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Book cover of Paul Wharten's book Pulling It All Together c/o Skyhorse Publishing Inc

This post encompasses my thoughts on Paul Wharton’s life style advice book. Read what to expect when reading it.

  1. Paul Wharton Penned a Life Style Advice Book
  2. What Does Paul Wharton Cover In His Book?
  3. How to Pull Everything Together
  4. Paul Wharton’s Life Style Advice Is Easy to Follow
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  6. Who Should Read Paul Wharton’s Life Style Advice Book?
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Disclosure: The book is a sample sent to me for review by Skyhorse Publishing Inc. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


Paul Wharton Penned a Style Advice Book

In the US, Paul Wharton is well-known breath-taking, well-dressed, glamorous, and fascinating personality from TV. In the weekly “Fox 5’s Good Day DC” morning show, he provides advice on fashion and style. Recently, he was featured on “The Today Show” where he shared his lifestyle advice. He is also known as a pop culture enthusiast. He is known as a makeover guru, and skin care entrepreneur.

Hardcopy of Paul Wharten's life style advice book Pulling It All Together
Hardcopy of Paul Wharten’s life style advice book “Pulling it all together” c/o Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

In September 2017, he added a new section to his curriculum vita as an lifestyle book author. His book is entitled “Pulling it All Together” and was published by Skyhorse Publishing.


What Does Paul Wharton Cover In His Book?

Of course, lots of lifestyle advice – or in his own words

Essential style advice on being beautiful, confident, and (most of all) happy.

In his 173 pages book, he covers how to organize your closet, shopping for fashion on a budget while achieving great style, beauty tips that every woman should know, makeup, great food advice for beautiful skin, hair and health, non-boring workout that is fun and doesn’t seem like “work”, tips to be self-confident, manage stress and sleep well. You heard of beauty sleep, right? But never had time to get it.

Lifestyle pages of Pulling It All Together
Collage showing pages of Paul Wharten’s book “Pulling It All Together” to show the glossy paper and some of the subjects addressed


The book has lots of great inspiring color photos (see photo above), nice examples like for instance and inspiration board. What I like most is that he does himself what he advises his readers to do. No doubt that he is busy. You are busy too. When he can do it, you can do it too.

How to Pull Everything Together

In today’s world, every woman is very busy. Job, kids, housekeeping, taxes, you name it. At the same time, it is expected to take care of yourself. Of course, you also know that it is needed for your career, family, and your health and confidence. His solution to getting it all is to simply the processes. He provides great suggestions for the above listed subjects that are time savers, keep it simple to achieve the goals, and that allow you to pull it all together. In my opinion, his advice are efficient shortcuts worth taking.

#lifestyle pagesof Paul Wharten's book
Example glossy pages in Paul Wharten’s book addressing vacation, skin care, and workout


Paul Wharton’s Advice Is Easy to Follow

Of course, I haven’t tested all of his advice. But some of his advice is what I do too. his advice is simple and doesn’t ask for putting your life upside down. On the contrary, his advice are simple, small changes that are easy to implement even or especially in a busy life.

In my opinion, his most important piece of advice is to be yourself. I totally agree with him on this one. It is so important! Here is my reason:

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or in other words

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Price-performance Ratio

The book costs $19.99 as hardback plus shipping. Check the vendor’s shipping rates. The e-book is available for $17.99. Even when you don’t implement all his (motivational) advice cover-to-cover, one simple step to more confidence and happiness is definitively worth your money, and you are worth it – remember that. Or in his words,

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Who Should Read Paul Wharton’s Life Style Advice Book?

Everyone who wants to pull their life together, live it to the fullest, while looking great, being confident, and be their most fabulous. When you want to be your unique self, and not someone else, it’s your guide to achieve your goal. If this description sounds like you, you may want to buy his book Pulling it All Together.

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