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Celtic and Co kilt, Hipstik tights, Fendi booties

Plaid, tartan, gingham, you name it, are awesome pattern, and eternal classics. This post provides tips to invest in great pieces in this category. Read what are the signs of a high quality plaid skirt.



What’s Great about Plaid?

Plaid is an old weave technique and has been around since yarn has been dyed in different colors. Various scale plaid patterns work with different personal style. Fabric material, colors, weave patterns  and cut determine whether a plaid skirt is for work or play. You can wear plaid clothes at the office when they have a timeless cut. Wearing plaid skirts easily can read weekend when styled in a California Casual Style, western, or punk-like look.

Depending on the fabric and colors you can find skirt in this weave for all seasons. See for instance, this great fall style with a plaid skirt.


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How Do You Pick a Well Assembled Plaid Skirt

When you want to buy a plaid skirt inspect the garment thoroughly. Check that at the darts, the plaid pattern meets exactly. Never buy when the plaid pattern is offset. It looks cheap and inappropriate even when the fabric reads luxury like wool or wool blends. No matter how many percent it is off, the sale is not a good deal with a unmatched weave.


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Look for matching of the pattern at the seams. In high quality craftmanship the “stripes” of the pattern should not be offset.



Which Colors Are Best to Look Elegant and Classic in Plaid?

Neutrals or traditional kilt colors look most classic and elegant for wool plaid skirts. They meet business casual style. One fashion color is still acceptable in a workplace –  when the other colors are neutrals. More on how to look sophisticated in plaid.

Neon or viva magenta read punk or weekend. A pink plaid skirt may work in a casual workplace when styled as a neutral. More on styling a pink plaid skirt.


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Celtic &Co tartan skirt, Quince sweater, Hipstik tights, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Fendi booties Halftee top.



What to Wear with a Plaid Skirt?

A modest sweater, top, twinset, blazer or cardigan in any color that occurs in the weave is a no-brainer. A white classic button-down shirt also looks work-appropriate.

However, you can mix all kind of prints with plaid. More on mixing prints and pattern in this guide.


orange bias cut plaid skirt with black top olive tights and boots orange olive necklace
Rebecca Collins necklace, Tracey Reese bias cut with folds plaid skirt, GNW tights, Quince turtleneck sweater, Hermes collier de chien cuff, boots c/o Newbella, watch c/o Nordgreen watch. Get 15% off with my discount code HLSTYLE.



Wrapping Up of Signs of a High Quality Plaid Skirt

To avoid looking cheap in tartan go for traditional pattern in neutral colors in the best quality fabric you can afford. But most importantly, check that the pattern matches up well at the seams. It is a sign for a quality plaid skirt.


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