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You wonder about the secrets of flawless legs? When the warm season is approaching, we have to spend more time on our beauty routine when we can skip wearing legwear at work or want to go bare legs for play. Read these expert tips to get beautiful like the Hollywood Divas.

    1. Spring, Summer Skirts and Dresses Look Great with Bare Legs….
    2. The Warm Season Means Additional “Maintanance” for Flawless Legs
    3. Judy Freedman
    4. Maria Kelly
    5. Mimi
    6. Birgit
    7. Jonet Wooten
    8. Elizabeth Hugen
    9. What I Do to Have Flawless Legs


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Spring, Summer Skirts and Dresses Look Great with Bare Legs….

…. but after being hidden under pants or other beautiful legwear all winter they aren’t “spring ready.” The skin may have dried out, looks flaky, and pale. Under the opaque tights and trousers, they may haven’t had a shaving since … wait, when was that? September?

Speaking of shave, ooops, shape, they looked better six month ago, because the cold wet air took all the fun of walking, jogging, running, ….

…. and we hadn’t the nerve dressing for going to the spa.


The Warm Season Means Additional “Maintanance” for Flawless Legs

Of course we all know that sunscreen is a Must for all skin parts that are exposed to the air. Even under an umbrella or in the shade you can get a sunburn. This is due to diffuse radiation from the Sun that is reflected from all sides from surfaces.

I asked six beauty experts

What is your secret to get your legs ready for the warm season to look awesome and flawless with capris, shorts, skirts and dresses?

Here is what these beauty experts recommend for getting a radiant glowing skin on your legs.


Judy Freedman

lifestyle blogger Judy Freedman shaping her legs with yoga
Judy Freedman, the lifestyle blogger at A Boomer’s Life After 50, and yoga instructor, demonstrating a Warrior II pose. Photo courtesy to her


Judy Freedman blogs at A Boomer’s Life after 50. She said

Since in addition to being a midlife lifestyle blogger, I am also a yoga instructor, I highly recommend yoga to strengthen your legs for the spring. Standing yoga poses are good weight bearing exercises and improve balance too. BTW many of the yoga warrior poses are also good to strengthen the upper arms, and help eliminate those midlife sagging upper arms or bat wings as my friend calls them!

Walking is another way I get my legs in shape for spring. I so enjoy taking mindful walks outside in the fresh air and watching the trees’ bud and the flowers bloom.


Maria Kelly

Maria Kelly of Passion, Fruit, Paws and Peonies showing off her bare ankles
Maria Kelly of Passion, Fruit, Paws and Peonies showing off her bare ankles. Photo courtesy to her


Maria Kelly blogs at Passion, Fruit, Paws and Peonies. She answered:

I’ve never been overly confident in showing off my bare legs, having a typical English complexion. But there are certainly things I do to make it easier. First of all, I exercise regularly because leg shape matters and a good muscle tone makes all the difference. I’m not a gym bunny but I do get in there regularly and exercise gently. Other than that I always use a body buffer in the shower and quickly afterwards use a good quality body oil to trap the moisture into your skin. I prefer wearing capris rather than shorts, but at least I know underneath my skin is soft as silk and beautifully scented in case I’m ever tempted to!



Mimi of In My Prime Time
Mimi of In My Prime Time. Photo courtesy to her


Mimi is the beauty blogger at In My Prime Time. She responded:

For those of us with mature skin it is important to be gentle with the products you use but they must be quality products to achieve results. First and foremost one must exfoliate to remove dry, rough skin so that the other products can penetrate. I use loofahs with exfoliating crystals to turn over dead skin on the body. You can certainly shave right after but if you are sensitive wait until the next day to shave.

For my face I use Strivectin Instant Retexturzing Scrub because it is a gentler formula. You do not want a product that is harsh and tears the top layer of skin. I also use glycolic acid as a deeper resurfacing once a week and have started using retinol again. You will see some peeling at first as the skin adjusts.

I currently am using argan oil as an all-over moisturizer and an argan milk around the eyes where the wrinkles are showing up! None have disappeared but maybe this will prevent the lines from getting any deeper!

After cleansing, immediately use a moisturizer that is rich in emollients and let this sink in while you down water ~ as much as you can hold! We have to take care of our insides and fruits and vegetables will also help.

At 65 yrs old I do not go out in the sun but I still use sunscreen especially in the car. My moisturizers have SPF in them and I always use them as I was not careful with my skin as a teenager (we thought sunshine was good for the skin!).

Self – tanners are necessary for those of us that do not sun bathe and many have moisturizers in them. They can be applied daily to reach the desired color.
When you are ready for an evening out apply a light dusting of bronzer type product down the front of legs arms and neck. I am partial to Laura Geller’s Baked Body Frosting. This will add a nice sheen and light color to the skin.

Your skin is worth every penny you spend and every year that goes by will reap the benefits of what you do now!

Disclaimer by Mimi: All the products I mention are ones I have purchased and have received no free items at any time – I really do use these (and what seems like a thousand others!!!!).




Birgit of Forty Fifty Happy in a gingham sheath dress
Birgit of Forty Fifty Happy in a gingham sheat dress in a Biergarten. Photo courtesy to her


Birgit blogs at Forty Fifty Happy about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel. When you plan a trip to Germany check her city sightseeing posts.

Before the “outdoor season” starts for my legs, I go first to the beauty salon to have my legs and bikini area waxed. Unlike shaving at home, hair regrowth is slower, stubble-free and tender. Hair on my legs is a No No for me.

Two or three times a week I use a body scrub in the shower for a peeling. In spring, I pay special attention to my legs. The peeling removes dry skin cells and makes the skin look soft and tender. I prefer using oil-based scrubs.

A brush massage has a similar effect and belongs to my daily beauty routine as well. I massage my legs in a circular motion using a soft natural boar hair brush. It is important to always massage in the direction of the heart. You start with your feet and work your way up. By brushing the skin the blood circulations is enhanced, slags are removed and the legs are vitalized.

Fortunately, I’ve no cellulite so far. Therefore, it is sufficient for me to just use a cream on my legs after showering or after the brush massage with a rich body lotion.

You know what? Do you have rough and wrinkled skin on your knees? Here’s a tip for you: Rub your knees daily with callus softening cream. Despite this cream is intended to be used on your feet, it really softens the skin on the knees (and elbows).

To make sure my legs are well-formed and look firm, I made a small fitness plan of stretching exercises that I follow several times a week (for long, shapely muscles). Afterwards, I do a few exercises on my home trampoline.

The workout on the trampoline is easy and gentle on the joints. By gentle jumping, similar to the Pilates, the deep muscles are trained and ligaments and tendons strengthened. A great workout not only for the legs, but for the whole body. The best part is that it’s also a lot of fun.

Now I hope for warm, spring-like temperatures, so that I can show off my well-groomed legs in skirts and shorts soon.


Jonet Wooten

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Jonet Wooten the beauty and fashion blogger at Fabulously Chic over 50 wrote:

You ask a relevant question, Nicole, and I don’t mind being candid and honest with my answer.

In the past, I enjoyed long walks with my pups, yoga and occasional weight lifting at the gym.

I am just now recovering from major surgery and have been down for almost four months, physically. It’s pretty amazing how quickly our muscle mass can fade away as we dance towards midlife (to be clear, I’m solidly a midlifer at 57).

My point is that it really doesn’t matter how you choose to move your body, as long as YOU CHOOSE TO MOVE YOUR BODY. Just do it, girl!


Elizabeth Hugen

Elizabeth Hugen aka Lizzie in Lace showing her legs in a feminine ruffle dress
Elizabeth Hugen aka Lizzie of Lizzie in Lace responded:

Exfoliate, moisturize and tan! The first step to flawless legs is to exfoliate. Use a body scrub to gently slough off any dead skin once or twice a week. Secondly, don’t forget to moisturize! In the morning, I use a light moisturizer (especially helpful when the temperature rises) and in the evenings, I use a heavier moisturizer such as a body butter and mix in a few drops of body oil. I should also note that you should use these steps on the bottom of your feet as well (it is sandal season after all!).

To avoid dry cracked feet, make sure you exfoliate with a foot file or scrub once a week and finish off with a heavy moisturizer every night (it’s especially helpful to wear socks afterward to seal in the moisture). The final step is to use a fake tanner or bronzing lotion. There are so many options available now so you might ave to experiment with this one to see which one works for you. I personally love bronzing lotions for a hint of daily color, but you can also try a gradual moisturizing tanner or longer lasting self tanner.


What I Do to Have Flawless Legs

over 50 years old style blogger in business casual look with bootcut jeans, button -down and blazer
Side view

When you are a regular reader you know I am an avid ballroom dancers doin a lot of practice for local events and fundraisers like at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival’s International Dances Performance or Dancing with the Fairbanks Stars. In other words, ballroom dancing two or three times a week keeps my legs in shape. Add gardening in summer, and snow shoveling in winter.

After the long Alaska winter, my legs are snow-white. No, the snow doesn’t discolor onto my legs as far as I know. … and, yes, my legs are not dirty like the melting snow in March seen in the photos. 😉

Once the temperatures go up so I can don bare legs, I change my morning beauty routine. Prior to showering I brush my legs to shed off dead skin cells. In the shower, I shave my legs if needed. After toweling, I use a moisturizing self-tanning lotion with high sun screen factor. In May, the Sun is up 24-7. Thus, to avoid pre-mature aging of the skin an SF30 is a Must.

There exist several tanning shades. I go for a medium tan, and apply the tanning lotion daily. It’s important to do the application evenly so your legs don’t look like those of a zebra or tiger.  😉 Seriously. Note that the brushing also serves to allow for a homogenous, spot-free look. Somehow the dead skin cells take up the color much stronger than the live ones.

Pro tip: Go with a tanning lotion that matches your natural tone. I once made the mistake to use a shade called “dark tan.” It just looked not natural with the natural tan on my arms and face.

I do the leg tanning all summer. I never figured out why my legs tan less than my arms, hands and face. Why is that? What about yours? Also make sure that you look natural in makeup as a finishing touch.


street style blogger in blazer, bootcut jeans and statement shoes
Back view


Nicole of High Latitude Style elongating her legs with a high rise jeans
Oliveo button-down shirt, Judith Leiber, Anne Klein blazer, GG loafers, AMS neckerchief,  boot-cut jeans c/o Ethyl Clothing, Hermes collier de chien bangle


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Photos courtesy to these bloggers
Photos of me: G. Kramm

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