Avoid unflattering trends on repeat

Are you frustrated about some fashion trends that pop up on a regular basis despite they are unflattering on everyone? Or even worse these seemingly evergreen fashion items that everyone wears but you just wish that they would go away and never come back? You know the ones that are so ugly that you would not even wear them if they were free-bees 😉 . You know the trends that you identified already as not working for you.

But there are also ugly trends that you haven’t tried yet. However, who wants to wast money on a trend that doesn’t work? Here is a list of 60 current trends that fall into the ugly trend category. To not be too negative in this post, I also show you my new chic dance outfit (photos in this post).

#fashionover50 woman in chic going out outfit
Dance outfit with Bebe suede golden shine skirt, Steven patent leather Mary Janes (all own) and T-shirt c/o ONNO

Top list of style ruining trends

Here is my list of ugly no-nos

      1. Meant-to-be funny T-shirts
      2. Free-bee promotional T-shirts
      3. Flared jeans and pants
      4. Tie-dye anything
      5. Small round metal glasses like John Lennon’s
      6. Chains to hang your reading glasses around your neck
      7. Bandanas
      8. Dress shoes with crepe sole unless they have a wedge heel
      9. Ballet flats
      10. Lace flats except for a pair by Salvatore Ferragamo. I wish I had a pair to sell it on eBay
      11. Block heels despite they are comfortable to stand in
      12. Go-go boots
      13. Sequins as large as a quarter
      14. Holiday sweaters for adults unless you are Santa Claus
      15. Plastic flip flops, mules or shoes – you are not Barbie, right?
      16. Mommy jeans – I am not a mom
      17. Relaxed pants and jeans
      18. Pants, jeans, or skirts with elastic waist band – they are practical for babies to be pulled easily over diapers. I am glad I don’t need them.
      19. Blue or purple eye-shadow literally painted all over the lid. It looks like you had an encounter with Mohammed Ali.
      20. Baggy sweat pants in partner look for him and her or even worse as fun for the whole family
      21. Lace slips – spandex shapewear slips do double duty: shaping and serving as an underlayer#AgelessStyle 60 ugly trends that ruin your style post banner
      22. Granny panties. There is a reason why they are called Liebestöter (meaning love killer) in German.
      23. Bras the size of Alaska – I need Rhode Island size
      24. Bifocal glasses with demarcation line – I lived more than 27 years close to the Iron Curtain formerly called German-German border.
      25. Jeans with pockets below the bum
      26. Low rise jeans/pants that show the Y or the whale tail of your thong
      27. Swimsuits with attached skirts – What are they covering anyway?
      28. Dirty wash jeans, jackets
      29. Acid wash jeans and jackets
      30. Mummus – Is this the baby talk word for cows?
      31. Dungarees
      32. Moon boots – They are for astronauts.
      33. Tired skirts – they look like giant American wedding cakes
      34. Chandelier earrings with long curly hair and glasses
      35. Jumpsuits – jump suit 😉
      36. Down anoraks
      37. Bunny boots which is one of the two Alaska It boot styles
      38. Destroyed jeans – they take too much time to put on. I mean who has the time to make sure not to tangle the own toes in those leftover meshes
      39. Socks with toes in egg yoke color
      40. Yellow jersey pants
      41. Orange sweaters or T-shirts – that’s prison uniform
      42. Stockings with extra strong toe space – I have a nail clip and know how to use it
      43. Half socks to pretend that one goes bare feet in the pumps. You can’t fool anybody with them as they always stick out.
      44. Mule clogs – I had to wear them as house shoes, but had to walk silently when going up the marble stairs at nap-time. Welcome to mission impossible.
      45. Short-shorts
      46. Micro minis
      47. Bandage dresses – I am not a sausage
      48. Handkerchief skirts – They look like giant handkerchiefs.
      49. Circle skirts – they expose everything when you twirl
      50. Tops with trumpet sleeves – how unpractical
      51. Hoodies with ears for adults
      52. Hats with ears, or antlers, horns, etc. – I have ears like saddle bags myself. That’s enough and wear the hat to cover them up. So where is the point?
      53. White sneakers – I just can’t stand when something is higher maintenance than my own body.
      54. Flannel plaid shirts anywhere outside the forest
      55. Mosquito jumpsuits – they are so itchy and scratchy that the mosquitoes seem to be harmless pets
      56.  Skirts with slits in the front except for dancing the Argentine Tango
      57. Glasses as big as ancient Coke bottles – when you are a babyboomer you know what I mean
      58. Nose rings – they are for bulls
      59. Flip-brim hat – at a certain age you don’t like to add anything that wobbles
      60. Rompers

      When you liked this list tweet your friends to read this list of the top ugliest trends ever.

      #styleover40 outfit for social dance
      Bebe suede golden shine skirt, Steven Mary Janes (all own) and T-shirt c/o ONNO

      What is on your list? What would you add? Which of the items listed do you think are so-so or may be o.k.? Let me know, I am curious. Send me an email with your list of the top ugliest trends.

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      Now to the photos of my new dance outfit

      I wore the outfit shown in the photos of this post to a dance party. I like that this wrap skirt has a sleek cut, but still allows the moves needed in Argentine Tango.

      fashionover40 woman wearing a golden asymmetric skirt
      Bebe suede golden shine skirt, Steven ankle strap pumps (all own) and Tee c/o ONNO

      Since the skirt has some golden shine, I went with a plain T-shirt and patent leather pumps. I went with a crew-neck to give the outfit some sultry vibe. It offsets the high slit in the front of the skirt. Cleavage would be over-kill. I wear bikers underneath the skirt to be covered when I have to lift my leg up.

      Do you like to dance? Do you go out dancing?

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      Photos of me: G. Kramm

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