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Whether you are the bride-to-be or a guest honoring the last few days of your friend’s or family members’ singlehood, choosing what to wear to a hen party over 50 can be quite daunting in your 50s.

As we mature, our fashion choices evolve too, but that doesn’t mean style takes a backseat! If anything, experience gives us a better understanding of what works best for our body and personality. So ladies, fret not! We have what you need to knock your outfit out of the park!


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Things What to Wear to a Hen Party over 50 and Beyond

This guide offers an array of fabulous outfit ideas that will leave you feeling comfortable, stylish, and ready to partake in the celebrations with grace and confidence. Let’s dive right in!


Stay Stylish with a Classy Dress

One can never go wrong with a classy dress for the occasion. As you prepare to celebrate the hen party, consider wearing a sophisticated, well-tailored dress that accentuates your elegance. There’s beauty in simplicity, and a fluttering midi or figure-flattering wrap style are great options!


purple draped cocktail dress for a hen party
Very Fine Dance Shoes sandals, gemstone bracelet, watch c/o Nordgreen, bag c/o R. Riveter, gemstone bangle, Calvin Klein cocktail party dress, silk flower.



Mix in color tones you love for added vivacity, or stick to classic blacks and whites for timeless appeal (they’re easy to accessorize). At the end of the day, opt for comfort alongside style because this party is all about showering love upon yourself while having fun with friends!


Be Bold in Jumpsuits

When thinking about your outfit for the hen party, you might want to step outside the comfort zone of dresses and consider a bold choice: jumpsuits. Highly stylish yet comfortable, jumpsuits give you an elegant look without compromising on movement, ideal for dancing the night away!

Fascinatingly flexible, they range from black or navy one-piece options that boast sophistication to those with vibrant prints that echo your lively spirit. Pair these with accessories to add some extra sparkle and glamor. Have fun experimenting with this twist on traditional party attire!


jumpsuit as an example of what to wear to a hen party over 50
Mouse & Cloud sandals, artisan-made belt, Fossil white denim jacket, barrette, jumpsuit c/o Coolibar, gemstone bracelet, amethyst ear studs, and cross-shoulder bag c/o R. Riveter.



Choose Comfortable Footwear

While choosing what outfit to wear matters greatly, it’s also crucial to pay attention to the footwear when considering how to plan the perfect hen party. Opting for stylish yet comfortable footwear can really impact how much you enjoy the festivities, regardless if you have foot pain.

Heels might provide the glamourous look you’re after, but ensure they are foot-friendly for prolonged usage. If high heels aren’t your thing, elegant ballet flats or stylish pumps could offer an equally stunning alternative. Your footwear choice should allow you to move freely!


Embrace Jeans and a Chic Top Combo

Gearing up for the fun, you might lean towards a relaxed and casual style. And what else speaks ‘chic relaxation’ better than a pair of well-fitted jeans with a stylish top? The hen party is your time to shine in comfort. First, go for darker-wash jeans to add some elegance.

Then, pair them with a looser-fitting blouse or shirt. Accentuate this combination with heeled boots or even elegant ballet flats for an extra touch of sophistication. This combo brings together casual comfort and party-ready style–making it an ideal choice for daytime festivities.


hen party outfit idea with dark jeans posh shirt and heels
Top c/o Chico’s Oliveo bootcut jeans, quartz belt buckle, Anne Klein blazer, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Clovington pumps. amber necklace.



Make a Statement with Accessories

Accessories offer a fantastic way to show off your individual style at the hen party, and it’s remarkable how striking accessories can completely transform an outfit. From statement necklaces to oversized earrings, or glittery clutches, these elements can truly capture you.

Don’t shy away from experimenting with various styles. After all, these accessories might just become the perfect conversation starter at any party! But when in doubt, stick to what you know and love. Enjoy this time exploring and showcasing what suits your body the best.


Opt for Floral Prints

Floral prints are a timeless option that never fades out of fashion! If the hen party has a daytime celebration or you just adore a pop of color, you can never go wrong with this choice. The blooming prints on your outfit offer aesthetic appeal and radiate cheerfulness and joy.


brown floral print with magenta top outfit inspirations
Sunglasses c/o Nordgreen, Taylor’s Gold’n Stone smoky quartz necklace, Eddie Bauer top, Fossil white denim jacket, Gucci G-belt, Aigner sandals, bag c/o R. Riveter.



Embrace the vibrancy and enthusiasm of these prints that give off a shine that’s hard to miss. Make sure to pair your floral outfit with more muted accessories, like non-patterned scarves or diamond jewelry. But don’t forget to add to your outfit by showing off those pearly whites!


over 60 years old woman in floral dress for a bachelorette celebration
Floral print dress c/o Cozy Fashion, statement belt, peridot necklace, Christian Louboutain pumps, Long Champ bag, watch c/o Nordgreen, and Lookbook leather motorcycle jacket.



Don Sophisticated Suits

If you’re up for deviating from traditional party wear, consider stepping into a sophisticated pantsuit. Ideal for mature women who favor structure over flowing fabric, this sleek option could be your go-to outfit! Embrace this distinct style and create a hen party look that’s uniquely you.

The magic of a well-tailored suit lies in its flexibility to transition between formal elegance and sassy dance-floor-ready style with the right accessories and attitude! Pair it with kitty heels during formal conversation hours and switch them later to comfy flats when it’s time for fun!


In Conclusion What to Wear to a Hen Party over 50

Dressing for a hen party in your 50s and beyond shouldn’t feel like a challenging task. You already have the wisdom to know what works best for you! So whether you decide to dazzle in a maxi dress or rock a pair of jeans with a chic top or blouse, ensure your outfit reflects YOU.


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