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JORD unique wooden watch

This post is a review of a Jord wood watch, and explains why it is Must-have for personal style.


  1. In a World of Daisies You Want to be the Rose
  2. The Fashion Industry Produces Each Item Several 1000000 Folds
  3. Wooden Watches Are As Unique As You Are
  4. Another Thing I Love about Jord Wood Watches
  5. Price-Performance Ratio
  6. Why You Should Wear a Wood Watch despite You Check the Time on Your Phone?
  7. Review of a Jord Wood Watch in Summary


Disclosure: Ad. The wood watch is a sample from Jord. The post is not endorsed by Jord. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. There are affiliate links in this post.


In a World of Daisies You Want to be the Rose

Even when you didn’t read Aldous Huxley‘s “Brave New World” with the 200 cloned identical persons, one of your worst party/event or whatever occasion nightmare is another woman entering the room in the same outfit. We immediately see us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest in the “who wore it better section.” Therefore, it comes naturally to all of us to find items that are as unique as we are. A Jord wood watch is exactly such an unique item! The best of it? They are nevertheless very affordable!

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mature woman featuring a Jord wood watch for review
Back view of outfit with Orvis jacket, Oliveo chinos, Nine West pumps, Jaeger tote (all own) and cool “green” wooden watch c/o Jord



The Fashion Industry Produces Each Item Several 1000000 Folds

When it comes to fashion and style there are not many unique items. The idea of affordable clothes for the masses, and hence industrial manufacture of clothing, was to use the same cut, fabric, and have learned workers sew the same item over and over again with a bonus for being fast instead of a bonus for doing a good sewing job. Unless you sew your clothes yourself or are rich enough to have a seamstress and designer just working for you, you are always at risk to wear the same piece as the next woman.


mature casual look with utility jacket, chinos and wooden watch
Side view of casual outfit with Orvis utility jacket, Oliveo chinos, Jaeger tote, Nine West pumps (all own) and unique wood watch c/o Jord



Wooden Watches Are As Unique As You Are

The solution are items made from a material that is not man made like, for instance, the wood watch from Jord of my choice that I received for review. Not one wood watch looks the same as another wood watch even when they are from the same collection. Each watch is as unique as the wearer. They are not clones of each other, not even copy cats. See the proof in the photo below: The watch I got is on the left and the watch at Jord’s page is on the right. This means you can use your accessories to stick out of the crowd.


must have watch
Ely green sandalwood with maple dial watch. Don’t let the different lightning affect your judgement. Instead look at the different marbling of the watches when comparing it with the watch on the right.
wood watch
Ely green sandalwood watch on Jord’s page to demonstrate that even though the watches are from the same collection each one is as unique as you.



Another Thing I Love about Jord Wood Watches

This green sandalwood and maple dial wooden watch has even a wooden back! In summer, I often get allergies under my stainless steel watches when temperatures exceed 80F (26.7oC). Interestingly, my allergy only occur under a steel watch itself, not under a steel bracelet or closure. I wore the wood watch on a day where I usually would get an allergy, but skin didn’t react with an allergy underneath the wooden back. The watch felt so comfortable. My skin stayed dry underneath. <3

wood watch back view
Back view of the Ely green sandalwood with maple dial watch c/o Jord to show the wood back. The watch comes with a cool wooden box to hold the watch when it’s not on your arm. This container looks pretty in your closet or on your night stand



Another thing that I like about Jord: They customize the wood watch band to fit your wrist size. Thus, there will be no annoying sliding and slipping. Furthermore, you can wear it right away and don’t have to run to a jewelry repair store to have the band shortened. Of course, Jord sends you the taken out pieces as a backup plan. 😉


Why You Should Wear a Wood Watch despite You Check the Time on Your Phone?

It’s all about being unique, girl! You’re a unique individual, and your personal style says it. Keep calm about fashion mass production, wear a unique wooden watch.


Price-Performance Ratio

Jord watches range from $129 for the Ely to $395 for the most expensive watch, the Sawyer. They are statement items, i.e. think of them as signature pieces.

Most signature pieces provide their function by being very expensive, i.e., they build on not being affordable for everybody and/or not everybody being willing to fork over the money to get them. Being clear about this fact, wood watches are a super great deal for several reasons.

  • They are very affordable signature time pieces even when you are on a budget. Wearing the Ely less than half a year every day you are already at $1 per wear!
  • They are luxury because you have a cell phone and wear the wood watch as a statement piece.
  • Wood watches are really unique as not one watch looks the same.
  • In contrast to multiple expensive “signature pieces”, wood watches are real unique signature pieces as they only exist once the way they are.
  • Wood watches also exist for guys. This means you can up your style also by wearing a cool men’s watch. Read more on how to have ageless style in menswear.


fashion blogger with casual posh outfit of jacket, pumps and chino pants with wooden watch
Wood watch c/o Jord with own Orvis utility jacket, statement belt, leave earrings, Oliveo chino, Jaeger tote, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Nine West pumps (all own), and T-shirt c/o Onno


No matter from which collection you pick your wood watch, you will have a unique piece. It is hard to get better than that in fashion and style.


Review of a Jord Wood Watch in Summary

Jord wood timepieces are unique, made of sustainable resources, affordable signature pieces and timelessly stylish. Browse their collections for your own unique wooden watch.


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Photos of me: G. Kramm
Photos of zooms on the watch: N. Mölders

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