Are your bust and hip measures approximately the same and your waist measure is ten inch plus/minus 2 inch (25±5cm) smaller than your bust and hip measures?

Is your bust smaller than your hips?

Is your bust larger than your hips?

Are your bust, waist, and hip measurements similar (give 1 to 2 inch, i.e. 2.5 to 5 cm variance)?

Identify your body shape
Your body shape is banana.

illustration of banana, I, ruler body type

You are straight up-and-down. This body shape is often called straight, rectangular, rectangle, ruler or "I". You do not have a lot of curves. You have no defined waist and a flat rear; your hips have a similar width as the shoulders, and your bust is small or average. This body shape is one of the easier body types for dressing. Many models tend to have this body shape. Your dressing goal is to create the illusion of curves. Sheath dresses are a great option. More on wearing sheath dresses.
Your body shape is apple.

apple with inverted triangle and Y superimposed to illustrate a top heavy body

You have no waist. This body shape is also called "O", "Y", downward triangle or inverted triangle. Your shoulders/back are comparatively wider than your hips. Typically this body shape comes with medium to large breast. This body shape is top heavy. Your dressing goals are to minimize your breast, create the illusion of hips, and avoid drawing attention to your waist. Learn more how to dress your best for this body type.
Your body shape is pear.

This body shape is also known as "A", triangle, pyramid, spoon, or bell. You have curvy hips, thick thighs, and a full rear, while your shoulders are comparatively narrower. You may have a small bust, and/or defined waist. Your dressing goal is to create balance your body by down-playing and distracting from your wide hips and emphasizing your upper part. More tips for dressing a a pear-shape body
Your body shape is hour glass.

hourglass or x-shape body type illustration

This body shape is also known as "X". Your shoulders and hips have about equal width and you have a well defined waist. This means that your proportions are well balanced. You are lucky. This body shape is the easiest to dress for because you just have to show your curves off. This means you don't need to create the illusion to have them. You are the woman who can wear body concious knit dresses!

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