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This post reviews the autumn/winter 2021/22 fashion trends with special focus on the suitability for women over 40. The bad news is also the good news. In other words there is no clear major trend. The collections shown at AW21/22 fashion week disagree with one another. Read what the best and worst fall trends are for us over 40.

  1. Fabrics and It pieces
  2. Colors and Prints
  3. Blankets and Wraps
  4. Return of Escapist Aughts Nostalgia
  5. Y2K aesthetic
  6. The Worst Trends
  7. Top of the World Style Linkup No. 322

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Fabrics and It pieces

Trendy fabrics are satin, velvet and tweed as well as leather. Now we are talking!  Zipped leather jackets are a Must-have. Riot your closet to give your motorcycle jacket some love (again). Stock up on a high quality wool skirt when your primary or secondary style is American Classic or your work dress code is Business Casual. Don’t know your primary personal style? No problem! Use this free online style finder to find out.

Ever Pretty Sparkling Off the Shoulder Sequin Above Knee Evening Dress $44.99

Ever Pretty Sparkly Mermaid Sequin Long Evening Dress $49.99

Shorts, cropped tops and pleats are having a moment (again) as well as the 1990s. Party outfits get glamorous.

Gloves! This accessory is perfect given the pandemic. And it goes well beyond just black and brown. Worried about colored gloves? No problem. Check this guide on how to accessorize with gloves.


Colors and Prints

The It prints are retro florals and checkerboard. Mixing prints in an understated way is a Do. Crafty patchwork, Fair Isle sweater (see what to look for when you want an original Fair Isle sweater), stripes, crochet and glamorous are trendy.

The It colors for the upcoming season span a versatile range. Thus, you will find with ease a color that work with your lifestyle wardrobe needs. It encompasses quirky and calm colors as well as all colors of the rainbow. Recall that the rainbow stands for hope and joyfulness in many cultures.

Blankets and Wraps

Sure blankets and wraps are about styling your outerwear for thermal comfort and chic. When you live in a cold climate region, you will love this trend. It means you can layer your outerwear for thermal comfort while looking incredibly stylish and up-to-date. Thus, get your blanket and wrap scarves out of the storage.

Tip: A short wool cape looks great over a wool winter coat.

style blogger wearing fall's cape over coat fashio
Gray, pink and white plaid cape (two trends in one) belted over short black shearling coat with Modalo Pippa shark gray bag, LeatherCoatEtc gloves, LeatherCoatsEtc beret, GNW tight, and Salvatore Ferragamo belt


Wraps and blankets are one of the contradicting trends. Wraps hide skin in evening wear which contradicts showing some skin when partying.

Y2K aesthetic

Y2K styles outfits to create a silhouette. This look requires matching shorts and a cut-off vest, or flared jeans with cropped tops, or low-rise pants with an oversized blazer. To get the look right keep the fabric’s color consistent for a seamlessly completion of the outfit.


Sequin pieces are inspired by the 1970s Disco Style. Think blazers, skirts, dresses and color sequins. Wear a sequin skirt with everyday wear for a cool fashion forward look. Go for a styling that clearly stays away from a date night or evening wear look. For more tips on how to wear sequins at day see the guide at the link.

Shearling coats and vests

Faux or real shearling is hot for AW2020/21 in all lengths. They are also hot with a patchwork, but buying such a piece will date the piece. If you adopt the shear, go for a coat or jacket. I bought a shearling in 2000 and it is still in pristine order. A high quality one lasts about 20 years. Go for a classic cut to never look yesteryear. I found a nice, affordable one at LeatherCoatsEtc this summer. I also bought a fake shearling pair of sandals.

Tip: When you live in a cold climate region, look for a piece where the animal lived in a cold climate. These pieces provide the best insulation. When you live in a warm climate the faux versions are best. When you want to go for a real, look for hide origin in warm climates like Italy or Australia.

The Worst Trends

  • Roomy jeans: Read frumpy.
  • Knit bodysuits: Comfy, but show every lump and bump. Who needs that at any age?
  • Collaged garments: This trend uses left-over fabrics ensembled into garments. Sure, we are all about sustainability, but this look only works when your primary personal style is Bohemian Style or as a quilted bed cover. Such patchwork was a war solution to create blankets for soldiers when fabrics were rationed. Why would you want to wear a coat, jacket, skirt or pants in this style? It’s not even the solution of fashion industry to cope with late delivery of fabrics due to COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • Low-slung jeans: They were a Do in the 1990s. This trend sabotaged your style already then. Just remember the Y that they exposed or the tail of your underwear. More on trends tempting to ruin your style.
  • Cropped knit tops for everyone with a midlife tummy or who is top heavy. This style hides your waist and draws attention to it. It has to be worn with a sleek skirt, dress or jeans to show that you are not fat. Most of us menopausal or post-menopause ladies have that midlife tummy. You know where there is a horizontal line there goes the attention. We don’t need it there, right. It’s a great trend when you don’t have a tummy. When you are top heavy, this style ends under your boobs like an empire style. It draws the attention to your boobs and looks too short. Note it’s great for petites like me or when you have a distinct waist and small boobs.
  • Skirt suits. Great for Millennia and Gen Z, bad for everyone older than these women. If you go for the look, read this guide on how to wear a suit and not look old Lady.
  • Built-in hardware. When your style is Rock’n Roll and the hardware is studs on bags or shoes, go for it. If not, skip the trend. Garments with hardware require hand-washing or dry-cleaning.


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