Ways to switch up corporate style for a fashion forward look

Gray plus navy are a classic corporate world color combination

A classic go-to corporate style is the gray pencil skirt with navy blue blazer. In the corporate world, there is not much wiggle room for experimenting with fashion and style. However, this limitation does not mean you have to wear a uniform. Have fun with your shoes like shown here with the multi-color metal kitten heel pumps. They are a head turner, but do not break the corporate look as metals are neutrals and the style of the pumps is a classic.

#maturefashion style blogger Nicole presenting a stylish, non-boring corporate work outfit
Oliveo chambray shirt with silk printed scarf, pearl necklaces, gray leather belt and pencil skirt paired with multi-metal colored kitten heel pumps for a classic corporate style (all own)
#midlifestyle fashion blogger donning a corporate work outfit with blazer in a modern way
Oliveo navy blue blazer with gold metal buttons, gray pencil skirt, Oliveo chambray shirt, multiple pearl necklaces, mixed metallic pumps and Modalo Pippa bag (all own)

Express your style with scarves or jewelry

The choice of the scarf or necklace, or no scarf are also ways to mix things up. What about a big brooch on the collar instead of a necklace? Or just a different way to wear the scarf (compare photos above and below). There are many ways not to get into a style rut or feel like being in uniform. See this example for expressing personal style with a statement necklace and this example how to style a blazer for Casual Friday.

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Do you work in the corporate world? How do you switch up things to express your own style? What are your work outfit challenges. Let me know, send me an email so I can help you.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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