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G.I.L.I plum leather dress, Eddie Bauer long sleeve T-shirt, Hermes colloer de chien bangle (all own), Ivanka Trump pumps c/o Wikibuy and wooden sunglasses c/o Winkwood

This post provides outfit ideas how to wear leather in spring and summer for work and play without looking out of place. Get inspired and learn the tricks to look your best in the hide also in the warm season.


  1. Leather Isn’t Just for Mid-Latitude Winter
  2. How to Wear Leather in Spring and Summer
  3. Wear Leather Pieces in Light Colors on Warm Summer Days
  4. Summer Outfit Ideas with Leather


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Leather Isn’t Just for Mid-Latitude Winter

Leather provides great protection against wind. In mid-latitudes, wind is nearly always in the mix when it comes to winter weather. No wonder that it’s a Euro Chic winter favorite at least as long as the temperatures remain above the freezing point. My red leather jacket, I had in middle school, was my goto an entire winter long.

Last winter I wore my brown pair of leather dress pants on a day with -10F (-23.3oC). While there is normally hardly any wind in the Interior, it was a day with some snow blow. Alaskans fear wind more than 40 below.

One of my Alaska-born students said that the pants would be too cold for the weather. I agreed that leather has a low insulation factor, but that there are leggings and long-Johns. Staying warm is just an underwear issue. I wore the leather over them just for protection against the wind.


older woman in leather dress with pumps, pantyhose
G.I.L.I plum leather dress, Eddie Bauer long sleeve T-shirt, pantyhose, barrette, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own), Ivanka Trump pumps c/o Wikibuy and wooden sunglasses c/o Winkwood


How to Wear Leather Clothes in Spring and Summer

This type of  clothing is versatile to style and you can look posh in leather over 40 with these stylist’s secrets.

Shells and tops are made for summer. Thus, wear a T-shirt or tank top underneath when it isn’t lined. You don’t want to get leftovers of the dye on your skin when you sweat.

When you buy a pair, go for a wider cut – read not like skinnies. And go for a pair with a lining. I made the mistake as a 20 something to buy a pair of black biker shorts in suede without lining. After wearing them on a hot summer day, my legs looked like I am wearing distressed bikers for several days. You can imagine how happy I was when the dye finally was completely off!


over 50 years old lady in classic summer look with leather skirt
Oliveo skirt, DIY belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, arm party, Coach shearling shoulder chain bag, Christian Louboutain pointy-toe heels (all own) and blouse c/o Ethyl Clothing


Leather Is Perfect for Dry, Cloudy, Windy Days in the Warm Season

Other leather items like jackets, skirts, dresses, pants or coats are best worn on windy, cloudy days. Since rain is not great for your leather gear, use a trench coat instead of a leather coat or jacket when rain is in the forecast. And yes, you can wear leather-on-leather even in summer (see photo with suede skirt and metallic coat).



Fashion blogger in a double striped weekend outfit
Olivero striped leather skirt with Chelsea striped zipper top, Jaeger tote, Ray Ban sunglasses and Madden girl thong sandals


Wear Leather Pieces in Light Colors on Warm Summer Days

When you want to wear a leather skirt, dress or pair of pants even on hot summer days, go for pieces in a light color with lining. My white leather skirt is one of my summer favorites ever since I bought it years ago. The best part: In contrast to a white denim skirt, it is easier to keep clean. I recently saw a similar one at LeatherCoatsEtc.


Summer Outfit Ideas with Leather

Here some further leather spring/summer outfit ideas for inspiration.

mature woman in leather coat with fedora and high heels in spring
GAP trench coat, Prada pumps, Notations blazer, structured work bag, Prada pumps, and fedora c/o Tenth Street


midlife woman in spring work outfit with suede skirt, transition season nappa coat and floral blouse
G-III skirt, Gucci bamboo belt, pantyhose, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Gloria vanderBilt pumps, headband, Cami coat (all own) and floral blouse c/o Ethyl Clothing


midlife blogger in spring style with suede skirt and abstract print shirt
G-III skirt, Gucci bamboo enamel buckle belt, pantyhose, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Gloria vanderBilt pointy toe heels, topaz headband, Cami coat, and abstract poppy print button-down shirt c/o Ethyl Clothing


over 50 years old fashion blogger in fit-and-flare nappa dress
Halogen fit-and-flare dress, statement belt, silk abstract print scarf, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Nine West Kelly green lizard imprint pumps, and halftee c/o Halftee




Nicole in preppy casual warm season look with hide, denim and silk
Levis denim jacket with Dr. Scholl wedge sandals, silk scarf, Ray Ban sunglasses, Halogen leather skirt, striped T-shirt c/o Marine Layer, and wooden watch c/o Jord


mature woman in blue and white summer work outfit
Oliveo white leather skirt, DIY belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Coach shearling bag, Christian Louboutain pumps, and blue-white plaid shirt c/o Ethyl Clothing


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  1. Linda Cassidy

    I do not wear it as often in the Spring but I keep it in my closet Actually I did not wear those pieces much at all this year. As an FYI looks like your home page is not as it normally is ( just a heads up in case there is an issue from the girl who has had so many issues lately)

  2. Love the plaid top look and the floral look!

  3. You really have a lot of nice leather pieces! I love the leather dresses. I have a black dress with faux leather lining and I really love it. I agree that long johns or an under layer will help with leather pants if it is cold. I’m sure the wind is brutal there at times!


  4. aquamarinastyle

    Nicole, you are so right about wearing leather year-round! I wear my moto jackets–one black and one tan–for cool evenings in the summer. Your red coat is gorgeous!! And I also love that white skirt–SO cute. You are lucky enough to be able to wear that coat from middle school!! Haha!

    xx Darlene

  5. This Main Line Life

    Ha, last week I could have worn a leather dress too. It was chilly here for spring (45 – 55). I know, you’re probably saying, ha… that’s balmy. Have a great week.

  6. Wow! Thanks so much for the feature! I love your leather dress! It’s so unique!

  7. Nicole, the burgundy leather dress with the pink shoes is so brilliant! I love the silhouette of the dress and the color combination is so gorgeous!


  8. That first dress with the pumps is stunning!

  9. stu

    Nicole I completely agree, we have just returned from a few days in Madrid where the temperature rose to 40c. Lots of Ladies looking very stylish wearing leather skirts, shorts, jackets and even the occasional coat in the evening.