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Quilted genuine nappa coat c/o Leather Skin with own Talbot silk skirt, Neo Tango leopard print sandals, and Paloma Picasso sunglasses, and graphic Tee

This LeatherSkin green jacket review addresses quality, price-performance ratio, their customer support, and provides tips to style a green motorcycle jacket. Read to be informed and get inspired by the outfit ideas.


  1. A Classic Motorcycle Cut in a Gem Color = Super Stylish
  2. A Blue Leather Jacket Also for Him
  3. Go Beyond the Neutrals in Leather Jackets for Style
  4. How to Wear an Emerald Leather Motorcycle Jacket
  5. Make a Color Leather Coat Your Signature Style
  6. Leather Skin Has Great Customer Support
  7. Great Price-Performance Ratio
  8. In a Nutshell LeatherSkin Green Jacket Review


Disclosure: Ad. This LeatherSkin green jacket review features a sample of my choice from Leather Skin. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote the post myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


A Classic Motorcycle Cut in a Gem Color = Super Stylish

When you follow this blog already for a while, you know that I have a knack for leather clothes ever since I was a child. You also know that I love bold, deep colors like gem stones. Thus, I was super excited when a Leather Skin representative asked me to pick a jacket for review. They have my favorite hide in all kinds of cuts and beyond the typical neutrals like brown, black, navy, white and red, you can find them in really great stand-out-from-the-crowd colors such as yellow, chartreuse, royal blue, purple, pink, or bottle green – just to mention a few. Of course, I couldn’t resist the green women’s biker jacket with zipper details. Such a great unexpected color, in a classic cut with edgy detail! Note it’s also available in distressed maroon, black, and mustard yellow.

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style book author in statement quilted leather jacket and floral print skirt
Back view of quilted genuine leather jacket c/o Leather Skin with own Talbot floral print silk skirt, Neo Tango print sandals, and Paloma Picasso sunglasses to show the zipper pocket on the sleeves and the zippers at the wrists plus the quilting in the back



A Blue Leather Jacket for Him

When the package arrived, I was in Greenbelt at Goddard Space Flight Center visiting NASA. On the phone, I asked my husband to open the packet that had arrived. His immediate reaction was “I want a leather jacket like this as my birthday gift!” That really means something! He very seldom gives me a hint for a gift for him, and now he was expressing what he wants!


over 50 years old woman in edgy classic outfit of biker hide, full skirt, graphic T-shirt and T-strap sandals
Green biker jacket c/o Leather Skin with own Talbot full skirt, Neo Tango leopard print T-strap sandals, and Paloma Picasso sunglasses, and graphic T-shirt Keep Calm and Let the Meteorologist Handle It


Guess what? Leather Skin‘s men’s collection also has many pieces in bold colors including entire motorcycle suits! When I came back, I totally understood my husband’s reaction. Such a soft hide, the unique great smell of a new leather piece, great even dye in an outstanding color, excellent craftsmanship, paired with a beautiful design. <3


Go Beyond the Neutrals in Leather Jackets for Style

At work, the dress code in my field is casual to outdoorsy with elements of athleisure thrown in. Therefore, a nappa coat is a much better choice than a blazer when I want to dress up separates or even a dress. The bold color adds new interesting styling options to my wardrobe. And yes, colored leather jackets are more versatile than one thinks.

Proof needed? Is showing more than 15 stunning looks with a pink leather jacket sufficient evidence?


street style blogger in sheep skin jacket, full skirt, high heel sandals
Side view of green sheep skin jacket c/o Leather Skin with own Talbot floral print silk skirt, Neo Tango high heel sandals, and Paloma Picasso cat eye sunglasses



How to Wear an Emerald Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The zippers do double duty as edgy embellishment and in their very own function of being a zipper. In other words, you can close this coat tight and loose (see photos). Why is that an advantage? It means you can wear a thick sweater underneath in fall and still don the hide. In other words, the piece can be worn year round in climates with winter temperatures just around freezing and in three seasons in climate regions with cold winters. Living down South? It’s perfect for your cold season as a cover-up especially when it is windy.


details of biker cover-up closed tightly
Zoom-in on the front to show how to tighten the cover-up by using the outermost zipper



How to Make a Color Leather Coat Your Signature Style

A perfect piece for every woman who doesn’t want to be invisible! A motorcycle coat is very versatile to style. It works for work and play unless you need to wear corporate style. It permits wearing your summer dresses in fall and start early on wearing them in spring. Outdoor rock concert? Yes, please! It’s perfect and your friends can easily spot you with an outstanding color. And yes, you don’t need to choose a bold color. The gem stone inspired colors look stunning with white/gray hair. More on styling leather in a statement color.

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They also offer jackets in neutral color dyes. These pieces stand out by their great designs and interesting details.

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LeatherSkin Has Great Customer Support

When ordering my husband’s birthday gift, I worked with the customer service. They are great folks, very responsive and fast. It comes with free shipping usually within five business days. They have a 30 days unconditional return policy! You can also exchange the item for another item free of cost.


details of midlife woman's outfit in leather jacket, floral skirt, leopard print shoes
Zoom on details of the OOTD



Great Price-Performance Ratio

The high quality of the hide and craftsmanship means your Leather Skin investment will be your go-to piece for several years to come. The coat presented here costs $189. I am sure, I will wear this beauty more than 189 times. I already have the next outfit in mind, and I am eager to wear it soon. Consequently, the price-per-wear will get under a dollar over the tenure of this green sheep skin rib-quilted genuine leather jacket in my closet. This means the piece meets my criteria for a great deal. 👍


blogger in OOTD with zipper and buckles closed in the front
Front view of OOTD with zipper and buckles closed showing three zipper details in the front


I love this new addition to my wardrobe and I would recommend it to my best friends, and I even ordered one for my husband for his upcoming birthday. You can buy yourself your own bold leather jacket at Leather Skin.


midlife blogger looking edgy in a dress with leather coat and zipper details
Front view green biker jacket outfit idea


midlife woman in summer dress with underskirt, green biker jacket, slides and shoulder bag
Side view


influencer in green dress, reviewed LeatherSkin green leather jacket, and bag
Layering top, Karina dress, statement necklace, Ray Ban sunnies, green saddle designer bag c/o Uno Alla Volta, and green motorcycle leather jacket c/o LeatherSkin



In a Nutshell: LeatherSkin Green Jacket Review

The green sheep skin rib-quilted genuine leather jacket has a great design and color, excellent craftsmanship and is worth its price. Customer satisfaction is important to them meaning great service, free shipping, generous return policy. Browse their collection now.


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Photos: G. Kramm

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