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We all know that summer means warmer weather, time spent outside with friends, and outdoor adventures. Unfortunately, for some living in warmer climates, the heat can become rather unbearable, leaving you with a struggle of how to dress cute and stay cool at the same time. While some may be able to pull off jeans in the summer, most need something a little cooler. Luckily, it’s easy to dress cute and still be comfortable, even in the hottest climate.


When you’re shopping for cute and stylish options, you may want to look no further than women’s boutique shorts. That’s right, boutiques can be a plethora of adorable fashions, and most of them are designed to help beat the heat.


Bermuda Shorts

Nothing is worse than getting up from being seated somewhere or attending a summer event and feeling like your pants or shorts are sticking to your skin because of sweat. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s not a cute look. With active Bermuda shorts from My Sister’s Closet Boutique, you can be comfortable and cute! They have several color options available, and these are perfect for wearing around the house or meeting up with friends for a day out.

If you prefer the traditional bermudas, they are also perfect for an afternoon at the beach boardwalk, high enough you can dip your feet in the ocean, while also keeping you warmer in the cooler evening temps.


Flowy Shorts

Want to feel the breeze on your legs and have a feminine cute look? Look no further than flowy shorts. They are lightweight, keeping you cool in even the warmest temperatures, while also looking adorable. Pair with a crop top or a tucked in tank for an extra cool look that will keep you cool too. Most of these lightweight shorts come in a variety of cute patterns, including florals that will have everyone stopping you to ask where you got them. They are the ultimate in warm weather wear.

The lightweight shorts are generally made of a lightweight material that is very thin, making it very similar to a dress or skirt, but without any worries of a fashion mishap if you happen to be out on a windy day.


Light Colored Shorts

Nothing says spring and summer like a vibrant pair of shorts that really pop. Not only do they look great, but they also can actually help keep you cool on the warmest days of the year. Science has proven that lighter colors reflect the sun whereas darker colors absorb it, thus making it clear that if you wear lighter clothes, you will remain cooler than those who wear darker clothes. Light colored shorts make a great choice if you’re going to be out in the sun for several hours and need to stay cool. They’ll also have the added bonus of making you look more tan than you really are.


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  1. Can’t even think about shorts here with all this rain!! Enjoy wearing yours. Jacqui x

  2. Jodie

    I have all of these options now that I’m living in Arizona.