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Disclosure: Ad. The socks are samples from Feeture. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

  1. Are Socks with Patterns in Fashion?
  2. Socks with super soft sole are like vacation for the feet
  3. Seamless toe-box design for happy toes
  4. Who will like this product?
  5. Price-performance ratio and where to buy feeture socks
  6. Wrapping up the key points


Are Socks with Patterns in Fashion?

Socks with pattern are a big trend this fall. And who wants to settle for boring socks? However, the fact that Feetures makes beautifully patterned socks was not the only reason that made me want to try them. The brand is the World’s leader in running socks. They now claimed that they reinvented this footwear for going faster, better, longer and smarter than before for everyday activities. How? They have added targeted compression. Since modern midlife is very active everyday, just think running after the grandkids, shopping, enjoying retirement by walking the trails you never had the time to before – these everyday activities can be tiring on our feet. And who wants that tired feet stop us from having fun? My question was, does targeted compression work?


women's hextex crew cushion socks
Feetures everyday socks with icicle pattern


Socks with super soft sole are like vacation for the feet

The three sample pairs fulfilled my expectations regarding the fashion forward interesting pattern design. The colors work perfect with chinos, jeans and dress pants. The 200N high density knitting provides nice padding and great insulation from the cold ground. Waiting a couple of minutes for the shuttle or bus for a while doesn’t mean cold feet. That’s perfect for me in fall. More on how to avoid cold feet at frigid temperatures.

When you live in a warm climate region, you will like this knit technique too. It means great comfort. No rubbing of the shoes that can cause blisters. Furthermore, the synthetic fibers (56% polyester, 37% nylon, 7% spandex) are designed for moisture management, there is no risk for sweaty feet. Thus, you can wear them in all seasons and climate regions for your everyday activities. That’s really smart. The fibers are also make to last. This means you save on replacements and reduce waste.


targeted compression area


The targeted compression is awesome (see, e.g., the triangle-like feature in the photos)! It feels like you are walking on the moist sand of a beach. Great arch support! All you have to do is making sure you put the sock marked R on the right and that marker L on the left foot (see photos). I love wearing them around the house without shoes. It feels like vacation for the feet.


Seamless toe-box design for happy toes

Are you also one of these people who dislike seams across the toes because the seams rub and put pressure on the toes on long walks? I am one of those! Feetures solved that problem for me! Their socks have a seamless toe design (see photos). No hurting toes or pain after a fast and/or long walk! <3

women's neo floral ultra light compression socks with seamless toes
Women’s neo floral ultra light compression crew socks in oatmeal. See the seamless toe box.


Who will like this product?

These socks are available  in all kind of sizes and patterns. They come in low, medium and high heights. You can choose the degree of compression from ultra-light, light cushion and maximum cushion. The pairs reviewed are ultra-light cushion and already feel so great! Everyone who is on their feet all day and looks for relieve from tired feet will love these socks. But even when your everyday activities aren’t a problem, you may like this product.

Do you dislike that sitting down rises your pants and displays you chalky looking winter legs? Yuck! Then you may like these socks as they go a bit higher above the ankles (see photos). Thus, your winter legs won’t be exposed. When you above-the-ankle booties rub the leg wearing a longer pair of socks may be a solution. You may also like that Feetures is a family-owned company and that the socks are designed in the USA. I definitely recommend this product to my friends.


mod block feetures socks in lilatech
Mod block pattern with brand logo, R and L and targeted compression. This pair is perfect with jeans.


Price-performance ratio and where to buy Feetures socks

The prices for these pairs are in the ballpark of other high quality socks, but less expensive than medical compression ones. The brand offers a lifetime guarantee. This means, if their products fail to live up to your standards, you may return them at any time for replacement – no questions asked. See the brands webpage for more information. As you know my criterion for a great deal is a cost per-wear of less than one dollar. Given their quality, they will be in the cents at the end of their tenure in my closet.

You can order Feetures online or use their store finder for a store near you.

They offer free 2-days shipping on orders exceeding $50. First time customers who signup get $10 off their total order. I couldn’t find out whether this would disqualify you from free shipping when the total falls below $50 because of the $10 discount.


collage showing different features for the Feetures everyday socks review
View of cushion sole (left), heel (middle) and toe boxes with the R and L on the pair with icicle pattern (right)


Wrapping up the key points

Feetures socks are made from durable, moisture managing fibers in a 200N high density pattern knitting. Their targeted compression, seamless design and super-soft material mean great comfort for your feet. Step into the comfort you want and order your pairs now.


P.S. Read how to save on the patterned socks trend and/or this post on how to up your style with Novelty socks.

Photos of me: G. Kramm

Other photos: N. Mölders

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