mature woman in fall work outfit with Hawaiian shirt
Jones New York Hawaiian button-down shirt with Sofie cardigan, Gucci belt, Halogen leather skirt, Steve Madden plateau heeled loafers, and Kate Moss for Longchamp bag (all own)

Save money by styling summer items for fall

Fall is usually really short in Interior Alaska. Typically the beautiful colors of fall just last up to 4 weeks. When we have a rainy fall, the beauty of fall just lasts 2 weeks or so. As you can see in the background the trees meanwhile have nearly lost all their colorful leaves.

midlife woman in fall outerwear
Burberry double-breasted blazer, Halogen leather skirt, Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, Steve Madden plateau loafers and matching silk cashmere paisley print scarf (all own)


Because fall is so short in Interior Alaska, it is not worth investing into fall items. Instead, I try to cover the short fall intermezzo with summer and winter items I have in my closet. Here I am wearing my Hawaiian blouse from summer with a fuchsia cardigan and a brown leather skirt. The dark brown purple-red heeled loafers and fuchsia cardigan pick up the colors of the blouse’s floral print. I added a belt for shape and wore this outfit at work.

Use winter blazers as outerwear in fall

For the commute to work I added my Burberry small plaid wool blazer. The brown of the blazer matches the brown of the skirt and bag. The blue and red of the blazer are the neighboring shades of the purple-red of the loafers. The scarf picks up all these colors and helps to tie the outfit together.

Do you wear summer items in fall? How do you make them fall appropriate? How long is fall where you live?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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