What to look for in a plaid skirt to not look cheap

Plaid, tartan, gingham, you name it, are awesome pattern and eternal classics. This post provides tips to invest in great pieces in this category.

  1. What’s great about plaid?
  2. How to pick a well assembled plaid item
  3. Plaid in neutral or the traditional colors is the most classic, elegant
  4. Mix plaid with polka dots for an unexpected look

What’s great about plaid?

Plaid is an old weave technique and has been around since yarn has been dyed in different colors. There are various sizes that work with different style directions. Depending on how you style it, you can wear plaid clothes at the office . It easily can read weekend when styled in a California casual, western, or punk like look. You can find a guide how to look sophisticated in plaid at the link.

How to pick a well assembled plaid item

Thus, when you want to buy a plaid skirt for work make sure you inspect the skirt thoroughly. Look whether at the darts the plaid pattern meet exactly like they do in the photo above. Only then you should fork over the money. If the plaid pattern is offset it looks cheap and inappropriate for the office. No matter how many percent it is off, the sale is not a good deal when the pattern doesn’t match up.

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older woman in a plaid skirt with polka dot top
Side view of the plaid skirt to demonstrate how the pattern should match up at the darts to keep the skirt from looking cheap

Plaid in neutral or the traditional colors is the most classic, elegant

Also make sure that the majority of colors are neutrals or at least colors that are acceptable in a workplace – read the major color should not be any hue of neon. In the case of my skirt, the black and white fully do the trick and fuchsia/pink is acceptable in most office environments as long as the pink has no neon hue to it.

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Mix plaid with polka dots for an unexpected look

Today I present you another way of styling this plaid skirt for the office. I paired it with a polka dot cardigan as a top and my L.K. Bennett patent leather black wedges. I added a belt to add some interest and polish. How do you wear your plaid?

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older woman in a Burberry pink plaid skirt and polka dot top
Polka dot GNW cardigan with Burberry pink plaid skirt, L.K. Bennett patent leather wedges accessorized with a Kieselstein Cord belt and sunglasses


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Photos: G. Kramm

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