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GNW cashmere V-neck sweater with Burberry skirt, opera length pearl necklace, Ivanka Trump pumps (all own)

What to wear to an authors reception depends on the time and venue. Read what happened at the reception in honor of UAF’s authors, and see what I wore.

  1. What to Wear to an Authors Reception?
  2. My Authors’ Reception Outfit
  3. The Program of the Reception
  4. Business Casual Dress Code


What to Wear to an Authors Reception?

Afternoon EoB receptions in a library have a business casual dress code. When the reception is within the framework of a banquet at a hotel, semi-formal to formal attire is expected. There also exist receptions by the publisher at restaurants on the side of a professional conference in the evening. Again your best bet is business casual or the dress code of the restaurant.


My Authors’ Reception Outfit

As some of you may know I published a book entitled Lectures in Meteorology together with my colleague Gerhard Kramm last summer. At the end of the school year, the University of Alaska Fairbanks had an authors’ reception to recognize scholar work.

stylist in professional outfit showing what to wear at an authors reception
Ann Taylor blazer with GNW sweater, Burberry skirt, opera length pearl necklace, Ivanka Trump pumps and structured bag


The Program of the Reception

The reception was at the university library. There was a short program with welcome address, brief summaries of each book including laudation and a buffet. Among the guests were the authors, their significant others, Deans, Vice Chancellors and a Vice President.

food buffet at authors' reception
Part of the buffet at the authors’ reception


Business Casual Dress Code

The dress code was business casual style as the reception took place immediately after work. The OOTD in this post shows what I wore to attend the reception.


authors in business casual work outfits presenting their books at a book reception
My co-author and me. On him: Orvis collar cardigan with shirt and bolo tie. On me: GNW sweater, Burberry skirt, and opera length pearl necklace. Photo by D. White (with permission)


Photos: G. Kramm

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