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Spray nail polish in red, party pink, and nude with under/over coat c/o

Did you ever wish you could get the polished look from the Nail Saloon all on your own at home? That’s what they say on TV about spray on nail polish. I tested it. Read my Spray Perfect test results and see what I found.

  1. Nail Polish the Old Way
  2. No “Weak” Hand Problem with Spray Perfect
  3. Say Yes to the Cute Thongs that Need Toe Nail Polish
  4. Does Spray Perfect Nail Polish Save Time?
  5. You Have to Apply the Base Coat Carefully
  6. Keep the Right Distance for Best Results
  7. The Spray Perfect Test I Did
  8. Normal Nail Polish Remover Works
  9. Is It Messy?
  10. Seven Color Choices
  11. How Long Does Spray Perfect Nail Polish Last?
  12. Price-performance Ratio
  13. Conclusions on my Spray Perfect Tests

Disclosure: Ad. The spray nail polish kit is a sample from Spray Perfect. The post is not endorsed by Spray Perfect. It represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Nail Polish the Old Way

My granny used nail polish all her life. Coral was her go-to color. She would do her nails on Saturday to look her best on Sunday. As she got older, her hands got less steady and her glasses probably had not the right prescription. Thus, doing the nails became more and more difficult, but she nevertheless refused give up on them. It just took her much longer than in the previous decades. Or as my Granny called it “when you get older the arms get shorter than they used to be.” Doing the right hand was the hardest for her as she was right handed. Despite she had the money to go for a professional manicure or to a spa for a pedicure, she preferred to take care of her beauty herself.

applying of Spray Perfect spray nail polish
Applying the party pink spray nail polish c/o Spray Perfect onto my toe nails

No “Weak” Hand Problem with Spray Perfect

We all know this problem of uneven coverage when we do our dominant hand. Spray Perfect (available on Amazon, Walmart) is a solution to the problem. This spray nail polish refuses to stick to your skin. Thus, your nail polish looks professional without having to pay a professional.

DIY with Spray Perfect nail polish works easy as 1-2-3-4

  1. Apply the top coat and wait 2-3 minutes until it is dry.
  2. Just put a piece of paper underneath your hands or feet, shake the Spray Perfect can to ensure even distribution of pigments in the solution, aim for the nails at a distance of 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm), push the button, and spray.
  3. When the spray is dry, add the top coat. Drying of the spray and base/top coat may vary depending on the weather (temperature, humidity, ventilation).
  4. Wash the hands or feet with soap when the top coat is dry, and you look like you just came from the nail spa.
toes after applying the Spray Perfect nail polish
Toes after applying the party pink nail polish spray c/o Spray Perfect

Say Yes to the Cute Thongs that Need Toe Nail Polish

Spray Perfect nail polish eliminates one round of the bending for polishing your own toe nails or the need to ask your significant other, or whom ever to apply three layers. After applying the base layer, just stand on a piece of paper towel, aim, push, wait, apply the top coat, wash, put on the thongs and go.

nail polish in party pink after application of the top layer
Spray Perfect nail polish c/o Spray Perfect after application of the top coat to the toe nails

Does Spray Perfect Nail Polish Save Time?

What I like the most about this spray nail polish is the time saving. Spray Perfect nail polish cuts the time to apply the color evenly in the step when you apply the color. Usually, you can only do one nail at a time. Spray Perfect nail polish covers them evenly all at the same time when you spray at a 4 to 6 inches distance. For someone working on a supercomputer with parallel processing this nail polish feels hyper-modern and cutting edge. However, the base coat and top coat have to be applied the old way.

Fazit: You save the time for making an appointment at the spa, driving and waiting there.

You Have to Apply the Base Coat Carefully

When you apply the base coat do not paint onto your skin! The Spray Perfect nail polish namely only adheres to the base polish. I tested this by putting base coat on my hand on purpose.

Keep the Right Distance for Best Results

It is obvious that when you go farther away with the spray from your target, the spray cone gets wider, and the pigmentation will be less and you have to spray longer to get full coverage. Not to mention that you need a large paper towel.

But what when you get too close? Is it critical to spray the color at the recommended distance? The scientist in me had to test this for my readers. The result: It is very important to stay in the recommended distance range to obtain a nail polish that looks like you got it at the spa.

The Spray Perfect Tests I Did

Here my experiment: I sprayed my pinky as recommended and I tested shorter and shorter distances towards my thumb for you on purpose. When you get too close to the nail, the nail polish will start to “swim” on your nail and look uneven. Thus, don’t do it unless you want to repeat my experiment!

Experiment with spray nail polish to test optimum spray distance
Description of experiment and showing its results. Spray Perfect works beautifully at the recommended range.

Normal Nail Polish Remover Works

The aforementioned experiment led to the next test:

How to remove Spray Perfect nail polish?

Spray Perfect nail polish can be removed with normal nail polish remover. Where I had applied it at the recommended distance, it went off as fast as normal polish. However, where I had applied too much, as I did on purpose in my test, it was a bit more stubborn. I guess that’s what I had expected. There is always a reason for the application description.

Is It Messy?

I have to admit that I had this question as well. Therefore, I took a photo of the paper towel after applying Spray Perfect nail polish on the toe and finger nails so you can judge yourself. I was positively surprised. However, I will double the paper towel the next time so it won’t rip. Despite I used only one layer of paper towel, there was no mess on my floor (in case of doing the feet) and table (in case of doing the experiments on the hands).

paper towel after application of nail polish in my Spray Perfect tests
Paper towel after application of Spray Perfect c/o Spray Perfect nail polish to my toe and finger nails

Seven Color Choices

I picked the colors for this review and went for a classic racy red, naked nude, and party pink. They also have passion purple, whimsical white, black beauty, and sexy silver. The colors have a lot of pigments, i.e. Spray Perfect covers the nails well.

The instructions said that Spray Perfect also works on acrylic nails. Since I never wear them, I of cause could not test it. Let me know your experience on acrylics when you try Spray Perfect on yours.

racy red spray nail polish review
After a week, I tested the racy red nail polish c/o Spray Perfect

How Long Does Spray Perfect Nail Polish Last?

My pedicure lasted more than the claimed five days despite I went ballroom dancing and wore also tight pumps.

Price-performance Ratio

The Spray Perfect kit consists of two cans of the buyer’s choice plus the base/top coat. This set costs $19.99 at Spray Perfect. They currently only ship within the Lower 48s. I hope they change that as I want to get new ones when the sample cans are empty. I love the time saving on my pedicure.

I have not emptied a can yet, but according to the information each can will provide up to 10 full manicures or pedicures. Thus, it is about a dollar per manicure/pedicure. When you apply it right it looks like a pro. This means you get a professional looking cover for 1/10th of what you usually pay for a manicure at Seattle airport or here in Fairbanks at a spa. In the case of a pedicure, it is even a better deal.

Thumbs up for the Spray Perfect nail polish because of its time saving.

Browse their collection for your favorite nail color now.

Conclusions on my Spray Perfect Tests

You can do your nails at your convenience, don’t need booking an appointment, and only save the time for getting to the spa, and you save a money lot of money. However, to get salon-like results, it’s absolutely necessary that you have a save hand when applying the base polish as the color sticks to just that. You also have to stick to the right distance to achieve professional results.

Spray Perfect is a solution to achieve salon-like nail polish results for all women with a safe hand who are on a tight budget and/or too busy to go to the salon. #SprayPerfect #review Click To Tweet

When you know someone who may be interested in this saving option and/or time shortcut to beautiful nail polish share these Spray Perfect tests with them.

Have you already heard about Spray Perfect nail polish? Have you already tried it? If so, how did you like it? Will you test it out, I mean for beauty?

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