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Lulu Roe Nicole fit-and-flare dress, unbranded ballet fishnets in nude, Very Fine Dance Shoes black sandals (all own) and fitted athleisure hoodie c/o vshred

You may know V Shred as the World’s fastest-growing online physical transformation site. Now they have launched an apparel line. Read what every fashion lover needs to know about V Shred athleisure.


  1. Did You Know V Shred Has Apparel?
  2. What Is DoPamine Dressing?
  3. What I Like/Dislike
  4. Who Will Like this Apparel?
  5. V Shred Athleisure in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The lightweight jacket is a sample of my choice from V Shred. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Did You Know V Shred Has Apparel?

Full disclosure: I didn’t.

Thus, when their PR representative contacted me I was surprised. Therefore, I checked out their athleisure collection immediately. Their new apparel line was specifically designed to provide you with the ultimate feeling of mobility and support. When their Seamless Sports Bras and Seamless Flex Leggings are as comfy as their Weightless Jacket, you can feel chic, confident and comfy while wearing them as well. No matter whether you are working out at the gym, running errands or working from home. Right in line with the resurfacing DoPamine dressing trend.


I bet that some women soon will replace their well-worn-in (read comfy) denim jeans with active or athleisure bottoms.

close-up of vshred red lightweight jacket
Close-up of a V-shred lightweight jacket. The thumbholes ensure that the sleeves won’t move up when you lift your arms.



What Is DoPamine Dressing?

The pandemic led to closure of many fitness centers where you had pals when working out. Being locked down with no place to go, many of us have had a hard time to exercise. Finding the motivation and stay motivated to workout was difficult over the last year. However, the newly-resurfaced trend of dopamine dressing is going to make a difference. Dopamine dressing is part fashion and part mindfulness.

It is all about wearing clothes that make you happy and bring you joy.

Yes, there is a reason why you should love your sports clothes.


fashion blogger in midi skirt, vshred lightweight jacket, heels frolicking in snow
Dopamine dressing with a favorite skirt and the tailored hoodie jacket


wearing the hood of the athleisure top up
Illustration of the v shred apparel with hood covering the head


stylist wearing a fun hoodie with pleated tartan skirt and boots
Outfit details: Pendleton pleated midi skirt, Escada denim booties and fitted athleisure hoodie c/o v shred


We all know that a pop of color can up our mood on a rainy day, don’t we? And with colors like Lilac, Mint, and Sky Blue, V Shred has the perfect hues to boost your spirits. A first step, to get you back on track to reach your fitness goals is getting motivated.

Their recently launched a new, premium line of activewear encompasses Seamless Flex Legging, Weightless Jacket, and Seamless Flex Sports Bra. Sizes range from XS to XL. Most garments come in eight different colors including limited-edition maroon. V shred knows that chic comfortable gear make going to the gym easier.


side view featuring the details of the Princess seam inspired cut and elevated sides
This side view illustrates the longer cut in the back and Princess seam inspired fit. The “long tail” keeps your lower back covered when doing sit-ups. No risk of a Y-show even in low-cut jeans.


This bold color makes me happy when wearing it. It does the trick for me.


What I Like/Dislike

I love the great fit of the jacket. The cut features the body in a nice way. It makes me feel beautiful and well-tuned. The thumbhole is nice to keep the hands warm when running in chilly weather.

The zipper has a great color detail that looks so unique (see photo below). Not like gym at all! The fabric feels nice and comfortable on the skin. Read not itchy. Not electrostatic. I already wore the jacket in several outfits. See photos for two different looks. Stay tuned for more to come. See this guide on styling athleisure.


zipper decoration details
These zippers looks so cool with the pink and white look. I never have seen something like this before. Great love for details in the design!


Sure, I sweated during the dance training. However, I didn’t feel wet from sweat. Moreover, the piece didn’t start stinking after my sweat dried. ♥

All items in their collection are under $100. This means you can afford them even when on a fashion budget. And, yes, this V Shred clothing is worth it.

I disliked not having the sports bra and leggings as well. But that will change! Who can resist at this affordable price and these great colors? And dopamine dressing is a trend!


woman in athleisure
Showing the sleeve coverage of the hands when the thumbs are in the the thumbs holes



Who Will Like this V Shred Athleisure Apparel?

This collection will benefit everyone who loves the athleisure and/or dopamine trends. The garments are also great for the gym, running and play at the weekend. When you have a hard time getting motivated to get back into exercising, a new look for working out may boost your motivation. At least, it’s worth a try for a better and healthy lifestyle.


I would definitively recommend this brand’s clothing to my friends.


blogger wearing gymgear as a spring jacket with a long plaid skirt
Wearing the piece as a spring jacket over my plaid skirt with boots



V Shred Athleisure in a Nutshell

V Shred provides high quality athleisure gear in bold colors in line with the dopamine dressing trend. When you are looking for new athleisure brands, they can help you to get from winter to spring in style and comfort at an affordable price. Browse their collection now.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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