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How to look office appropriate in a floral top

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Printed tops, scarves and blouses are easy ways to wear floral prints to work. You can find an example of how to style red floral print, and how to mix snow leopard with floral print at the links. When wearing floral prints be aware that a full-on floral long dress reads too much party, weekend or vacation and is never work appropriate.

fashion over 40 woman in floral top with leather skirt
GNW floral print cardigan worn as top with statement necklace and Oliveo white straight leather skirt (all own)

Air conditioning is certainly nice when it is in the 100s outside (warmer than 37.8oC). However, one can catch quickly a cold when the AC becomes to chilly, which they often do after a heat wave. It obviously takes the AC a while to adjust to the less hot conditions. To avoid catching a cold in this scenario wear a cardigan as a top over a silk camisole or light cotton tank top. It is not too warm in the morning on you way to work and prior to leaving you just take the cardigan off. Then you are ready to enjoy the nice warm conditions outside in your camisole or tank top that you wore underneath.

fashionover40 woman in work outfit with floral print
GNW abstract floral print top, dagwood statement necklace, and Oliveo skirt with studded slingbacks (all own)

When you live in cold climate you may wear the above outfit when after a warm episode a swap of polar air invades town at work. In cold climate regions AC has the same problem that it takes awhile to adjust after a warm episode, However, when you come to the office you take your second cardigan off and when you leave the office you put the second cardigan on again to stay comfortable, but still stylish outside as shown below.

fashion over 50 woman in leather skirt work outfit with cardigan
The Limited striped cardigan styled as a cape provides a polished look to the above summer work outfit. Espirt bag and Paloma Picasso sunglasses (all own)

Do you like floral tops? How do you style them to look professional at work?

Stay warm and comfortable in style.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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