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Crochet designer Ashlee Elle published her first book entitled “Retro Crochet”. Her book appears timely for all do-it-yourselves who love the recent Nostalgia Chic trend, and who are interested in sustainable fashion. Read my review of Ashlee Elle’s Retro Crochet on what’s in the book and my thought about it.


Disclosure: Ad. Retro Crochet by Ashlee Elle is a book I obtained from RockyNook. RockyNook and Ashlee Elle did not endorsed this review. I wrote this post entirely myself, and it represents my own 100% honest opinions.

A DIY Book on Retro Crochet Style

You certainly saw the recent Retro Crochet trend with vibrant styled from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s on Instagram and/or TikTok. When you loved these styles back then, you may even have looked into finding the perfect crochet piece on Etsy. However, such search requires more luck than the luck of Gladstone Gander.

Now Rocky Nook published a DIY book entitled “Retro Crochet – Vibrant Vintage-inspired looks from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s'”.

examples of retro-inspired crocheted clothing
Photo of hand-crocheted sweater, shorts, and off-the-shoulder dress to provide an idea about the advanced nostalgia-inspired pattern in the book


What Types of Projects Does Retro Crotchet Cover?

The book encompasses the hot crochet trends of the 1970s to the late 1990s like flippy patterned skirts, an off-the-shoulder top, sweater vest, jacket, statement belle sleeves sweater, and a retro style dress as well as the famous Must-Have asphalt hoodie crop top. When you are new to crocheting, there is an easy-to-follow instruction to learn crocheting as well. For the beginner, the small projects include a clutch, mini-bag, tote, chokers, crochet earrings, and alike.

All pieces have instructions on the pattern and photos of the final project. Photos of intermediate steps exist for the more advanced projects.

Personal comment: I wish I had had this book in the 1970s, when I attempted to crochet an orange mini skirt. The book describes the hack that I would have need to succeed.


beginner instruction photo for the review of Ashlee Elle's Retro Crochet book
Photo of the introduction into crocheting for beginners as example for illustrations supporting instructions



Is the Retro Crochet Style Sustainable Fashion?

Ashlee Elle made the attire in the vibrant neon and rainbow colors of those decades. However, you can create these pieces also in your flattering colors. Doing so permits wearing your crafted piece for years to come because you look your best in those colors. The hand-made pieces will be the most sustainable when crafted in neutrals.

In other words, the book provides you with endless possibilities beyond the current trend, plus the joy that comes from creating your own fashion for your personal style. Its projects encourage to let your imagination flow.


Who Will Love Ashlee Elle‘s Retro Crochet Book?

This book is a perfect gift for all on your holiday gift list who crocheted in those decades.

In addition, everyone who loves to craft accessories and clothing that stand out in the crowd, will benefit from this book. The author namely teaches the reader how to bring original, timeless crochet designs forward with a fashionable modern twist for ageless personal style. Therefore, I have no reservations to recommend her book to my friends and family.


pages of Retro Crochet showing the final garment and pattern instructions
These pages show the final garment and pattern instructions for an intermediate difficulty project



Where to Buy Retro Crochet by Ashlee Elle?

The recommended retail price of “Retro Crochet: Vibrant Vintage-Inspired Looks from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s” is $22.95. You can buy the book at Rocky Nook. The e-book or bundle (e-book plus print book) cost $18.99 and $32.99, respectively.

Alternatively, you can find the paperback and/or Kindl version on Amazon for $9.99 and $20.99, respectively.

Pro tip: Check the shipping fees and tax to see whether the seemingly more expensive version may actually be the cheaper option.


Review of Ashlee Elle’s Retro Crochet in a Nutshell

Retro Crochet is a comprehensive guide how to reimagine the fashion of the past into today with wearable, stylish clothes and accessories. It permits the crafter to create iconic staples with a modern twist with easy, illustrated instructions.


About the Author

Ashlee Elle is a designer, model, and photographer. She has an artistic education, and earned a bachelor degree in broadcast journalism. You can follow her on Instagram, where she shares her colorful, unique throwback outfits.

Photos: N. Mölders

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