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Some people don’t give underwear much thought. Others plan their underwear very carefully, particularly when they are going out. Some even wear his and hers couples matching underwear sets. For those who don’t know, undergarments come with issues about what to wear, what kind to wear, and a variety of other important decisions.

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Underwear in General

Underwear is not a default, but a choice. Some people wear it while others don’t. There are arguments for each side.


Those who wear underwear do it for various reason like hygienic or privacy, because it looks cute, and/or because they believe that there are benefits to wearing cotton. Wearing underwear, in general, is socially acceptable. Since it means hiding things that you want to keep hidden, it is overall good practice.

For women, cotton underwear can help reduce the risk of infection, protect against stains, and help keep sanitary napkins in place. Undergarments can also help to protect your privacy when you are wearing a skirt.

For men, the underwear keeps all of their bits in place, protects against stains, and helps avoid embarrassing stains. Since men’s clothing covers their privacy, protection is not an issue.

Although on paper most people agree that underwear should be changed them often. How often varies though, 45% of respondents to a survey report wearing their underwear for two days or more.

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No Underwear

In the commando camp, people generally like the freedom of not wearing underwear. People generally agree that the benefits of not wearing underwear are much different for men and women.

In women, it brings an added sexiness to the outfit. In case of men, it can help prevent things link fungal infections. Some men state that it is just more comfortable.

Women’s Underwear

Women’s underwear usually has an entirely different fit than men’s. For women, their underwear is more of an inner fashion statement, albeit sometimes an uncomfortable one. The undergarments issue with women is whether to match or not to match. Some women argue that they don’t feel like their outfit is complete unless their lingerie match. Others just don’t care or pick it to not show (read VPL) or show (read white or black bra under a crisp white button-down shirt).

Women change their underwear more often than men. Only 2% of women wear underwear for more than one day. They also buy underwear much more frequently than men.

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Men’s Underwear

Men are a lot different than women when it comes to undergarments. They very often prefer comfort over anything else. They also select their underwear based on what fits their body better rather than color. Men have more choices now than they ever did in this department. They can choose from boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, and pouches. This choice has sparked a debate on which type is the best, with over 75% of men preferring what is comfortable over what kind of style the piece have.

When it comes to fabric choices, men also prefer comfort. They did, however, rate fabrics that breathe higher than those that don’t. When it comes to buying new underpants, most men only bought new ones when their old ones were torn, worn out or stained.

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Couples Underwear

The choice of couples underwear or couples underwear sets come with a whole different set of issues all of its own. Although some people are completely opposed, many report that they enjoy the feeling of intimacy that it gives them. Some reserve it for a special date night idea, and others match daily. Sexual preferences aside, some couples do wear underwear sets during swing events and other sexual escapades. Note here I don’t mean swing dancing.

All in all, whether it is men, women, or couples, arguments can be made about every size, type, and style of underwear you choose. There is no doubt that people need to buy and change their underwear more often than they do and that there are styles and fits out there for everyone.

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