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Ever noticed how a few tweaks to your eyebrows can transform your entire look? Eyebrows aren’t just an afterthought; they’re a defining feature of your face. They frame your eyes, express your emotions, and when shaped correctly, they can balance out your features and even make you look younger.

This guide will give you a rundown of everything you need to know about eyebrow shapes and how to choose the right one for your face shape. Not all eyebrows are created equal – what works for your friend might not work for you. So, buckle up, and let’s find the right eyebrow shape for your face that matches your unique features and boosts your overall look.



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Different Eyebrow Shapes

Eyebrows are just like hairstyles; there’s no one-size-fits-all, and what might be flattering on others may not necessarily suit you. Let’s explore the various eyebrow shaping options available and how to achieve them.


diagram showing various eyebrow shapes and their names
Schematic views of selected eyebrow shapes and their names.




The beauty of straight eyebrows lies in their simplicity. Without any distinct arch, they follow a linear path along the brow bone. To achieve this look, you’d focus on maintaining a balanced thickness from the start of your brow to the end and gently plucking any stray hairs that disrupt the straight line.



Rounded eyebrows have a soft, continuous curve with no hard angles. To achieve this look, the peak of the arch should be softer, and the ends need to taper off gently. Tweeze carefully to maintain the curve and avoid sharp arches.



These eyebrows have a gentle rise and fall. The arch is present but not dramatically peaked. It’s more of a hill than a mountain. To get this look, you’ll need to identify the highest point of your natural arch and only tweeze below this point to keep the arch soft and natural.



The drama of hard-angled brows comes from a distinct and sharp arch. They make a statement with a high peak and a downward angle towards the outer eye corner. For this, you’ll want to define the highest point of the arch more noticeably and tweeze hairs to create a clear, sharp arch.



Finally, the S-shaped or ‘sinusoidal’ brows offer a unique blend of curves and angles. These brows curve up and down like a gentle wave. They’re a bit more challenging to achieve. Start with a slight round beginning, then create a soft angled arch, and finally taper the ends down.


What’s Your Face Shape and Its Ideal Eyebrow Shape

Now that we’ve explored the world of eyebrow shapes, it’s time to take a good look in the mirror. Your face shape plays a major role in determining which eyebrow shape will best complement your features. Let’s find out what your face shape is and how you can accentuate your natural beauty with the right eyebrow shape for your face:


Round Face

A round face shape is almost as wide as it is long, with full cheeks and a soft, rounded chin. There are no sharp angles or corners on a round face. If your face is round, you might want to add a little length to it.

High, sharp-angled eyebrows with a strong arch can draw the viewer’s eye upward, giving the illusion of a longer face. This effect can be achieved by creating an arch that’s a little higher than your natural brow bone and keeping the rest of the line straight.


3 face shapes with 2 different eyebrow shapes each
Sketch illustrating schematically for three different face types how an eyebrow shape can change the look of a face.



Oval Face

With an oval face, your face length is greater than the width, and your jawline is slightly narrower than your forehead. It’s considered balanced and proportional. If you’re blessed with this face shape, you have a bit more freedom to experiment. A soft-angled eyebrow shape works well with oval faces. The gentle peak at the arch gives a natural lift to your face, enhancing your already well-balanced features.


Square Face

For those with a square face, the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are approximately the same width, with a noticeably sharp jawline. This face shape exudes a sense of power. Go for a soft curved, or rounded eyebrow shape to contrast with your angular features. This helps to soften your look while maintaining your face’s natural strength.


Heart Face

Heart-shaped faces are defined by a wider forehead and cheekbones but a narrow, pointed chin. The goal here is to balance out the narrower lower half of your face with the wider top half. If you want a more natural look for your heart-shaped face, a rounded brow with a subtle arch is the way to go. But if you want to visually elongate your face, a brow with a more pronounced arch could work wonders.


Long Face

If your face length is the most prominent measurement and your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are similar in size, you have a long face shape. Straight eyebrows work wonders on a long face as they draw the viewer’s eye from side to side, which offsets the longer face length.


Diamond Face

Diamond faces have high, dramatic cheekbones and a narrow forehead and jawline. The aim is to soften the widest part of your face – the cheekbones. When considering the perfect eyebrow shape for diamond face, it’s important to choose a design that softens the angles of the face, such as a gently curved brow, which can elegantly complement the distinct features of this facial shape. A curved brow shape will do just that while also making the widest portion of your face appear less wide.


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