mature woman in work outfit with leather pants
Wool blazer with Oliveo button down shirt, London Jeans leather pants, statement necklace, 3.1 Philip Lim bag, statement smoky quartz belt, and Ralph Lauren silver pumps (all own)

Black was not for little girls

When I was a child and I was asked for my favorite color my answer was black. The adults never liked this answer and some of them even said that black is not a color. It could not be that a little girl loves black. They said things like why not yellow that looks great with your black hair, or red is a color for girls. Well my answer on the yellow was that my hair is brown, not black.

Red and red is a difference

I still do not understand why the Germans would call my ash brown hair black.  On the red color I responded that there is nice and ugly red, but there is just beautiful black. It is safer than red. What I meant with this statement was that I liked and still like every cold red, but not any warm red. Unfortunately, for my mother red was red, and she seemed to favor warm reds. This means she bought the “ugly” red.

The wrong color can kill the nicest outfit

One day she knitted skirt suits for my sister and me. My sister got the nice black one because it looks so great with her blonde hair, while I got the red one, which of cause had the “ugly” red. The black washed my sister out, the warm red made me look sick. Note that my mother is color blind so she may see colors in a totally different way. I assume that we looked great in her eyes in our skirt suits. We got a lot of compliments on these skirt suits. Today I understand that it was because she did a really excellent job crafting them. It was not because the suit skirts made us look great.

senior in Burberry trench coat and leather pants
Burberry trench coat over leather pants with Ralph Lauren silver pumps, and 3.1 Philip Lim bag (all own)

Black OOTD with pop of color

I still love black. Ever since I lived in New York State, I love all black with a touch of another color. A monochrome outfit can become pretty boring when there is no interest added by texture. In the above outfit, I am wearing my black leather pants, black corduroy shirt, and black wool blazer. I added my silver Ralph Lauren pumps that have a fin imprint. I like silver together with black better than gold with black. I have no idea why. May be because both colors are cold?

What I wore on the commute to work

For the commute to work, I added my Burberry Brit trench coat, and my neon pink Philip Lim 3.1 bag that my husband gave me for our wedding anniversary this summer. The idea was to create an all neutral outfit with a pop of color for interest. Which midlife woman wants to be invisible? Not me! 😉

What is your favorite color? Has it changed since your childhood? If so, why did it change? What is your greatest challenge wearing black? Let me know how I can help you. Just drop me an email.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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