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Spending a day at a spa can be very relaxing. This post is about what to consider to feel confident and look great at the spa. Read what to pack for a spa weekend.

  1. Best Outfit When Going to a Spa
  2. What to Pack for a Spa Weekend
  3. Further Reading Related to Packing and Spas


Best Outfit When Going to a Spa

On your way to the spa go for a comfortable and practical outfit. At many spas, guests arrive in neat yoga bottoms, or lounge pants with a T-shirt, sweater or hoodie. Some guests show up in gym wear and sneakers. Read more on styling athleisure in this guide at the link.

If you and your girl friends haven’t been at the selected spa before, check the spa’s web site for their dress code. If there is nothing mentioned, you may want to ask whether they have a dress code, when you call for booking your spots. You may also ask whether they provide robes and towels.

It is always better to be save than sorry.


Pro tip: Tie your hair back or up and don’t bother to put on makeup for the commute to the spa. When arriving without makeup you are immediately ready for treatment.


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Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, Dr. Scholl wedge sandals, DIY necklace, printed sun dress c/o Needham Lane, accessorized with large pearl studs c/o Wendy Mignot



What to Pack for a Spa Weekend

Here is the list of what to pack into your weekender:

  1. Robe
  2. Slippers and flip flops
  3. Towels of different size
  4. A change of clothes for dinner. If there is a restaurant inside the spa, check the dress code.
  5. A change of loose-fitting yoga wear or for the fashionista a casual sundress or resort dress (see examples in the banner of this post) that shows off your pretty skin. More on how to wear resort style at the link.
  6. At least, two changes of underwear. After your treatment, you don’t want to jump into the underwear you came in with. The second set is for your commute home.
  7. A cover-up in case the weather changes when you are on your way back or you have to go out for dinner
  8. Sleep wear
  9. Gym clothes to use the spa’s fitness facilities
  10. Swim suit or bikini
  11. If you prefer your own toiletries, you should take them with you. At least, bring your own toothbrush, brush/comb, deodorant, lipstick, lipgloss, and sunscreen.
  12. Any needed prescription medications
  13. Light literature like a book and/or magazines when you like to read for relaxing
  14. Reading glasses
  15. Beach or fabric tote to schlep your reading material, reading glasses, etc. in the facility

Pro tip: At a spa, you will spend a lot of time in your robe. If you go to a spa often, consider your robe as your outfit at the spa and invest in a robe that is practical and suits your taste and style. It adds to feeling great.

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Back view

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Further Reading Related to Packing and Spas

Enjoy you stay and be prepared for surprises. Read about the surprise I had at my first pedicure in Alaska.

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Do you often go to a spa? If so, do you go alone or with your girl friends? How much time do you spend there? Let me know, I am curious.


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