American Classic is one of the most timeless styles. This post presents its key elements and how to put them together into great outfits.

  1. Key Elements of American Classic Style
  2. Poloshirt Styling
  3. Tweed Skirt and Cardigan
  4. A Simple American Classic Style Recipe- A Baseball Jacket with Denim

Key Elements of American Classic Style

Here is a list of Must-have items

  • Poloshirt
  • The iconic white button-down shirt (replace each year)
  • The blazer
  • Straight jeans
  • Riding boots
  • Around the knee tweed skirt
  • Grandpa cable knit cardigan and cashmere cardigan
  • Bias-cut slip dress for summer
  • Corduroy or denim skirt
  • Button-front skirt
  • Turquoise cuff
  • Baseball and/or utility jacket
  • Denim or trucker jacket

The next sections show how to pull it all together. Each section also provides information where to find a guide how to style the respective item(s).

Poloshirt styling

An above the knee straight denim skirt in a dark wash looks great when paired with a thin striped polo shirt and a belt. Make sure that the buckle’s picks up the hardware of your denim. To complete the vibe go with wedge sandals and Jackie O type sunglasses.

details of belt, buckle, watch

over 50 years old style blogger i Jackie O sunglasses and denim skirt
Denim skirt with thin striped polo shirt, Kieselstein Cord belt and belt buckle, Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, and suede wedge sandals (all own)

Tweed Skirt and Cardigan

The iconic tweed skirt looks best with a short or long-sleeve cashmere sweater and driving shoes or riding boots. In winter, a cardigan is added for some extra insulation. It hasn’t to be a real twinset like in Euro Chic. Create a faux twinset with a neutral color cardigan that works with the other (neutral) colors of the look. For more styling tips on great tweed skirt looks see the guide at the link.

winter work outfit with faux twinset

influencer in American Classic tweed skirt Argyle sweater, cardigan
LandsEnd Argyle cashmere sweater under cashmere cardigan worn over tweed skirt and tights with Vince Camuto suede boots accessorized with multiple strings of pearls (all own)

A Simple American Classic Style Recipe – A Baseball Jacket with Denim

A baseball jacket with striped Tee and denim is always a winner. #agelessstyle Click To Tweet

The following look shows a striped T-shirt, denim and baseball jacket combination a simple recipe for an outfit in the category casual, posh of American Classics. BTW, the shirt is made in the USA from sustainable resources. I love when style meets sustainability. The denim skirt is mid-night blue with a slight distress on the fabric. My cat is not finished with the distressing design of this skirt 😉 .

The easiest way to get a distressed denim skirt is to have a denim skirt and a cat. #petlove #DIY Click To Tweet

Of course, the look is worn with my signature collier de chien bracelet that I wear day-in-day out and heels.

I just can't concentrate in flats. #heels #shoelove Click To Tweet


style blogger Nicole in versatile leather jacket and jean skirt

fashion blogger wearing an American classic look with baseball jacket and a knee length denim skirt
Michael Kors baseball leather jacket with Oliveo denim skirt, Anne Klein T-strap pumps, Chanel bag (all own) and striped 3/4 sleeve T-shirt c/o Marine Layer


When in doubt, wear a classic outfit. #dress4success #styletip Click To Tweet

Riding Boots, Tweed Skirt and Motorcycle Jackets

Riding boots and everthing equestarian like horse buckle belts are key elements of the style. Also motorcycle boots, motorcycle vests, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle coats, and motorcycle shearlings, motorcycle booties. Just think, what does one need to explore the Southwest. The tweed skirt is an icon in all collections from American designers. More on how to style a tweed skirt at the link.

Stylist illustrating how to wear riding boots, tweed and leather motorcycle jacket

The Button-down Shirt, Jeans and Cardigan

US fashion blogger in button-down shirt with jeans skirt

influencer in Chambray button-down shirt, denim skirt, sandals
Chambray button-down shirt with GNW cardigan, denim skirt, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, gold sandals, Picasso print scarf, and statement bag (all own)


You can find outfit ideas with patriotic attire for Independence Day as well as  another American Classic OOTD at these links.


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What is your go-to look that is always a winner when it comes to best personal style?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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