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The Nordgreen Native designer watch is a minimalist high quality everyday timepiece at an affordable price that works with all personal styles. It is worth the money. The company aims to be as sustainable as possible and donates to various environmental and educational projects. There is a discount code HLSTYLE to get 15% off.


  1. Nordgreen a Danish Company
  2. Minimalist Design Is Timeless
  3. What’s in Their Collection
  4. Danish Minimalist Design Goes with Everything, Everywhere, Every Day
  5. Another Thing to Love about This Copenhagen Based Company
  6. Why is saving the Tropical Rainforest important?
  7. Price-performance ratio
  8. Nordgreen Native Designer Watch in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The Native is a sample of my choice from Nordgreen. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Nordgreen a Danish Company

Today I want to introduce you to Nordgreen, a Copenhagen-based Scandinavian minimalist watch brand. They offer a sustainable watch collection designed by the world-famous Bang & Olufsen designer and 2020 Red Dot Design Award winner Jakob Wagner.


Minimalist Design Is Timeless

Like so often in fashion history, Minimalist Style originally was a sub-culture. In the 20th Century, lifestyle became more complex. Concurrently, women’s fashion became more practical, simple and often adopted pieces from men’s wear. Think for instance, Coco Chanel, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein or Jil Sander.

Danish Minimalist Design took off in the 1950s with legends like Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner. This design trend is about the principle than the visual style. This style stripes everything down to the bare essentials, functionality. In this sense, the design is environmentally friendly. It conserves resources because it omits using more material than is absolutely needed to create the product. In Minimalist design, less is more. If you take one detail away, it breaks. In this sense, it’s fascinating!

Minimalism became a responsible way of fashion consumption.

At Nordgreen, this responsibility is important. They produce minimalism watches as sustainable as possible by partnering with sustainable manufacturers and using recyclable packaging.

Native Nordgreen time piece in its box made of recycled material
The Nordgreen Native designer watch came in a gift box made from recycled material. This box is not only great for storing your timepiece, but also perfect when gifting it, for instance, for Father’s Day


What’s in Their Collection

Nordgreen offers both women’s and men’s designer pieces. I picked the women Native with navy dial, golden hands and olive nylon band (see the photos above). The Native is also available with rose gold, silver and gun metal. The dial comes also in black, white or mother-of-pearl. You can choose from rubber, vegan, metal, leather and nylon bands, all of which are available in different colors. Metal bands are either links or mesh bands.

The Unika has a totally plain dial. The Philosopher and Pioneer both have also minute marks. The Pioneer is a chromograph style, while the Philosopher features a slope on the sides of the dial.


Danish Minimalist Design Goes with Everything, Everywhere, Every Day

In fashion, Minimalist Style is like a neutral color. It lets impose you your personal style on it. The less is more concept made this style trend an evergreen.

Despite Nordgreen’s designer watches are timess, they tell you the time.


influencer doing a minimalist Nordgreen Native watch, French inspired floral print summer dress, Scandianvian sunnies standing on a river
Outfit details of gamine style outfit: Chanel thin belt, pearl studs, studded headband, MessyWeekend mirrored sunglasses, dress c/o Apricot (review of this Apricot dress) and designer watch c/o Nordgreen


The minimalist design convinces with its simplicity and functionality. Therefore, you can wear these watches every day, no matter of your style. They work for both work and play (see outfit photos below) because they are not distracting at all. These designer watches tell you the time and allow you to focus on just time.

They remind you to treasure time, the little moments that make life worth living.

military inspired work outfit styled with Nordgreen Native watch with olive band and navy blue dial
Work outfit details: A Nova military inspired shirt dress, Hermes collier de chien bangle, pearl studs, Coach bag (all own) and Native designer watch c/o Nordgreen



Another Thing to Love about This Copenhagen Based Company

I also love that Nordgreen has an Educational and Environmental Giving Back Program or as it is called in some countries, Donation Program. When you purchase a watch from them, part of the profile goes to NGOs to help to provide 1 month worth of clean water to an African family or 2 months worth of free school education in India or to preserving 200 sq ft (18.58 m2) of rain forest in Latin America.

Being an educator myself, I know how important education is already at an early age. There is this well-known African proverb

If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.

Education for all is not only about gender equity, but also about using education to create a better World. Who doesn’t like that?


Why is Saving the Tropical Rainforest important?

Clean water is needed for a healthy life and improved quality of life. As an atmospheric scientist, I did a lot of research on the global, regional and local water cycle. Despite it is not often discussed in public, land-cover changes like deforestation have a huge impact on the local weather (and over time climate). Deforestation of large areas of rainforest is typically done by burning. The fire releases health adverse gases and particles. The burned areas heat stronger than the humid cool forest. Due to so-called teleconnections deforestation of large areas in the Tropics can lead to weather changes far away from the actual deforested area. Our research showed that when wildfires burned huge areas in Alaska, the fire scars can affect the summer weather on the East Coast and in Ontario and Quebec. More on afforestion and the impact on the environment.

As a result, I love not only their watches, but also their engagement for preserving Tropical forest and making the World a better place – one watch at a time, not only for the individual who buys the item.

Nordgreen treasures the Scandinavian values of generosity and social responsibility.


Price-Performance Ratio

Another aspect of minimalist design is to provide the highest quality at an affordable price. The Native with navy dial, gold hands and olive nylon band costs $169. When you use my discount code HLSTYLE at Nordgreen you get 15% off on any piece you purchase. Thus, the Native would be $143.65. You would save $25.35! That’s a great deal!

Since the watch is so versatile and timeless, it can be worn every day. Thus, your cost-per-wear will be below one dollar in less than half a year. However, given the item’s high quality you will have a great timepiece that never goes out of style for years to come. How great is that?

Verdict: Thumbs up! •

I definitely can recommend Nordgreen’s designer watches to all my friends and family. Why? Because using such a time piece is sophisticated and it is simpler to keep track of your time than with an iPhone. This is especially true when the phone is carried in a bag where no ten cats can’t find a mouse.

stylist in minimalist style with Nordgreen Danish design timepiece
Example that minimalist style design work with every personal style



Nordgreen Native Designer Watch in a Nutshell

Nordgreen, a Copenhagen-based Scandinavian minimalist watch brand, offers a sustainable watch collection designed by award-winning Danish designer Jacob Wagner. With every purchase, they provide 1 month of clean water to a family in Africa or 2 months of free education to children in India or funding for preserving 200 sq ft of rain forest in Latin America.

Shop now and feel great about you and your helping the environment and other people to get education and an improved quality of life. Use discount code HLSTYLE to get 15% off.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos: N. Mölders

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