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Nine West booties, Hermes collier de chien belt, LilySilk silk skirt, GNW tights, unbranded cashmere sweater, Uno Alla Volta scarf

It is well know that one-color-only outfits create the illusion of height. They are perfect for petite women. This guide provides tips how to style a monochromatic outfit that is interesting and elegant.

  1. What Is a Monochromatic Outfit?
  2. What are the advantages of monochromatic looks?
  3. Examples of monochromatic outfit ideas
  4. Why not to buy complete outfits?
  5. How to style a monochromatic outfit
  6. Further One Color Outfit Inspirations

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What Is a Monochrome Outfit?

It’s a look in similar hues like the one in the next photos. This business casual winter work outfit recycles a lace summer dress as a skirt under a sweater from the same color family. The structure of the lace creates interest and is in contrast to the flat knit of the tights and sweater. The suede fall sandals add another texture in the same shades. Different structures of the materials are one way of many ways to keep a monochromatic outfit interesting.

fashion blogger in monochromatic teal winter outfit
eShakti lace sheath dress, GNW Luxe cashmere Merino wool sweater, GNW tights, Hermes Collier de Chien belt, Nicole fall sandals, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own)


Examples of monochromatic outfit ideas

Here are some teasers to inspire you to read the long list of 21 tips. Don’t be afraid, you will not have to apply all tricks them at once!

monochromatic outfit in midlife This olive outfit uses the different texture of the suede utility jacket, cotton shirt dress and pony hair booties to keep the monochromatic look from boring
gray outfit with texture This outfit works with texture and prints in gray. Woven texture dress c/o Blue Vanilla, printed India Hicks scarf c/o Tammy Gray
midlife fashion stylist in monochromatic look with different texturesThis outfit features an example of different texture and shades of blue contrasting denim and leather plus accessorizing with another neutral
fashion bloger in an all red monochromatic outfitExample of same color, but different texture (suede vs. knit) with metallic pumps
over 50 years old style blogger in an all white work outfit with red pumpsThis all white outfit uses embroidery, knit and leather to create interest and uses red pumps as a pop of color
mature woman in monochromatic work outfit Here the structured lace is contrasted with soft suede fall sandals, a knit sweater and tights in different shades of turquoise
denim-on-denim monochromatic work outfit for women over 40 This monochromatic outfit uses tailoring and different denim washes and accessories with items with stripes in different colors
older woman in black leather dress and black sweaterThis all black leather with knit look elevates the Rock’n Roll inspired single color vibe with pearls

Like these outfit ideas? If so, please feel free to pin them to your own Pinterest board.

What Are the Advantages of Monochromatic Looks?

Wearing just one color makes you seem taller than you are. Thus, a look in just one color is flattering on any petite woman. A monochromatic outfit has a slimming effect (unless you use pastels, any shade of red or pink). Monochromatic looks with just a pop of color have incredible elegance. Just remember Grace Kelly in her all white outfit with pearls and red pumps, or Jackie Kennedy in her baby blue sheath with matching pillbox hat and cropped jacket.

Of course, an ensemble like the young Mrs. Kennedy wore in the early 60s is a classic and looks great on any young woman, back then and today. However, an ensemble is not a good idea for us women over 40. It looks dated, not ageless! It is better to wear an unmatched suit to avoid to look old(-fashioned).


Why Not to Buy Complete Outfits?

The modern 40+ woman avoids ensembles, real suits and everything matchy-match like the plague. These “cookie cutter” pre-made outfits make her look Old Lady and insecure. They are made for twenty somethings to feel confident at work, and look professional. You don’t need such a “safety blanket.” The individuality already achieved by the 40+ woman requires her own (ageless) style to look young, hip, modern and on top of things.

How to Style a Monochromatic Outfit?

Here is a list of 21 tips how to create a monochromatic ageless look over 40.

  1. The simplest monochromatic look can be achieved by throwing on a solid color dress with pumps or strappy sandals in the same color, but different shade or flesh color (nude).
  2. Go for a color that flatters your skin.
  3. Make sure that the shades are in different depth when you use the same texture for the fabrics.
  4. When you go for the same depth of color, go for play with different texture for a great look.
  5. Best is to go for different depth of color and different texture of fabrics as it keeps the eye moving.
  6. The combination of mate and shine for same depth of color.
    stylist in monochromatic winter office outfit
    Sienna Studio snake print leather pants with GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater, Moda silk cashmere cardigan, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, and peridot beads and pearl necklace (all own)


  7. You can top the latter by wearing shine and mate with different depth of color to create interest. Avoid shine on the features that you want to hide!
  8. Go for neutral (nude, brown, black, metallic) shoes when you use a bold color for your monochromatic look.
  9. Know when to add a pop of color. Think of Gracia Patricia‘s red pumps with an all white outfit. Red pumps with a LBD are also a classic, but may look so 1980s when worn with black sheer pantyhose. When you wear a LBD with sheer black pantyhose go for royal blue or emerald green pumps instead for a pop of color.
  10. You can even master the style challenge of being top-heavy or bottom-heavy try color with increasing depth towards your heavier part to balance your body.
  11. Use the lighter and darker shades of your color strategically to create shape. For instance, when you are straight-up-and-down use the darkest color at your waist.
  12. Don’t forget about scarves to up your style factor.
  13. Try denim-on-denim with same weave of fabric, but different wash.
  14. Use accessories to create interest. Most people go for gold colors in the cold season and silver in the warm season. Flip the choice around to create interest.
  15. Look for interesting fabrics like velvet, chunky knits, faux fur, lace, tweed, leather, corduroy, silky shine.
  16. Interesting cuts like bias cut, fit-and-flare, Princess cut or low-high hem keep a monochromatic look out of boredom land.
  17. The same applies for interesting necklines like sweetheart necklines, boat neck, square neck or interesting collars.
  18. Stay away from ruffles. They are for girls’ Sunday’s Best.
  19. Play with patterns that cover the entire range of shades from close to black to its lightest tint close to white. Tip: This works best with gray (see photo inspiration).
  20. Use a statement necklace or belt to create interest.
  21. For a variation of the monochrome theme try just an outfit of distinct shades in the same color family that differ more than just being a deeper or lighter shade of the same color. Think for instance of multiple shades of gray with a mix of prints/pattern.

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Further One Color Outfit Inspirations

Here are some visual inspirations with a more loose interpretation of one color only 😉 .

mature monochromatic red work outfit This red work look creates interest with suede, and thin cable knit, contrasts mate (suede) with shine (pumps) and accessorizes with a statement necklace
over 40 years old blogger in twinset with pearls for a dark and light look This example uses texture (lace skirt) vs. soft (cashmere sweater) with a slightly shiny knit cardigan and a pop of color. Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source, wooden watch c/o Jord
mature lady layering a dress over dress in same shade This lotd strays a bit away from the usual monochromatic outfits as it makes use of distinct different brown shades
mature stylist wearing plaid with giraffe print Example of using different shades of the same color
Nicole of High Latitude Style in shades of different depth from burgundy to pink with sequin skirt, leather jacket, suede high heels, and button front top Shades of different depth from burgundy to pink with sequin, shine and suede for different texture
over 50 years old Nicole in red-orange office separates Inspiration with color in different depths and hues
monochromatic inspired work outfit worn by over 50 years old blogger This example uses stripes, and texture (knit, suede, tweed) for creating interest
timeless outfit in similar shades of the same color This outfit is a loose interpretation of a monochromatic look. It uses pattern and texture and just different shades of the gray palette. Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source (inner necklace)
posh chic outfit in different denim washes Denim-on-denim monochromatic look working with different washes (all wona), wooden watch c/o Jord
American Classic outfit using the black and white palette Example of outfit using all shades between white and black
40+ fashion blogger in gray striped desatuated winter work outfit Example of desaturated patterns with different texture
mature woman in army color utility jacket and shirt dress Inspiration with different texture (suede, cotton fabric, knit, pony hair), same color (Army green) and accessories

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