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Leather capri with turquoise necklace, LV bucket bag, and pastel yellow mules

Stylist tips how to wear your capri in fall. Read what outerwear works with this vacation favorite, and how to style cropped pants for the office.




Updated: 9/2/2022


Why Are Capri Called Capri?

The name refers to Capri an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea located in the Gulf of Naples in the Campania of Italy. Capri was a favorite vacation destination for European honeymooners in the mid 1950s, early 1960s,  and for young families in the mid 70s. European movie stars like Brigit Bardot or Sophia Loren made these cropped pants popular.


Mady Rahl modeling capris
Mady Rahl modeling capri-trousers photographed by Sonja DeLennart in 1949. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons



Are Capri Pants Still in Fashion?

In Europe, cropped pants  are an Euro Chic classic favorite summer staple  for weekends and summer vacation style. Many European gals prefer capri over short-shorts because of their dressy look. More on ageless style in shorts over 40.



Where Should Cropped Pants Hit the Leg?

How to wear cropped pants is tricky for women over 40 because the short hem line draws the attention to the lower leg. To pull this style off, look for a hem that hits at a favorable point above or below the widest part of your calf.


Stylist tip: To ensure your legs look flawless use leg makeup or pantyhose to cover spider veins.



American Classic Jackie O. like outfit
Business casual look with cropped pants hitting the leg above the widest point of the calf



What Is the Best Color for Capri for Mature Women?

A neutral color outfit goes a long way. Capri in white or a bold primary color scream weekend or  vacation style or the weekend. Candy-color pairs with a Tee or tank top are not work appropriate.



summer outfit with carpi
Burgundy Brooks Brothers sweater, Gucci G belt, LV silk scarf, Jaeger tote,Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Etienne Aigner wedge sandals



How to Wear Capri when You Are Not Hourglass Shape?

Capri look best on tall women. On a boyish body, a neutral color is more flattering than a “look at me” bold color. Pear- or apple-shape should choose a dark neutral bottom and light top. Top heavy women dress best with dark tops and light bottoms.


mature fashion blogger in a leopard Print Cardigan and Capri worn north of 60 degree north
Example for how long capri trousers should be when hitting below the calf’s widest point. In this inspirational outfit, the floral tank top draws the eye and attention up.  The vertical line formed by the cardigan permits petites to wear the style. I.N.C. leather capri, Vintage top, Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Juicy Couture mules, LV bucket bag, baroque beads necklace,  cat-print neckerchief, and GNW cardigan.



How to Style Capri on Vacation and for the Weekend

In summer, these trousers look great with striped tops, plain color or graphic Tees as well as tank tops. These options work for a stroll on the town or beach mall, the farmer’s market, an afternoon in the park or as what to wear for sightseeing.

Jackie Kennedy inspired fall outfit with capri
Jones New York cardigan, Brooks Brothers sweater, Viggotti driving shoes, Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, vegan bag c/o Olivia + Joy



Can I Wear Capri to Work over 50?

Wearing them to work is tricky even with a business casual style dress code except there is a Casual Friday outfit culture. The best way style capri for work is to go for a very dressy, cropped dress-pants or jeans pair. See this review of a dressy Ethyl Clothing capri in jeans.  Add pointy-toe flats or low-heel court pumps. Keep the look classic and professional.


influencer in cropped pants autumn look
Business casual capri outfit idea



How Can You Wear Capri in Fall?

Here is the trick how to wear capri in fall or winter. Dress them up with a multi-color top in autumn-colors that picks up the color of the trousers. Complete the look with a cardigan for thermal comfort in chilly morning/evening hours or air-conditioned rooms.

In the example outfit below, the floral print includes turquoise, black and brown. To ensure thermal comfort in the sleeveless tank, I added a leopard cardigan. The print in the feline’s natural colors contributes to transfer the vibe towards autumn colors. The mixed prints work together because their background colors and the pants are from the same color family. More on mixing prints and patterns.


capris with floral top leopard print cardigan, blazer
GNW cardigan, pearl barrette, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Bulova watch, Vintage top, Vittari wool blazer, I.N.C. leather capri, Anne Klein sling backs, and structured bag for an autumn work look.



What Outerwear Goes with Cropped Pants?

A trench coat looks great for autumn and rainy days. You can’t go wrong with a cardigan or light knit jacket.

A wool blazer works with cropped leather trousers, but not with a cotton pair.


Stylist tip: Get a leopard print cardigan. Because it is sort of a neutral it is versatile to style. Furthermore, it’s a classic that works in all seasons.


fashion blogger over40 in fall work look with capri, cardigan and blazer
Stylist showing how to wear capri in fall with a corduroy blazer



stylist in capri, cardigan and blazer in autumn
Fall cropped pants office outfit idea with blazer as outerwear, faux twinset, and sling backs


Classic outfit with cropped pants, trench coat
Example with long sleeve sweater. Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, Hermes Medor watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Brooks Brother mock turtleneck sweater, Kieselstein Cord belt, pearls, Madonna True or Dare pumps, Burberry trench coat, and Longchamp satchel



fashion blogger showing how to wear capris in fall with a trench coat
Variation of the above outfit idea.


Summary How to Wear Capri in Fall

These trousers are more versatile than just for vacation and weekend. You can wear a neutral color pair in fall with a twinset, blazer or long sleeve top. Add pantyhose. for thermal comfort and/or coverup of spider veins. Like for all pants choices the perfect fit, style and color for your body shape are key. Determine your body type with this free body shape quiz.

More on summer-to-fall transition looks.


Photos: G. Kramm

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