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No matter how old you are, getting older comes with a lot of responsibilities. At a certain age, people start looking after their health more seriously, including incontinence. They could use many different products to deal with the situation, including incontinence underwear. Find out why Zorbies washable incontinence underwear for adults are the new generation underwear to alleviate bladder issues!


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The Design

There are many different brands and styles of undergarments on the market today. Often, they come in various sizes with elastic leg gathers that can be adjusted to fit snugly around an individual’s legs. Zorbies incontinence underwear for all genders have a moisture proof guard near the waist area to prevent any leakage from soaking through to the outer clothing that someone might be wearing.

They also come with a waterproof backing to protect against leakage. Suppose a person is looking for maximum protection. In that case, they will want to purchase Zorbies incontinence underwear for adults with a moisture proof backing because it can help keep the moisture from leaking through to clothing and causing embarrassing stains. Here are the benefits of incontinence underwear for people with bladder issues.


schematic view of washable incontinence underwear
Schematic view of protection overlain on washable incontinence underwear. From Zorbies.


Healthier and Comfortable

Zorbies incontinence underwear for adults are comfortable to wear because the material used in them is very soft and gentle on the skin. This means that they can be less irritating to the skin than disposables


Wear Them Anywhere

These undergarments can be worn anywhere, even for social occasions. Since they look like regular underwear, you can wear them wherever you want without feeling conscious about the fit or looks.


Easy to Wash

You will like the Zorbies incontinence underwear for adults as they can be washed at home, unlike disposable ones that have to be discarded after use because they cannot be cleaned at home. With the Zorbies incontinence underwear, simply machine wash and tumble dry.



Washable diapers are also more affordable than disposables. They do not have to be bought as often as disposable diapers. The reusable diapers last longer and only have to be bought once or twice a year, depending on how much a person uses them. Washable underwear is also cheaper than purchasing adult disposable diapers in the long run. People with bladder issues will also save money with this option because they can reuse these products as long as they need to with no additional costs.



Zorbies incontinence underwear for all genders are not only better for your bladder health, but also for the environment. First of all, they are machine-washable. This means that you can wash them more often, saving you time and effort. You can wash them together with your clothes in a washing machine.



As you’ve seen in this guide, there are several key points to choosing Zorbies incontinence underwear for adults of all genders. This guide provides you with everything you need to pick out some comfortable and reliable incontinence briefs that your loved one will love!

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  1. thestylesplash

    It’s great that washable, reusable ​options are now available. They will save so many pads going to landfill.

    Emma xxx

  2. Jodie

    I do think it’s wonderful that these products are available because there is such a need for them.

  3. Helpful information. Thank you for sharing.


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  6. I think it is wonderful that there is a washable option in incontinence underwear! That is so much better for the environment. And while I stuck with disposable everything for feminine issues, if I need to go this route, I will definitely opt for washable. Great post, Nicole. A very helpful topic that needs to be discussed more freely!