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The fabric displays yellow suns separated by a grid of dotted lines when the footwear is outside. See one of them is in the shadow and shows the same print and color changes as the one exposed to full sunshine.

This post reviews Suns Shoes color changing sneakers. Read what I found and think about these old-school sneakers.

  1. Childhood Memories
  2. Cute Polka Dot Sneakers Are Very Versatile
  3. Why Do the Maddie Suns Shoes Change their Color?
  4. An Eye-Catcher that Shines Without a 4 Inch Heel
  5. Great Quality and Price-Performance Ratio
  6. Suns Shoes Makes a Positive Impact
  7. Who Will Like this Product?
  8. SUNS Shoes Color Changing Sneakers Review in Summary


Disclosure: Ad. The sneakers are a sample from Suns Shoes. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Childhood Memories

Do you remember these rings that would change their color with your mood? Actually, they changed their color depending on temperature. But who cares? They were the It item among my classmates in Middle School. When I read that Suns Shoes changed their color, I thought how cool is that?


Cute Polka Dot Sneakers Are Very Versatile

The sneakers arrived in a package made of recycled materials. When I opened the packages these cute canvas sneakers presented themselves in white with yellow suns. Or shall I say polka dots? Seeing them I immediately thought they are perfect with a floral dress. Think Taylor Swift. Next my white boyfriend pants with a yellow T-shirt and multi-color necklace came into mind for a fun weekend look. They are also perfect to give a cute picnic outfit the finishing touch.

When I put them into my closet they seemed to be a light citron yellow with blush pink polka dots. Wow! That looks cool with my white skirt, citron peplum suede top and blush leather jacket. Or for down-dressing my boat-neck black T-shirt dress. More on wearing sneakers with a skirt.


Real summer fun! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to wear them. See this link for more cute styling ideas for sneaker.


What a surprise, when I wore them outside in full sunshine. See yourself! They turned sky blue with a sun pattern (first photo of this post). The fabric displays yellow suns separated by a grid of dotted lines when the footwear is outside. See one of them is in the shadow and shows the same print and color changes as the one exposed to full sunshine.

The lining of Maddie is a friendly sunflower yellow and remains the same (see photos below).


SUNS shoes color changing sneakers shown indoors, holding UV light on them, and color change in response
Demonstration how UV light changes the color of the fabric to blue



Why Do the Maddie Suns Shoes Change their Color?

Typically the light inside has a different spectrum than outside. Some materials reflect light differently at different wavelengths. Thus, they seem to have a different color depending on the light conditions.


An Eye-Catcher that Shines Without a 4 Inch Heel

When you live in Interior Alaska, you can make an entrance when you wear a 4 inch (10 cm) heel. Sure you can walk with heels thru a dirt parking lot or even on a wooden deck. However, there are places where you can’t go. All those biergartens and/or restaurants that have a pebble stone seating area outside. No not pebble stones like the streets in old villages in the Provence or Tuscany. But loose stones of the size of beads to the size of eggs.


These sneakers are perfect to navigate this terrain. These stick out of the crowd of flip flops or clumsy sport shoes while looking great with a skirt or a dress.



stylist with striped bag, abstract print dress, print canvas sneaker jumping
Fornt view wearing the old-school sneakers outside in the Sun


style blogger in floral dress with light blue sneaker, stripped bag, jewelry
Further view of the outfit with the SUNS shoes


over 50 years old woman in stripe, floral and sun grid prints in one outfit
Side view
fashion blogger in color changing sneaker and summer dress in Alaska
eShakti floral print dress, Coach bag, blue topaz and amethyst bracelets, multi-gemstone cuff, dangling earrings, and color-changing sneakers c/o Suns Shoes



Great Quality and Price-Performance Ratio

These Maddie sneakers cost $60. This means they are in the usual ballpark of what you pay for a pair of quality canvas sneakers. What I like about them is the cool color play/change and that they look different. They seem to scream summer. Maybe it’s their yellow sole? Their yellow sun logo that looks friendly and makes me happy? Whatever, I definitely would have bought them for their fun color play.

These sneakers are a classic and easy to style. I expect to wear them for more than one summer. In other words, the price-per-wear will go below $1 over their time in my closet. My regular readers know that this is my criterion for a great deal. Thumbs up.

Suns Shoes has free standard shipping within the US on all orders, i.e. no additional costs. Orders can take up to two business days to process after the order is placed.


fashion blogger in flower print dress with white sneakers, jewelry
Sneaker inside


Nicole of High Latitude Style in print dress with color changing Suns Shoes inside a bar
Same day, same outfit: eShakti floral print dress, Coach bag, blue topaz and amethyst bracelets, multi-gemstone cuff, dangling earrings, and color-changing sneakers c/o Suns Shoes. Indoors the fabric looks white



Suns Shoes Makes a Positive Impact

However, when these are not reasons for you to chose them over another pair, the following info might. The company uses eco-friendly dyes. They also donate part of their profits to climate restoration projects. For every pair sold, they plant ten trees. Because they want their shoes to leave a positive impact.

Trees can help in the recycling of water. They take plant available water (so-called green water) from deep soil layers and transpirate it while turning CO2 into biomass and producing the oxygen we breeze. The water vapor released to the atmosphere ultimately can lead to cloud and precipitation formation and hence local recycling of water.

Here again a childhood memory hits. Recall the huge droughts in the Sahel zone in the 70s? Colleagues of my Dad went there during their vacation to plant trees for local recycling of precipitation. This project among others was one that ignited why I became an atmospheric scientist.

Suns Shoes also has a collaboration project called TSEHIGH which directly impacts people currently living without electricity to get access to electricity. Could you imagine living without electricity?


Who Will Like this Product?

These sneakers are perfect for the girlie girl and the hard to die romantic style woman as well as those fascinated by physical effects like these changing colors (me). They are also perfect when your style is casual. This footwear is definitely an ice-breaker when you integrate them in styling a summer picnic outfit or grill party look.

When your ankles are one of your favorite features these Suns Shoes are a great way to set them as a focal point. Also women who look for a pair of high quality sneakers and who want to be conscious about the environment will like them.

The shoes have a slight foot bed which also absorbs bumps. The cushioning and support ensure the Maddie feel comfortable. They are also true to size and fun to wear. I definitely can recommend these Suns Shoes to my friends. You can order them online on their webpage at They are available in size 5 to 11 and various hues.


SUNS Shoes Color CChanging Sneakers Review in Summary

The Maddie Sneaker is an affordable, easy to style and fun to wear shoe for people on the go. Their friendly look of shining suns and the company’s donations towards environmentally friendly projects make you feel good about wearing them, a guilty-free purchase so to speak. Browse their collection now.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos: N. Mölders

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  1. shelbeeontheedge1

    How cute, Nicole! I love these shoes. They are so fun and whimsical. And you styled them perfectly with this adorable floral dress and that marvelous striped bag. Thanks for linking up!


  2. Mr.Rios

    The shoes are artistic and adorably cute; they suit you so very, very well, Nicole. The dress is vibrant, and paired with the shoes, makes a very fine ensemble that shows the wearer’s sense of whimsy, creativity, and zest for life. Most of all, it captures what we love about you and your style, and we all thank you for sharing your colorful soul and fashionable flair with us.

  3. Jodie

    What a cool idea that they change color in the sun Nicole!!