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BCBG studded pumps, eShakti lace skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, hair barrette, statement belt, Sam Edelman studded bucket bag, Paloma Picasso sunglasses (all own) and asymmetric hem tropical leaves tunic c/o Coolibar

The majority of engineers work in office buildings, industrial plants or laboratories. In industrial plants, laboratories, construction and surveying safety dictates the work attire like lab coats, safety glasses, reflective pants and jacket, helmets, steal cap toe engineering boots, etc. However, there are many engineering jobs that require to spend time both inside and outside. When your job falls into this category, and you are concerned about your risk of skin cancer, and want to reduce your Sun exposure, read on for sun safe business casual outfits for female engineers.

  1. Engineering Jobs Requiring to Work Outside
  2. Best Business Casual Clothes for Outside
  3. Sun Safe Business Casual Outfits for Female Engineers
    • Shirt Dress Looks
    • Looks with a Sun Protective Tunic
    • Sun Safe Skort and Top Looks
  4. Sun Safe Business Casual Outfit for Female Engineers in a Nutshell


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Engineering Jobs Requiring to Work Outside

Engineers employed in construction engineering and management, surveying or environmental engineering such as geotechnical and water resources or forest engineering spend most of their work hours outside. There are clear expectation on what to wear in civil engineering and these fields when outside. Environmental engineers, for instance, most commonly wear sun protective, moisture wicking, water proof gear while in the field.


Best Business Casual Clothes for Outside

The dress code for female engineers who work in an office building depends on the kind of field and company. The latter dress code also applies to female engineers who spend most of their time inside their offices, but might visit a site once in a while and business casual style attire is expected also when you are outside.

Your best bet is to invest in a sun safe business casual for females wardrobe. Doing so means you wear your sun protection even when staying outside was not on your work agenda that day. Unfortunately, most fabrics fail the meet the UPF criteria of sun safe clothes. Not to mention that you would have to spend a huge amount of time to find them.

However, the good news is that Coolibar recently added sun safe business casual style to their collections.


Sun Safe Business Casual Outfits for Female Engineers

Shirt Dress Looks

A shirt dress is great for business casual style. It is also available in an abstract print and ethnic inspired paisley print. A version with an around the knee hem line comes in black, vertical coral and white stripes as well as vertical light blue and white stripes. The wide slit permits climbing equipment if needed. The slit is also practical when your company’s vehicle for work trips is a Jeep, Land Rover or any other four wheel drive with high ground clearance. You can vary the look with a silk scarf, necklace, by rolling up the sleeves and different belts and shoes. A shirt dress looks great with a blazer or cardigan too.


female influencer with high slit shirt dress
Outfit details: LK Bennett open toe snake print red plateau open toe heels, statement loop belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Nordgreen watch, shoulder bag c/o Jord and sun safe shirt dress c/o Coolibar



Looks with a Sun Protective Tunic

The next look features a skirt with asymmetric tunic. The tunic is versatile to wear, for instance with slacks, chinos or jeans either tucked in or with a belt as shown here.


back view of Coolibar sun safe asymmetric tunic work outfit
Back view tunic with skirt outfit idea


summer business casual work look with tunic and skirt
Oliveo lace skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, rutile quartz necklace, Nordgreen watch, BCGC pumps, statement belt, Sam Edelman bucket bag, sunglasses c/o SUNGAIT, and tunic c/o Coolibar



Sun Safe Skort and Top Looks

Skorts with a hem just above the knee are a female engineer Must-have. You can climb equipment or a ladder without having to worry about inappropriate sights. The example outfits present a styling with an American Classic style white button down shirt and a shirt with scarf. The skorts look great with a blazer, pearls and T-shirt as well.


women environmental scientist in business casual outfit of white button down shirt, skorts, heels and cardigan
Front view sun safe skorts, button-down and cardigan look


business casual sun safe outfit idea with button down shirt, skorts, sunglasses, cardigan
Outfit details: Sun safe waterfall cardigan, skorts, hat and white button-down shirt all c/o Coolibar, mirrored sunglasses c/o MessyWeekend, watch c/o Nordgreen, own Prada satchel, Ivanka Trump dress shoes, silk bow, cameo jewelry, Hipstik pantyhose.


Stylist tip: Go for hard to break pantyhose. Runners are never in style.


Coolibar sun protective skorts with shirt and scarf
Side view skorts female enginer UV safe look


one of many sun safe business casual outfits for female professionals
Zipper top and skorts c/o Coolibar, watch c/o Nordgreen, floral print scarf, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Valentino studs, AMS silk neckerchief, unbranded statement necklace, Taylor’s Gold’n Stone earrings, Sam Edelman bucket shoulder bag



Conclusions on Sun Safe Business Casual Outfits for Female Engineers

You can create business casual outfits with sun protective clothing when picking the right pieces like button-down shirts, straight woven fabric pants, shirt dresses and above the knee skorts from the collection. Typically, those items that have that have the word “travel” in their description stay clearly out of vacation style territory and work well for business casual style. Browse the  Coolibar collection now.

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More sun safe business casual outfits for female professionals in this post on sun protective work clothing. See the guide at the link for dress code tips for female engineers.


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