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This post is a review of WAMA hemp underwear. According to archeological data, humans have cultivated and used hemp for 5000 to 6000 years. Because holed clothes require no sewing, some historians interpret the invention of the first eyed needles, as the start of the use of underwear. Holed clothing namely requires no sewing. Due to politics, cotton fiber took over the fabric market in the 18th century. Recently, hemp fabrics (re-)gained importance due to the customers’ demand for eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable as well as comfortable fabrics. Read about the advantages of this fiber, my experience with WAMA’s hemp undergarments.



Disclosure: Ad. The hemp underwear are samples of my choice from WAMA. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Advantages of Hemp Fabrics

  • Hemp grows well on muddy soils and soils with high pH-values that are common in mountains, coniferous forest, swamps, marshes, and around lakes. Consequently, there is no need for special agricultural techniques (e.g., burn-beating, plowing, crop rotation, lie fallow).
  • Hemp is the most durable and strongest of all natural textile fibers.
  • It softens with each washing without fiber degradation.
  • Hemp resists mildew, mold, rot, and ultra-violet (UV) radiation.
  • Because it takes up water easily, hemp is easy to dye even with natural dyes. This absorbent property also results in hemp fabrics being very breathable.
  • Due to its anti-microbial properties, this material is especially suitable for hygienic garments like underwear.
  • No matter of the weave or knit structure hemp fabric feels cool to the touch. Therefore, it is perfect for hot and warm weather as well as an active lifestyle.


What Can You Find in the WAMA Hemp Underwear Collection?

WAMA offers hemp underwear for all genders. Their collections encompass trunks, boxers, briefs, racerback bralettes, boxer briefs, hipster panties, Bikinis, boy shorts, triangle bralettes, thongs, and high-waisted underwear in sizes XS to 4XL. In case of bras, cup sizes range from 32AA – 46E for full size inclusivity.


three views of the the high-waist panties for the review of WAMA hemp underwear
I like high-waisted underwear for fall and winter because of the large coverage of my bum and belly. This style is available for $24.


Most of their items are available in black, brown, three nudes, and fashionable purple as well as green. A little hemp leave is sewn on the hem at the left leg of the bottoms.


Is WAMA Underwear True to Size?

I chose the racerback bralette and bikini in nude 2, and the high-waisted underwear, and boy-shorts in black. It was clear to me that the lighter nude would have a lower contrast to my flesh. However, I picked the second lightest shade so you can better see the cuts and judge the fit on my 60 years old body.


side, front and back views of WAMA hemp Bikini panties and bralette
WAMA Bikini panties and racerback bralette in nude 2. The panties and bralette cost $24 and $44, respectively.


After reviewing their size chart I ordered a size S for all underwear except the bra. For the bralette tried a size XS because I wear a 32AA cup. In all cases, the pieces were true to size, and fit well. See photos.


Is WAMA Hemp Underwear Good Quality?

The craftmanship is very good. The fabric shows no nips or flaws in the knit. Holding the pieces against the Sun indicates a tight knit structure.

In general, hemp is durable and becomes softer with every wash. I rubbed the inside of one piece with my nails for a while, and found no pilling.

The pieces are all super-soft, and the rubber-bands are very good quality.

Given the high quality of craftmanship and the durability of hemp fabric, the price-performance ratio is excellent. The cost-per-wear will get below $1 over the typical tenure of underwear in a closet. WAMA also offers packages of 3 pieces at a reduced price. This offer makes the undergarments even more affordable.

Tip: Use discount code HLS15 for 15% off. One use per customer.


views of the fit of the buy shorts for the review of WAMA hemp underwear
Boy shorts are my go-to when I dress for social dances. I like that their cut has just a seam in the back and the season for the crotch. This design not only makes them more comfortable, but also avoids showing the seams when wearing body-conscious dance wear. The boy shorts cost $24.



Who Will Like These Pieces?

Because hemp is bio-degradable and from sustainable resources, everyone carrying about the environment will like this underwear. Vegan fashionistas will love that the underwear is from natural plant fibers. Those who oppose fertilizers will love hemp because it grows well without them even on soils unsuitable for other agricultural products.

When you live in a climate region with hot/warm summers or engage in activities with high sweating this undergarments will improve your wear comfort. When you are concerned about your Sun exposure, hemp underwear helps reducing it.

Hemp undergarments are ideal for all who take hygienic seriously. More on hemp textiles.


Where to Buy Hemp Underwear?

You can buy WAMA hemp underwear online. They have a First Pair Guarantee. Therefore, ordering online is no risk for you. If for any reason you are not happy with your first pair of underwear, they will send you a new size, color or issue you a refund. No questions asked & no returns needed. Furthermore, WAMA offers free US-shipping and returns on purchases over $75.


Review of WAMA Hemp Underwear in a Nutshell

WAMA hemp underwear combines sustainability, bio-degradability, thermal-physiological wear comfort, UV-protective and antibacterial properties as well as quality craftsmanship at affordable prices. Browse their collection now.



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Photos: G. Kramm

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  1. Thanks. You look stunning in your WAMA underwear as well.

  2. I love my WAMA underwear! They are so good and so comfortable. You look amazing, Nicole! These all fit you so well.


  3. The underwear looks really comfortable and soft. it’s great that they’re biodegradable too. Thanks for linking up!

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    You look fantastic. This underwear sounds great.

  5. Environmentally sound—fits well—no pilling, prices not exorbitant—-looks good and is comfortable—what’s not to like? Carmen, a fellow blogger. may wish to know about these! fashion with compassion….fashionover50, I’ll tell her about them, too.

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    You model that underwear beautifully.