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This review of The Glow Up Journal: Everything You Need to Set Goals, Create Inspo― and Make It Happen! discusses why this book is not the typical self-improvement book. Read what I think about Dr. Danielle Richardson’s book to learn whether this book would be right for your journey of growth and achieving your goals.



Disclosure: Ad. The book by Dr. Danielle Richardson entitled “The Glow Up Journal: Everything You Need to Set Goals, Create Inspo― and Make It Happen!” is a sample of my choice from Simon and Schuster. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


What Is the Main Idea of Glowing Up?

Glowing up is not about becoming a social media icon of fashion, and/or beauty, but about becoming your best and worst self. The central argument is that glowing up comes from conscious choices and creating your own life because your life is all about you being the main character.

Well, this statement is what one expects in a book on self-motivation, self-care, self-improvement and/or self-finding. However, in contrast to the many books on these subjects, this book is different. It is not the typical theoretical book that you read cover-to-cover, but you are still left with at the same problem why you read the book. Instead, Dr. Danielle Richardson’s book is a tool to apply what you need to do to live your dreams.

The main idea is that you can actively plan your life, you are in your life’s driver seat.


The Book Supports Active Learning, Application, and Guides You on Your Journey

In the first part, worksheets help you to create a schedules and routines to get things done including planning self-care and me times. Worksheets also address developing your personal style, creating your own vision board. These worksheet help the reader to plan their real life actively, rather than passively drifting thru an unfulfilling, boring life.

In the second part of the book, work sheets track your achievements towards your goals.



What Is the Books Concept to Achieve Its Goal?

Each chapter encompasses several brief evidences why and how its subject affects your life followed by a worksheet. To fill out the worksheets the reader has to reflect about their life. Based on the answers they can define goals for change towards a life they want to live.


example of a worksheet in Dr. Danielle Richardson's book
Example of a worksheet in Dr. Danielle Richardson’s selfcare book.



The second part requires active self reflection on the progress made towards the various goals. Having to reflect daily on what you have achieved, what you are grateful for and what you will do tomorrow helps staying on track, seeing progress, and being more happy with your life. It also reminds to actively live your life.

On Sundays, of course you can pick any other week day, the reader checks in on the advancements in the various fields of self-improvement like a healthier lifestyle, diet, exercising, style evolution, etc.


Sunday check in pages to discover progress in self improvement
Sunday check in pages to discover (and celebrate) your own progress in self improvement.



Keeping a Journal of a Journey Helps Towards Change

The strength of this book is definitely its structure. The structure guides the reader along their journey like a personal life coach. Together, the blend of theoretical evidence, worksheets for setting goals and tracking progress are a great approach for all people who want to transform their life, but have difficulty to transfer theoretical material into action.


daily tracking of your progress towards your goals
Sheet to track daily progress, being happier, and plan your life.



Take-Aways from the Review of The Glow Up Journal

My take-aways for Dr. Richardson’s book are manifold. As an educator in STEM, I know that reading and understanding material doesn’t go hand-in-hand with being able to apply the material learned. Her book opened my eyes that this discrepancy also exists in other fields. On a personal basis, it helped me to understand why I struggled when I retired from teaching and finally could spend more time on research, fashion and blogging. I needed a new routine, and new goals. The book will help me getting the transformation done more efficiently.

I can really recommend the book to anyone who wants to transform their life, become more healthy, be more happier, and all who struggle with self-love. In my experience as a professor, I learned that her approach of presenting the material, telling what the student will learn after finishing a chapter, and guiding the student to the application has been more successful than just lecturing the theory.


Where to Buy “The Glow Up Journal”

You can buy “The Glow Up Journal: Everything You Need to Set Goals, Create Inspo― and Make It Happen!” on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


About Dr. Danielle Richardson

Dr. Danielle Richardson is a glaucoma certified therapeutic optometrist from Indianapolis, Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Ph.D. in Optometry. Dr. Richardson has licenses in three States, and is certified by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry. Currently, she practices in Los Angeles at Zak.

In her sparse time, she is a yoga teacher, and wellness entrepreneur. Her goal is helping busy people to make conscious decisions to live a healthier, happier life.


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