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For this post I reviewed a Wantdo double-breasted trench coat from their active performance wear collection. Read what I found and think about this sample.

  1. A Good Quality Coat Is an Investment
  2. A Trench Coat That Makes a Great First Impression
  3. Wantdo Active Performance Wear Is Made for Versatility
  4. This Wantdo Double-breasted Trench Coat Is Worth Your Money
  5. Who Will Love Wantdo Active Performance Wear?
  6. Wantdo Double-breasted Trench Coat in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The red waterproof women’s double-breasted trench coat is a sample of my choice from Wantdo. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


A Good Quality Coat Is an Investment

In Alaska, you need active performance wear is durable and can handle the harsh environmental and weather conditions. In the rain season (August), waterproof wear is a Must-have. At high relative humidity and temperatures around the freezing point in the morning and 50F (10oC) at local noon, require good insulation for thermal comfort. Walking the dog and occassionally having to climb over a downed tree on the trails or setting up measurement equipment, take readings in a weather hut, etc. requires a coat that permits movement. At the same time, you want to look stylish. Thus, the Wantdo waterproof women’s double-breasted trench coat seemed to be a good candidate for activities like this. Therefore, I picked it in red for this review to see whether it is a good quality coat worth the investment.

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A Trench Coat That Makes a Great First Impression

When the package arrived, I wasn’t disappointed by my choice. This trench coat has the key elements of a traditional trench. The red is bold and clean. No gray undertone. This means it is perfect for me as a deep Autum/Winter. Note that this waterpoof trench coat is available in the classic neutrals like black, khaki, navy, beige, red wine and gray as well as in red, light blue and pink. You can also order it in black-and-white houndstooth. Sizes range from XS to 2XL. I ordered a size S in red, and it is a perfect fit even with a thick sweater.

This means there is a flattering color for every woman no matter of age and size.

details of Wantdo double breasted red trench coat
The coat has deep pockets on both sides. The buttons are made of black plastic and are well sewn on


This fully lined trench coat came with an extra button. Everyone who once had to exchange all buttons of a coat due to the lack of an exact match will love this extra. However, when looking at how well the buttons are sewn on, I don’t expect to need the spare any time soon.

Stylist tip: When a garment comes with a spare button, put it into a secure pocket of the item so you can find the button when you need it.


red Wantdo trench styled with Hawaiian shirt, cropped black pants, heels and belt
Outfit details: Wantdo double-breasted trench coat with belt styled with White House Black Market cropped pants, LK Bennett open toe snake print heels, Pineapple Moon Hawaiian print silk shirt, Hermes H-buckle belt, garnet necklace and earrings


Wantdo Active Performance Wear Is Made for Versatility

Wantdo uses newest technology to keep the weight of their clothing down, while keeping the insulation up, and the fabric wind and waterproof. The reduced weight of this trench coat ensures that you won’t feel tired early in your trip, no matter whether it’s walking a dog thru to wilderness of Alaska or sightseeing in New York in winter.

The cut permits movement during wear, but is not bulky. It’s a great balance between comfort for motion and thermal comfort as well as looking stylish. In other word, the designer used enough resources for comfort, not more nor less, aka maximalized value for you with minimal impact on nature. Who can’t support this concept?

While being extremely waterproof, this Wantdo double-breasted trench coat still has great breathability. This feature is very important when the adventure gets a bit energetic and you start sweating. Recall cold sweat can cause feeling cold. See the photos for evidence how practical the red trench coat is in my everyday life.



red military inspired belted rain coat over print dress with rainboots
Wantdo double-breasted coat knoted in the front worn over an U-Knit print T-shirt dress and paired with heeled Hunter rubber boots for a walk-the-dog look in the rain


Stylist tip: Never belt a trench coat. It has to be knotted.


This Wantdo Double-breasted Trench Coat Is Worth Your Money

The high quality materials ensure their products’ durability even under harsh environmental conditions. This means slow fashion and a great price-performance ratio, or like I tend to say, it a low cost-per-wear despite an upfront $54.76 price tag.

In Interior Alaska, this piece is perfect for the summer-to-fall transition outfits and until the first flurries fly, i.e. from mid August to early October. For everyone living in a climate region with cold winters, this wind- and waterproof double-breasted trenchocoat is a classic stylish winter coat. This means the cost-per-wear will be below one dollar in just one season. That’s a great price-performance ratio. Given the high quality material, the coat will last more than a season with daily wear and tear.


back view of Wantdo red waterproof coat
Back view showing how to wear the belt when the coat is open or just buttoned up. After the shower the coat still felt dry. The water just pearled off so to speak.


Who Will Love Wantdo Active Performance Wear?

Everyone! Why? Because Wantdo products are the essentials of active performance wear that is essential for daily life. They offer clothing you can wear in various environmental conditions from hiking in the mountains to strolling in the city. Their collection encompasses waterproof, fast-drying, stain-repellent, and well insulating active performance wear.

Coming back to the sample, it’s a Must-have for every professional woman who meets clients outside the office no matter what weather is in the forecast. Women engineers will love that they can climb equipment in the coat, while looking posh and stylish at the same time.

Nobody wants to get wet, run to the dry cleaner or freeze their bum off no matter where and when.

I have no reservations to recommend this trench coat to my family and friends.


Wantdo Double-breasted Trench Coat in a Nutshell

Wantdo builds high quality garments that you can purchase without second guessing, and wear without hesitation on your outdoor and wilderness adventures as well as in the urban djungle. Their waterproof double-breasted trench coat is designed for durability by maximizing the values for the customers at minimal impact on the environment. Browse their collection now to get the best active performance wear for your next adventure.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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    Super coat and I love the shade on you. Agree with the knotting not tying! Jacqui x

  2. Looks like a great coat and option for rainy weather. The color is very flattering on you.