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This review of Newbella stilettos, Mary-Janes and heeled sandals addresses the design, craftsmanship, comfort, versatility to style, and quality of the products. Furthermore, it provides styling inspirations. Read what I think about this footwear, price-performance ratio, who will love them,  and my experience whether Newbella shoes are true to size.



Disclosure: Ad. The Newbella shoes are samples of my choice. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Why I Choose to Review Newbella’s Stilettos, Mary-Janes, and Heeled Sandals

When you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the review of my beloved Newbella thick sole boots last winter. They became my workhorse for everyday running errands, walks, shopping, etc. because they are incredibly comfortable and not heavy like other waterproof winter boots.  Whenever I wore them, I received so many compliments and request where to buy these Newbella shoes.

Therefore, and because of the boots’ great quality (they still show no wear), I picked three different styles of summer/fall shoes: Mary-Janes, stilettos, and heeled sandals. My interest was to find out whether other styles of the Newbella collection show similar comfort and great quality.


weekend styling inspiration for green Newbella mules
Weekend styling inspiration with Newbella mules: DIY skirt, Coolibar top, Eagle Eyes sunglasses, Coach bag, Kieselstein Cord 3 horses belt, watch c/o Nordgreen.



Newbella Green Heeled Sandals – A Unique Heel Is Perfect to Add a Modern Twist to a Classic Look

The human-made upper is vegan, but feels soft like the leather of gloves. Consequently, they are very comfortable. When your are not new to heels, the Louis-XIV-style heel is easy to walk in.

The interesting heel form is a head-turner and statement piece. The olive color is a neutral making the sandals very versatile to style for work and play. Olive is a perfect alternative to black or nude. Due to the versatile design you can create a lot of looks for various vacation occasions.  Besides packing light, the affordable price of the sandals won’t rib a hole in your travel budget. In the cold season, they are great to look your best at home when you have guests or at work, when taking your boots off.


styling inspiration and details of Newbella block heel daily work sandals in green
Outfit details: Coach bag, … a Novo dress, and watch c/o Nordgreen. These block vintage work & daily heeled sandals are also available in pink and white for $74.90, or $61.42 with code NICOLE after 18% off.



What I Love about the Mary-Janes

The upper of this pair of double-buckle Mary-Janes consists of faux patent leather. The price tag of $71 is very reasonable given the craftsmanship and quality of material. Of course, Mary-Janes are always in style aka an eternal classic. Nevertheless, the Newbella Mary-Janes look modern, and incredibly stylish despite the comfortable heel height.

When your primary or secondary personal style is romantic, or gamine they are a Must-Have. They are also perfect for every woman who has to walk a couple of blocks every day. Furthermore, this style also meets most work dress-codes.

The Newbella double buckle heeled Mary Janes are true to size and also available in black. Use code NICOLE for 18% off.


posh casual outfit idea with Newbella double-buckle block heel Mary-Janes
Posh casual look: Red patent leather Newbella double-buckle block heel Mary-Janes, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, ruby belt, Coolibar shirt, WHBM cropped pants, Nordgreen watch, and crossbody bag c/o R. Riveter. The buckles are easy-to-close hook buckles.



Newbella Pointy Shallow Stiletto Heels Get You Ready for Formal Events

Whether it is for date night, girls’ night out or even a formal event (e.g., opera, wedding, inaugural ball), every women should have a pair of stilettos in her shoe wardrobe. Given the relatively shallow heel you most likely will not need your significant other’s arm as a walking aid when wearing them.

Being an Argentine Tango dancer, I have tried a lot of stilettos over the years. The NewBella stilettos keep my heels in their position even when you twist your feet. The bow at the ankle and strap over the toes and lower part of the foot well support the feet to stay in place. This type of design is much more comfortable than the thin straps of and back-slings of the typical stiletto designs. The surface contact of the heel is larger than that of cheap stilettos meaning you stand more stably. Together this means I can dance longer before my feet get tired.

Thumbs up!

Despite being very suitable for dancing the Argentine Tango, the pair looks not like a dance shoes. It looks sexy, but without going over the top.


outfit inspo with tulip-hem dress for the review of Newbella stiletto heels
Newbella green stiletto heels styled with Dip T-shirt, Eagle Eyes sunglasses, emerald belt, bi-color watch c/o Nordgreen, and tulip-hem swirl dress c/o Clara Sunwood.



Fact: If you are not used to sky-high heels, but need to wear a pair of stilettos, this pair might be a great option for you.


The 2.4 in (6 cm) curved heels of these pointy shallow stiletto heels keep you stand steady. The style is also available in orange and black.

These stilettos are on sale for 34% off, i.e., $51.90. Use code NICOLE for another 18% off.


Review of Newbella Mary-Janes, Stilettos, and Heeled Sandals in a Nutshell

The Newbella Mary-Janes, stilettos and heeled sandals have in common to

  • Be very affordable,
  • Be very versatile to style,
  • Look modern in their designs,
  • Be created with new technologies and carefully resourced materials for optimized comfort and highest quality of a given design,
  • As well as to be stylish and comfortable,
  • Be 18% off with code NICOLE.

Browse their collection now.


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