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You want this shortcut to an awesome vacation wardrobe

fashion over 40 all black outfit
midlife woman in dinner vacation outfit
eShakti lace pencil skirt with BCBG belt, Moda International top, BCBG studded pumps (all own) and wooden sports watch c/o Jord. This outfit serves you well at dinner and at a social dance at the resort

Ageless vacation style

It’s the first Tuesday of July which means Ageless Style Linkup. July means summer. Summer means vacation time. Thus, the theme is vacation style. Vacation style also means packing and dressing on a capsule wardrobe, which is the subject of this post.

Packing a vacation capsule wardrobe need some planing

To be able to create ageless style at your destination do some planning ahead of time. Ask yourself the following questions. Let the answers to them be your lead on defining which types of items you will need to pack to be covered for all possible dressing occasions without over-packing.

  1. What is the climatology for the destination in the month I am going there and what are the temperature and precipitation maxima and minima in that month? Remark: You need to pack for the possible weather range, not the climate mean!
  2. What kind of vacation is it? Beach, sightseeing, hiking, canoeing, road round trip, or country vacation all demand a different type of clothes. Check the links for special tips on the required types of clothing.
    • How much time will I spend on which kind of activities?
  3. How long will you stay?
  4. Will you shop at the destination? If so, leave extra space in your baggage to not have to pay extra to get it home.
    • Will the shopped items be just for home or part of your vacation wear?
#Fashionover50 What to pack for a beach vacation, example sexy top @
Zoom in on the back of the Moda International top (own) showing the sexy closure

To not make this a 5000 word post, I will assume a 1 week beach vacation for now. I will cover the other types of vacations latter this month, in further posts of my Wednesday Ageless Style Series.

Translating the answers into clothes to pack

Let’s assume that the climatology at the destination indicates a mean July temperature of 60F (15oC), a mean minimum temperature of 55F (12.8oC), and a mean maximum temperature of 66F (20oC)with a mean precipitation of 2.2 inch (data for Sylt, Germany). This means that you may need a cover-up for any activities in the early mornings and late evening.

Climate is the mean, but weather is what you get

However, you don’t live by mean values, but the actual weather. Thus, pull the medium range forecast (ECMWF is the best as that’s there specialty). If it is more towards the lower temperature pack more for that, if it is mixed plan for that, and if it is just a hot sunny week go more on the light side, but with a backup outfit on colder side in case of thunderstorms, for instance.

Keep in mind that beach vacations are always at the land-water boundary. This means that there can be a sea-breeze during the day and land breeze at night, i.e. it may be windy.

mature woman in vacation dinner look
Side view of vacation dinner outfit with eShakti lace pencil skirt, BCBG belt, Moda International top, BCBG studded pumps (all own) and wooden sports watch c/o Jord

Pack beach wear for sunny and rainy days

When you spend most of your day at the beach you will need at least two bikinis or swimsuits a day as you probably don’t want you put on a wet swimsuit after having lunch. You also want a spare to not wear the same all the time and to wash the items in between. When you like to play beach volley ball add a T-shirt or two for that. When you love long beach walks on rainy days have a long rain jacket and rubber boots or booties on your packing list.

What to wear at the beach bar

The drink at the beach bar requires a beach dress/cover-up or a wrap skirt. Style it with a foldable sunhat. Don’t for get sunscreen and sunglasses. When you shop for beach clothes and swimsuits there are some that filter out UV light. This means your risk of sunburn under your swimsuit/bikini is reduced.

Plan for your vacation entertainment

When you love to browse the shops and malls along the beach, plan in a sundress. When you spend your evenings at the bar or dancing have a cute party dress in your baggage and some dance suitable shoes.

The right underwear is key to look posh

Of course, make sure not to forget the underwear. That cute party dress doesn’t look cute when it has not the right bra. It’s also not cute when you twirl and a thong shows.

ageless vacation style woman in summer skirt
Halogen quilted leather jacket with eShakti lace pencil skirt, BCBG belt, Moda International top, BCBG studded pumps (all own) and wooden sportswatch c/o Jord. Wear the jacket on the plane and use it as cover-up in the evenings. Leather is quite unexpected on a vacation trip. Thus, it makes you stand out. Extra bonus, it keeps you comfortable on windy days.

Shopping when on vacation

When you shop at the destination go for a larger baggage than you actually need for the clothes you are taking on your trip. Be aware that you may not find the perfect item that you are looking for. Thus, when you are not 100% sure that you will find what you want you should pack a substitute for that item. Only when you are 100% you will get it there, you can leave it out.

Dresses are easy quasi instant style

Keep in mind that dresses are easy items with quasi instant style. Nevertheless, you can get more wear out of your vacation wardrobe when you decide on a color scheme. That way you can use a sweater, T-shirt or the cover-up over your dress to style it differently. The T-shirt, or sweater could be worn with the wrap skirt. A large sarong can be styled as cover-up, skirt or dress. You get the idea.

Pack accessories to up and change your looks

You also need a pair of sandals for your walk around town and some thongs for the pool/beach. To schlep your items (book, sunscreen, towel, beach towel, etc. back and forth you need a cute beach tote which may double as your personal item on the plane.

Speaking of towels, check whether you need to bring your own or whether you can rent them at the hotel at the destination. If not, or you prefer your own, take two beach towel and tow others when the beach is your main place to be. I like the beach tote in the photo below.

Needham Lane pineapple beach tote
Needham Lane pineapple beach tote

Accessories up your style also when on vacation

Don’t forget jewelry! The type of jewelry can take a dress from Bohemian to feminine in a minute. The accessories are your key to change your look and keep things interesting style wise. They allow you to look different every day with the same few items. See the example below how jewelry changed the look.

Wear the heaviest items on the plane

What you wear on the plane should be the heavier items that are on your list for the cool rainy days. This way you keep the weight of your baggage low and don’t have to pay overload fees.

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What kind of vacation will you do this summer? Where will you go? Have you been there before? What will you pack? Let me know, I am curious.

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Now let’s party. What are you wearing on your vacation?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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