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Side view of weekend look with Zaful striped mini dress over leggings, random polka dots Keds, Notations striped cardigan knotted around the waist, Hermes Constanze shoulder bag (all own), and bracelet c/o Lizzy James

Today weekends mean casual for professionals

When you are in the corporate life you have to dress-up all week. When you are lucky, there is a Casual Friday culture. Nevertheless, whatever you wear it has to stay within the framework of the corporate dress code. Thus, the weekend means dress-down or casual for many corporate employees.

Even when you have to wear a uniform, you enjoy the freedom to turn fashion into style and to pick your own personal look in your time off. In this post, I show you my weekend look with my new dress.

#fashionover50 mature woman in mini dress with leggings, Keds and cardigan knotted around the waist
Zaful striped mini dress styled with leggings, Keds, Heremes collier de chien bangle, Notations cardigan knotted around the waist for style, Hermes Constance shoulder bag, statement necklace (all own), and bracelet c/o Lizzy James

What I wore this weekend

This dress is very body conscious. I wore it with shape wear underneath. I know, I know, not very weekend. But I didn’t mind as it was a cool cloudy Alaska summer day. Moreover, I like the pressure of shape wear. In the evening, I didn’t even need the cardigan that I had brought just in case. I knotted the cardigan around my waist for three reasons

  1. defining the waist
  2. uping the style factor
  3. easy way to carry it

When you think about buying this dress, go for a size larger when you don’t like the dress to be so body conscious. Mine is a size M. See the FAQ for my measures.

Weekend meant Sunday’s best

As a child, I never thought about it. It was like a second skin. On Sunday’s, I was supposed to wear my Sunday’s Best. This means I had a winter dress and a summer dress that I wore every Sunday. I recall a pink white polka dot dress with pink jacket from first grade, a white sheath with embellishment over the chest that I wore in summer in second and third grade on Sundays. In winter, I had a brown velvet dress. In fourth grade, I had a rust lean dress with striped to and a club sign application on the chest.

On Saturdays, I was so fortunate to have to go to school. It meant I was allowed to wear what I wanted as long as I obeyed to my mom’s fashion rules. I really disliked when they turned to one Saturday per month being without school. It just meant another day with “Sunday rules.” In plain English, I had to dress for whatever action plan my parents had.

#midlifestyle back view of woman weekend outfit with knit dress, leggings, crossbody and Keds
Back vie outfit with Zaful knit dress, leggings, Keds, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Notations cardigan, Hermes Constance crossbody (all own), and bracelet c/o Lizzy James

Shopping outfits

Action plans I hated were jogging, hiking, walks, bicycling, and car wash. I still don’t like any gym gear, or athletic attire that is meant actually to be worn for the purpose of exercise. However, I love leather joggers with polo and Keds for the weekend, may be because they are making fun of the original? May be not. See the link for a styling example.

I loved dressing for going shopping in Duisburg, Krefeld or Venlo. Even if it was just grocery shopping. I loved the big department stores, the neon lights, the decoration, and looking at the store windows and what people wore.

#fashionover50 older lady in black red green white striped dress
Front view of casual posh outfit with Zaful black, red, green, white striped mini dress, black leggings, red with white dots Keds, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Notations white and black striped cardigan, Hermes red Constance bag, statement necklace (all own), and bracelet c/o Lizzy James

Casual weekend outfits of my childhood

I also loved collecting potatoes from the fields after the harvest or collecting coal from the mining dump. We wore old clothes, i.e. clothes that were distressed, ripped or otherwise in bad shape. I liked the distressed look and that I could mix prints/pattern. My mom’s rule was just one print or pattern per outfit. However, when the call was for these activities, the rule was just that it had to be old clothes, too old to be worn to school. Furthermore, we wore rubber rainboots with these outfits, no matter what the weather was like. Why? There was a lot of dust and sand in that mining waste dump and the fields were pretty sandy. You wouldn’t get the sand in your “shoes” wearing boots. Real boots would have been too “expensive” to wear on the dump or in the fields.

I loved the fresh potatoes my mom would fry after we came home. I was great at collecting small potatoes. It were the small ones she would fry.  I didn’t like cooked potatoes, except those my granny made.

#advancedstyle older woman jumping of a stone in a sweater dress with leggings, crossbody bag
Zaful sweater dress, leggings, Keds, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Notations cardigan, Hermes Constance crossbody, statement necklace (all own), and bracelet c/o Lizzy James

I was a bad collector of coal. I had no ambitions to be the best coal collector of us kids. I wouldn’t try to look for the biggest pieces of coal or to find the most. On the contrary, I was more a burden than a help. Yes, I collect too the one or other piece of coal and threw it into the wheelbarrow, but it was only a side part of another goal. My interest was on the imprints of ancient plants in the rock pieces. When looking for them you had to dig thru the dirt. While my sibling lifted dirt to find the coal, I lifted it to find imprints. Thus, when I had a piece of coal to lift, it went into the wheelbarrow. Every rock would be turned around and hit with another stone to see whether I could split it to find an imprint. You see that I spent not much time on searching imprints than for left-over coal.

When the wheelbarrow was full, I had endless discussions with my father about how many of my finds I was allowed to take home. The dump was about 3 miles from my parents’ house. I had to either carry them myself or put them on the wheelbarrow. However, my Dad’s interest was, of course, to put as many coal on the wheelbarrow as possible. It was the time of and after the oil crisis. Heating the house as cheap as possible was a legitimate goal.

Over time, I had curated a great collection or ancient imprints. One day, when I came back from college, all my rock vegetation imprints were gone. My mom had donated them to her school. I was pretty upset back then. Today, I thinkshe did a good thing. This way a lot of students get to see them.

#midlifestyle older woman landing after jumping off a huge stone in a knit dress with purse and Keds
Zaful knit dress, leggings,Keds, Notations white and black striped cardigan, Hermes shoulder purse, and statement necklace (all own)

What did you wear on weekends in your childhood? Can you remember the outfits/clothes?

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