How to wear sparkle trend during the day
Bebe gold leather skirt with Great Northwest oversize denim jacket, Espirt bag, and BCBG pumps (all own)
  1. Sparkle during the day is a thing
  2. Sparkle is chic, posh, and ups the mood
  3. Sparkle draws attention – look at me
    • When wearing sparkle during the day, dim it down
  4. Stylist’s secrets to wear sparkle at day

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Sparkle during the day is a thing

Sparkle like sequins, pearls, and shiny, metallic shoes, bags, belts or brocade clothes had been reserved for centuries for the Aristocrats. Their sparkling daytime outfits distinguished them from the working underlings. Later the rich, celebrities, entertainment people and alike joined the privilege, dimmed down during the day, full on sparkle at night. High Society sparkled in night bars, theaters, and even at State banquets. In the last century, metallic threads in knitwear, sequins, pearls, and shiny, metallic shoes, bags, belts or brocade clothes conquered the middle class. They wore these sparking clothes on the rare evenings of going out. In this century, sparkle invades day wear as a trend.  It’s a big thing. It’s a risky trend, hard to pull off, but everyone loves it. However, it’s a trend that you can wear well in midlife.

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#fashionover50 5 tips how to wear sparkle during the day

Sparkle is chic, posh, and ups the mood

Why does everyone love the sparkle trend? It’s about memories, and feeling good. We all associate sparkles with joy. It may be because of the sparkling holidays lights we admired as kids when mom and dad went shopping with us during Christmas time. It may be that big fat wedding, we saw from far with sequin gowns sparkling all over the dance floor. It may be the figure skaters’ sequin and crystal embroidered dresses we saw on TV when watching the at the Olympic Games as kids or just the photos of European princesses and Hollywood celebrities in granny’s magazines. Oh, yes, don’t forget Sunday’s Best dress. I had a brown fit-and-flare velvet dress with fake pearls embroidered over the chest and a white lace collar.

stylist wearing a golden trench coat with silver sneakersTwo sparkling items, a golden Burberry trench coat and silver Puma sneakers with London Jean white boyfriend jeans, and taupe Jaeger leather tote (all own)
over 50 years old woman looking posh in shine during the day Shiny leather Burberry trench coat with Burberry plaid blazer, Jaeger tote, Anne Klein pumps, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own) and winter white V-neck dress c/o Lookbook Store

Sparkle draws attention – look at me

Even though I am a logical person, I love the magic of sparkle. No matter whether it is shiny, sequins or metallic threads like in brocade fabric, when a piece is sparkling, it draws the attention to the wearer and the part of the body where you wear the sparkling piece. Everything that sparkles has a high reflection. Sparkle screams “look here”. It really sets the focus point. Sparkle is too fascinating than to be worn just for holidays, at the opera or theater, for going out.

blogger in plaid shirt sequin skirt look

mature stylist in edgy sequin look
Outfit details: VS Sequin skirt, Oliveo plaid shirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Moschino belt, GNW tights (all own)

When wearing sparkle during the day, dim it down

The following photos show outfit inspirations how to wear sparkle during the day. They all have one thing in common. The sparkling piece is combined with everyday pieces.

midlife fashion blogger wearing a brocade skirt Monochrome outfit with Tucker for Target brocade skirt, silk print scarf, GNW tight, tall boots, GNW Luxe sweater, Kieselstein Cord belt, and Chanel bag (all own)#streetstyle mature woman with sequin cardigan Black London Jean leather pants, Oliveo plaid button-down shirt, Michael Kors black sequin cardigan
style blogger in boyfriends with a sequin striped T-shirt and leather bomber London Jean boyfriend jeans, sequin striped tunic shirt, VS bomber leather jacket, and high studded heels
fashion blogger in trendy motorcycle jacket with sequin skirt Marc Aurel shearling motorcycle jacket, GNW Luxe sweater, gemstone long trendy belt, H&M sequin skirt, Antonio Tonelli booties, LeatherCoatsEtc beret, YSL bag (all own), leather pearl necklace c/o Wendy Mignot, and tight c/o No nonsense[/caption]

Stylist’s secrets to wear sparkle at day

Here are my five tips how to wear sparkle during the day without looking over-the-top or like trying too hard.

  1. Keep the sparkle, glitter, or shine to just two items per outfit. In other words, avoid over-bling. Go for items that have sequins or shine just as an accent, e.g., a T-shirt with sequin stripes, a skirt with sequins in a floral print, a jacket with sequin trim, a brocade skirt or jacket. At maximum, do only add one more shine/sparkle to this item. For instance, a sparkle necklace or metallic pumps with a sequin skirt.
  2. Keep your sparkle grounded. Sparkle and sequins are a girl’s thing. Thus, to stay looking grown up add menswear pieces. For instance, a pencil sequin skirt with a white button-down shirt fully-buttoned up or a cable-knit sweater, a sequin blazer/jacket with chinos and a T-shirt, silver pants with a V-neck or college style sweater, a tweed skirt with a silver thread sweater, a brocade skirt with a (leather) bomber or motorcycle jacket.
  3. Keep your outfit color-coordinated. Sparkle, shine, and/or glitter are a statement already. Thus, pairing with neutrals is a safe bet as is staying in the same color family of the sparkly piece. A monochromatic look with sparkle looks elegant, sophisticated and work appropriate in neutral colors like navy, brown, gray, black or even teal.
  4. Small is better than big, overlapping is better than side-by-side.. Look for small sequins or crystals of the size of pin heads. Sequins the size of a dime or even a quarter look plain cheap. Sequins that are attached in an overlapping way look more expensive and polished than those attached side-by-side.
  5. Go for a perfect fit. Fit and cut is key when wearing sparkling clothes. Any sparkle, shine, metallic or glitter grabs attention, and shows any bump and bulge. Go for tailored sequin, or brocade items. Stay away from anything that is sparkle/shine/glittery and tight at the same time. It is a recipe to visually add 10 pounds. Who needs that?

Sparkle outfit ideas

Here are two further outfit inspirations how to style this trend.

#streetstyleover50 woman wearing silver pants for Casual Friday Silver leather pants styled in a monochromatic gray way with Moda International cardigan, GNW Luxe sweater, DKNY socks, fall booties, for a polished Casual Friday look
#over50fashion midlife woman in a chic a sequin skirt with denim jacket VS navy sequin skirt with Jeanne Pierre striped sweater, statement belt, Festina watch, Levis denim jacket, GNW tight, Vince Camuto slouchy boots (all own), and pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source Inc.

Do you like to wear sparkle during the day? How do you style a work outfit with sparkle? What are your styling challenges with the sparkling trend? Just curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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