in the late afternoon
Banana Republic golden floral print silk coat. This sleek silk coat works despite of the pastels, because the size of the motifs, their abstract design and the classic cut make this coat daring, but ageless.




older influencer showing how to look ageless in floral prints
eShakti abstract floral print dress, Winkwood wooden sunglasses, Valentino studs, unbranded fuchsia scarf, Coach striped bag, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Hermes enamel bangles.



midlife woman in tropical flower print skirt paired with color-block shirt
Loft tropical print on a denim pencil skirt, Ray Ban sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, silver necklace (gift from my late Mom), eShakti color-block top and Liz Claiborne open-toe pumps.



Alaskan woman in summer outfit with abstract flower pattern
Loft tropical print skirt with silk top, L.K. Bennett wedge pumps, straw hat, and Esprit bag.



When and Where to Wear Floral Prints?

This print is an evergreen that works for almost for all occasions, but Black Tie. You can wear floral prints year round. That’s why they are a celebrity favorite.

And yes, floral prints can look office appropriate.


Conclusions on How to Look Ageless in Floral Prints

Avoid kitschy florals, too close to nature prints. Choose sizes that work with your body frame. Pick the motifs in your color palette, i.e. make sure colors that don’t work for you are avoided or have a very minor role.  Make sure the blossoms fit your personal style. …. and always ground your prints.



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