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J. Crew skirt, Newsport News leather jacket, Sam Edelman bucket shoulder and top handle bag, Notations floral print cardigan, Hermes Collier de chain bangle, Heidi Arah amethyst belt buckle, amethyst earrings (all own), personalized cuff c/o oNecklace, Valentino studded slinsbacks and nude opaque tights c/o Hipstik

You killed your waiting time at the hairdresser, spa, you name it, by reading one of the magazines laying around. Your eyes caught an article that talked about leather jackets. It suggested you should go beyond the typical neutrals and spice up your style with a colored motorcycle jacket. After the appointment, on your way to the parking deck you saw a sales rack with a pink motorcycle jacket. Being in a good mood, you tried it on just for fun. It was a perfect fit and you looked great with your dark jeans, black pumps, white T-shirt, new haircut and that pink hide. You were feeling so good, you loved what you saw in the mirror and on the selfie, and the price was right. So you gave the jacket a new home in your closet. Now, how to style a pink motorcycle jacket? This post provides various outfit ideas for a pink biker jacket as an example to style colored ones.


  1. Why I Bought this Pink Leather Motorcycle Jacket
  2. How to Make a Colored Moto a Wardrobe Workhorse
  3. Try Color Blocking
  4. Leather Skirt Suits Are Having a Moment
  5. Use the Colors of the Top as the Inspiration
  6. How I Wore this Fitted Biker Jacket
  7. Take Home Message
  8. 281st Top of the World Style linkup party

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Why I Bought this Pink Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Do you remember that Telecom ad with the brunette in a telecom-pink motorcycle suit? I always wished Telecom would have sold them! Do I have to mention I don’t ride motorbikes? The look is just so edgy and sexy! Loved it! <3 What about you? Thus, when seeing the item, I had to buy it.

Anyhow. When fixing broken links this weekend, I realized how often I actually wear this pink beauty. Thus, as part of the shopping the own closet series, this post summerizes the various looks. Using one piece with many pieces of your wardrobe is just one of the many options how to get more wear outfits from the pieces you already own.


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How to Make a Colored Moto a Wardrobe Workhorse

Now, how to style the exotic jacket beyond dark jeans with a T-shirt and pumps? That …. article did not speak to that point! No, you don’t need to go on repeat with that initial sale making look. Here is the solution to your “problem.”

To illustrate how to solve the styling challenge of a colored moto I feature a hot pink leather jacket. I bought this statement piece in a consignment store for just a couple of bucks. When I saw it, I got excited about the color. Well, as a long time reader you know that I love leather since my toddler years

Try Color Blocking

… and that I will always love pink. This color works well with purple like shown in the look of the day. Other modern looking pairings are with brown (instead of the 1982s classic black).  In summer, the color looks very feminine with white. Wildcard? Try Pink with forest green and a pop of white. A great Alaska winter landscape color combination. More on great color combinations how to wear pink in this guide.

back view pink purple outfit with turqoise shoes

belt, print and shoes details

stylist in leather jacket, floral top, straight skirt studded pumps
Outfit details: J. Crew skirt, Newsport News leather jacket, Sam Edelman bucket shoulder and top handle bag, Notations floral print cardigan, Hermes Collier de chain bangle, Heidi Arah amethyst belt buckle, amethyst earrings (all own), personalized cuff c/o oNecklace, Valentino studded slinsbacks and nude opaque tights c/o Hipstik® Legwear


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Leather Skirt Suits Are Having a Moment

The fall trend I love the most is wearing the leather suit look. Since unmatched suits are so much more interesting than matching pieces, I went for an unmatched suit. When I bought this new fuchsia skirt, I had three different outfits in mind. Yes, the new OOTD of this post wasn’t among them. It popped up in my mind when I hung the new item into my closet.

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stylist in pink leather suit with floral top and rock studs

details of leather suit outfit with floral top

midlife influencer in fake suit walking in a mall in Alaska

midlife woman wearing a colorful style over 50
Outfit details: Floral print Notations cardigan, Banana Republic skirt, church window inspired pendant necklace, Newport News front zipper jacket, Gucci bamboo handle purse, and Valentino rock studs (all own) and latitude/longitude bangle c/o oNecklace


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Use the Colors of the Top as the Inspiration

Interestingly, it wasn’t the color wheel that inspired the outfit above. It was the abstract floral print top. When holding the skirt to a sweater the cardigan fell off the shelf and fell on my favorite summer pumps. I realized that the print has the colors of all three items. Thus, I immediately hung the pieces together on my “ready-to-wear” outfit place.

How do you come up with outfit ideas? How do you “save” an outfit idea? Do you repeat great outfits? Or do you create a new outfit every day? Just curious.

How I Wore this Fitted Pink Moto Jacket

The following photos show how I styled this biker coat before. The captions provide the styling recipes and some information on the clothes.


fashion blogger over 50 in blush mesh skirt with pink motorcycle jacket
Newport News pink motorcycle leather jacket with Olivero button-down shirt, Via Spiaga slingback pumps, Ray Ban sunglasses, statement belt (all own), shoulders tote c/o Robert Matthew and double layer mesh skirt c/o Lookbook Store
mature trendsetter in floral tweed sheath Mary Janes pink leather jacket
BB Dakota sheath, Coach bag, Steven ankle strap pumps (all own). The pattern of the dress inspired the choice of the other pieces in this fall look.


over 50 years old woman in gray wool skirt and pink leather jacket
Eddie Bauer tweet skirt, Valentino Rock Studs, Prada bag, Newpost News biker jacket



style blogger in color clocked fuchsia, black an royal blue dress with jacket look Color block dress c/o Ronen Chen with own D&GM sunglasses, Esprit shoulder bag, Ivanka Trump cap-toe pumps, and silk scarf. Here the scarf picks up the color of the dress, and jacket, which ties the look together

midlife woman wearing an unmatched leather suit Unmatched suit with Oliveo white leather pencil skirt, red Gloria Vanderbilt pumps, taupe Jaeger tote and floral scarf (all own). The theme is different shades of red that the scarf ties the look together.

midlife lady looking ageless in camouflage and pink London Jean camouflage cargo pants, GNW Luxe sweater, Jager tote and Ivanka Trump pumps (all own). Camouflage with pink are an eternal classic combination.

style blogger in floral print skirt with matching coat Talbot pleated skirt, Moda International sweater, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, and Gloria VanderBilt pumps (all own). The print of the skirt inspired the outfit.

mature way to wear a pink leather jacket with a fit-and-flare floral summer dress eShakti abstract floral print dress, DIY brooch, Hermes collier de chien cuff, Ivanka Trump pumps, and Jaeger tote (all own). The pink jacket goes well with the print of the dress.

fashion book author in LBD, statement motorcycle coat with Gucci bag DIY shirt corduroy dress, Valentino studded boots, Gucci bag, and Oscar de la Rente silk scarf (all own). Pink and black are a classic color combination.

blogger style outfit with different prints GNW cardigan, Jaeger tote, statement buckle, Kieselstein Cord belt, Talbot skirt (all own) wood sandals c/o Coolway. In this look, the jacket just repeats a color of the florals.

over 50 years old blogger in summer work outfit with abstract print sheath and belt Elie Tahari sheath dress, Moschino belt, and studded pumps (all own). In this look, the color of the sheath inspired the combination.

style blogger in motorcycle jacket with long mesh skirt Oliveo button down shirt, smoky quartz belt, Via Spiga slingbacks (all own), shoulder tote c/o Robert Matthew and double layer mesh skirt c/o Lookbook Store. This look is a combination of different shades of olive and rose.

Nicole of High Latitude Style in a colorful spring work outfit Loft tropical print skirt, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, GNW Luxe sweater, 3.1 Philip Lim bag, Salvatore Ferragamo pumps (all own). This look in on my style book cover. Buy your copy now.

style book author in fake suit for work Banana Republic skirt, GNW Luxe sweater, LV scarf, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle and Salvadore Ferragamo pumps (all own). Here the same tone inspired the fake winter skirt .suit look. More on wearing brown and pink.

mature woman mixing pattern BCBG belt, Burberry plaid A-line skirt, GNW zebra print cardigan worn as top, black pearl necklace, Anne Klein pumps, and Longchamp bag (all own). In this example, I played with the colors of the plaid.

Casual outfit with jeans and biker jacket Oliveo button down shirt, neckerchief, smoky quartz belt, London Jean BF jeans, Gucci bag, and Studio gladiator heels (all own). Obviously, the sandals tie the colos together.

When you liked the outfit ideas of this post, and want recipes for all kind of dressing situation in midlife, buy my book How to Dress for Success in Midlife.


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my fav linda in a see-thu embroidered fall wedding guest dress
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