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5 tips to buy excellent high-end fashion on a budget

#over40fashion #over50fashion outfit with high end low price items | High Latitude Style |
over40fashion work outfit in white and blue summer trend
Carhartt gingham shirt (sale) with Olivero leather strip skirt, Fossil white denim jacket, Ray Ban sunglasses (clearance sale), thrifted Aigner sandals, and thrifted LV bucket bag (all own)

A low budget is no reason for no style

Don’t let a small fashion budget discourage you from loving fashion and getting high-end items. Here are 5 tips to look fabulous on a budget and get the items you lust for. My OOTD is an example of items that I got using the strategy listed below.

  1. Become a budget master. If you like something and you can’t get it off your mind, save for it. For instance, swearing off your daily latte for a month saves you about $90, not to mention a lot of calories. Ask the sales person how many they have in your size and whether the item sells well. This in formation let’s you assess how much time you have. If you have not spent this month’s clothes budget and the next month is close up, combine the money and don’t buy anything the next month.
  2. Like all things in life, getting great clothes on the cheap means efforts. One has to learn how to shop consignment and thrift shops like a pro. Often these stores have perfect, barely worn clothes, one could not afford first hand. Thrifting or consigning is also good for the environment as you recycle.
  3. Speaking of first hand clothes, a thing that cannot be emphasized enough is the importance to learn shopping for fashion. Identify brands that fit you perfectly, stores that offer clothes that fit you best. Find out their sales and clearance schedule and mark your calendar. When the sale/clearance goes up … participate on the first day!
  4. Get an account on eBay, and learn how to shop and bit on eBay.
  5. Make high-low cost part of your signature style. You don’t need an outfit in just one designer. Actually, it would like you bought it that way, in other words, not very creative. The mix of low price and more expensive is so much more individual. Thus, stay on the ball!
over50fashion outfit with high end low price items
Carhartt gingham shirt (sale) with Oliveo leather stripes skirt, Fossil white denim jacket, Ray Ban sunglasses (clearance sale), thrifted Aigner sandals, and thrifted LV bucket bag (all own)

Top of the World Style linkup-party

The link that was most viewed was by Jess from Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. There is something to red heads with shades of red and orange. The OOTD I would love to be able to wear was by Allison from Sydney Fashion Hunter. She looks lovely in pastel.

Top of the World OOTD
Photos are from Sydney Fashion Hunter (left) and Elegantly Dressed and Stylish.

Now let’s get the party going. Everyone of any age and gender is welcome to share their fashion and style posts.

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What is your budget challenge when shopping for the style you want?  Have you already tried to shop at conseignment and/or thrifting stores? What’s your experience? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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