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Life is a transformative journey filled with self-realization and new experiences that unveil hidden facets of your personality. This particularly applies to your fashion sense. When you are younger, your wardrobe choices are bolder and in tune with prevailing trends. However, as you mature, your personality and style become more firmly established and sophisticated.

The actions you undertake in your twenties differ greatly from those in your thirties and beyond, and your clothing reflects this evolution. As you go thru life, it’s only natural to unveil more elegance and grace acquired over the years. As people mature, their fashion sense improves, enabling a deeper comprehension of what suits them. So, if you are interested in understanding why your fashion style changes as you age, read on.



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You Have More Knowledge of the Fashion World

Your sense of style evolves as you age, and you become more current and aware of the fabrics and quality of your wardrobe. If you were not interested in wearing quality clothes and jewelry in your twenties, as you grow older, this will be the first thing you notice when shopping. For instance, if you used to purchase dresses made from polyester, now you will start choosing dresses made from high-quality cotton for summer and wool for winter.

This also applies to jewelry. If you were a big fan of imitation jewelry when you were younger, now you might start replacing it with more expensive jewelry such as pearls. For instance, selecting an elegant South Sea pearl necklace can elevate your style and make you look more mature and professional. This way, you will create a more polished and sophisticated look that will make your style ageless.


Nicole in her later 20s wearing loose clothes and Birkenstocks
What I wore in my late 20s. At that time, I was PhD graduate student in geophysics. The skirt was DIY. The clothes were fast fashion and cheap fabrics. In these looks, the only more expensive items were the Birkenstocks and the Tissot watch. I still wear that watch today.



Your Body Changes

Physical transformations are normal occurrences as people age, especially with women who go thru childbirth. It is important for people to accept and celebrate their body changes, fostering a sense of self-assurance, ease, and preparedness to confront any challenges that may arise. This also applies to menopausal body changes. As you age, you can change your style by wearing well-tailored attires to enhance your confidence levels. Choose clothes with a built-in stretch for extra flexibility, as it will make you feel more comfortable.

To elevate your fashion style, you must ardently embody yourself and showcase unwavering confidence in your personal growth and self-perception, irrespective of the changes your body undergoes. In fact, 77% of women in the US claim they are more confident now than they were ten years ago. However, the utmost importance lies in staying true to yourself and selecting outfits that complement your lifestyle rather than conforming to societal expectations. So, continue to accept all body changes and always strive to remain both fashionable and comfortable.


photos of me in my 40s to show why your fashion style changes
Outfits of what I wore in my forties as the chair of the UAF department of atmospheric sciences. My style was business casual with a Euro Chic twist.


Your Coloration Changes

As individuals age, their natural coloring and hair tend to lighten. The pigmentation of the skin may undergo various changes as well, resulting in the appearance of new freckles. Colors and patterns that formerly complimented your skin may no longer do so. Naturally, you will start to replace your makeup products and opt for those that will showcase your new color.

The color you formerly considered your hallmark may wash you out later in life, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues. After seeing how your style evolves as you mature, you can feel certain that it will be a natural progression to which you can look forward.



what I wore when I started blogging altered my style
Photos of me in my early 50s when I was no longer department chair. I still worked as an academic faculty and started blogging in 2013.


Your Lifestyle Will Change

Life is a journey consisting of various transitional phases, including, but not limited to, transitions from adolescence to adulthood, leaving your parents’ home, embarking on a career, building a family, retiring, and relocating to a different climate zone. These transformative milestones hold the power to shape your fashion sense. Therefore, your wardrobe makeovers adapt to lifestyle changes, not only to fit and updated trends. What once suited you may no longer harmonize with your new environment or way of life. These events may even change what you wear on weekends.

If you are now a serious businesswoman, then you need to fill your wardrobe with classy shoes, elegant scarves, fancy business bags, great jewelry, and quality business attire. This is the best way to accept the changes that are happening in your life and remain interested in developing your style further. It will make you more attractive, modern, and graceful as you travel thru life.


summer and fall style after retirement
After I retired from teaching. Left: Summer outfit. Very Fine Dance Shoes sandals, Coolibar hat, dress c/o Clara Sunwoo, halftee layering top. Right:  Fall outfit. Coolibar hoodie, V eri j skirt, Salvatore Ferragamo pumps.



Final Thoughts on Why Your Fashion Style Changes

Naturally, you will experience various style changes as you grow older. You get mature, more confident, and aware of what you like. You will start to understand the fashion world better and learn what trends suit you best. Also, your body shape and skin color will change, so you will want to make appropriate transformations. All of these are expected, so be bold and accept all the new things that appear in your life with confidence. As time goes by, you will start to accept that change is necessary and good for you.


Photos of me: G. Kramm

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