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Orvis leather shorts, Covington ankle strap pumps, Hermes enamel bangles,, Modalo Pippa bag, Hermes H-buckle belt, Vittoria linnen blazer, statement necklace, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own)
  1. How to wear a shorts suit over 40
  2. A fake shorts suit look looks favorable on mature women
  3. How to style an unmatched shorts and blazer ensemble in summer
    • Why this outfit works
  4. Adapting leather shorts for the cold season

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How to wear a shorts suit over 40

Shorts suits are a big trend this spring/summer season. In my twenties, I was a big fan of skirt suits and pants suits. I wore them too be taken serious at conferences and whenever I had to give a presentation or had a professional meeting.

At that time, I also wanted to look “older” and thought the suits would do the trick. However, what I did not pay attention to at that time was color the impact of color. Of course, I had had my best colors determined in the 80s like every fashion interested gal back then. I am a “winter”. Thus, I bought the suits in winter colors. However, I bought them in pink! This color is very friendly and assocciated with young, and in Germany, especially, with little cute girls! The result? I remained looking like a young woman in her twenties. LOL.

Today, I know better. You can find an ultimate guide how to wear a suit and not look old in the post at the link, in case you missed it.

A fake shorts suit look looks favorable on mature women

I am not in the skirt ensembles and pantsuits anymore. Thus, a real shorts suit would also not fit my bill. I love the “fake” suit look. This means I like to take a blazer and a skirt, pair of pants or shorts and build a business casual “ensemble” like in the photo above. These “unmatched” combinations look so much fresher and not like a business uniform. They are so much more me.

When going for the shorts-suit trend, look for one with above the knee-length to stay in work appropriate terrain. Only go for leather when your work dress code permits wearing the hides. When styling an unmatched shorts-blazer combination make sure that both pieces are screaming either warm or cold season to look your best.

I invested in leather Bermudas because you can wear leather in spring/summer and with tights in the cold season.

stylist in a work outfit for casual Friday

style book author wearing an unmatched ensemble of shorts and blazer
Outfit details: Boxy leather coat (see this seller for a similar), black blazer, Oliveo leather shorts worn as a fake suit with Oliveo button-down shirt, Hanes pantyhose, Ray Ban sunglasses, smoky quartz statement belt, and Steve Madden camouflage booties (all own) and structured bag for the commute to work

How to style an unmatched shorts and blazer ensemble in summer

Leather shorts are having a moment right now. When you are lucky to work in a casual work environment, you can wear them to work on Casual Friday as a fake shorts-suit with a light or sleeveless blazer or fitted jacket. To soften the edginess of the leather Bermudas and to get out of the “vacation vibe” often associated with above-the-knee pants as well as to look professional, I added my white short-sleeve linen blazer in the outfit idea photos below.

Why this outfit works

Black and white is an eternal classic. The ensemble of shorts and blazer in black and white gives the look of the shorts-suit trend. Suit reads work, right? By pairing the combination with gray classic ankle strap heels, a gray work bag and gold tone jewelry the look becomes even more classic. Recall, desaturated
color combinations and all neutral colors are always office appropriate. The pants become the statement piece of a classic with a twist look of the day.

over 50 years old street style blogger in shorts
Oliveo shorts, Pippa bag, H buckle and belt, Hermes bangle, short sleeve blazer, gray Tee, Ray Ban purple mirrored glasses

Adapting leather shorts for the cold season

In winter, you may get away with slightly shorter shorts than in summer when you wear opaque tights like in the outfit inspiration. Instead of a (white) blouse or button-down shirt use a cardigan to stay warm. A blazer like the bottle green corduroy one in the photo inspiration below gives the look a Casual Friday vibe without being too casual. The studded booties and multi-color saddle bag give the outfit some Rock’n Roll edge. The scarf and inlay metal belt add polish and tie the outfit together by picking up common colors.

style influencer in fake shorts suit
Oliveo leather shorts with GAP corduroy jacket, GNW cardigan worn as top, floral scarf, GNW opaque tight, and Harley Davidson booties, and LV multi color saddle bag (all own)

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Do you like suits? What about the shorts ensemble trend? Will you jump the bandwagon? Where and when do you wear these suits? What are your styling go-to tricks? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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