6 easy tricks for improved mood on rainy days

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Who hasn’t heard the saying

April showers bring May flowers

which is very true from a vegetation point of view? However, another truth is that on rainy days, everything seems dull, gray and chilly, no matter what time of the year. Everyone seems to be moody. Especially, in spring, if you had not been on a winter vacation somewhere sunny, your vitamin D level is probably low. You, like many other people, have a carving for color and Sun at that time a year. When there is still snow on the ground and it rains, things become really nasty. Slippy sidewalks are not fun at all.

fashion blogger in colorful outfit on a rainy spring day

Work outfit for a wet spring day

accessories scarf as belt for a pop of color to up the mood

fashion over 40 woman in denim dress
Outfit details: Liz Claiborne denim dress (shortened), Anne Klein floral scarf worn as belt,  Hermes collier de chien bangle, Hermes leather bangle, topas bangle, moonstone ring, chain necklace and Gloria Vanderbilt pumps (all own)

Having fun with neutral outfits and a pop of color

How can you up your and other people’s mood on a rainy spring day? By dressing stylishly with color. When everything is gray, the human eye and mind is desperate to see something else. When someone’s eye finds what it searched for, there will be the spark of success, a smile, you made someone’s day. This persons’ reaction on your outfit will also up your mood. The example above adds several colors to a neutral color work dress by means of the scarf, accessories and pumps.

In the outfit example below I am going for an all neutral outfit for work. I like the “colorless” cleanness of just white, gray, and black. This color combination – like black and white – is a statement all by itself. I added a yellow raincoat as outerwear to up the mood.

Shoes can make or break an outfit

One can never underestimate what shoes can do for an outfit.
Shoes can make or break the look. #shoelove #styleadvice Click To Tweet
Wearing the right shoes on a day when a front goes thru town sometimes can be really tough. The puddles and purring rain ask for rubber boots, but they won’t fit to your office outfit. Not to mention, you would sweat wearing them all day. My solution to this rainy weather style problem is a large bag. I put my shoes in a fabric shoe bag and carry them back and forth to the office. Thus, at least indoors, the outfit is having its “icing on the cake” – the right shoes.

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. - Marily Monroe #quote Click To Tweet

The pitfall, however, is that sometimes I forget my shoes at the office. If it happens several days in a row, an office can quickly look like a shoe store – LOL. 😉

fashion blogger over 50 wearing a man's raincoat

Rule of two

On rainy gray days, I like to add a pop of color when being outside to lift the mood of the people around me. To look stylish always have each non-neutral color appear at least twice in an outfit. It can be in a different shade like the raincoat and sunflower yellow bag – a gift from my husband – in the photo below. I bought this yellow raincoat in the men’s department.

over 50 years old style blogger wearing neutral colors with a pop of yellow

mature woman in all neutral work outfit
Outfit details: Brooks Brothers cashmere sweater, Oliveo custom made leather skirt (similar skirt available here), studded flats, HH raincoat with rolled up sleeves, Longchamp pliage (all own) and necklace c/o Almo Jewellery

You can find another example of a look using just neutrals at the link.

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List of the six tricks to up the mood

Here is a listical of the six tips to look stylish on rainy days and shear up the mood that were illustrated in detail by means of the example outfits.

  1. Being prepared is key. When rain is in the forecast have a folding umbrella and/or a folding rain coat in your tote/work bag for potential protection. Also avoid wearing shoes with leather soles. These soles soak the water from the sidewalk and street. The sole takes hours to dry and you will have wet shoes all day, a recipe for a cold and at least an uncomfortable day.
  2. On a rainy day, add a pop of color to your outfit. The rain coat, rain boots, bag or umbrella are great points to start to add a pop of color to an (otherwise neutral) outfit. When you live in a climate with lots of rain (e.g. Pacific Northwest, West Europe, Great Britain, Norway, anywhere in the Tropics) you may even think about getting an umbrella collection.
  3. Reduce your risk of catching a cold and/or feeling uncomfortable. Wear a raincoat or jacket even when you have an umbrella. It is important to stay dry when it drizzles, or when it is windy. Wind pushes the rain drops off their path into a path that is at an angle to the Earth’s surface. This means even tough you carry an umbrella your lower body parts may get wet without a long rain coat. In the case of drizzle, you walk faster than the drizzle falls. This means you scavenge drizzle out as you move forward. A clear umbrella may be great on these foggy days, as you may hold it as a shield to at least protect your face and hair from getting wet. Who likes to arrive at work ready for a new blow out and makeup?
  4. Wear fabrics that are easy to clean as splashes may occur. Dark jeans are fine as the spots are less visible than with light pants. When it is already warm enough and your work dress code permits bare legs, go for it even when they are still untanned. You can easily towel them dry once you arrived at work, while pantyhose would have spots and take some time to dry. It looks more stylish to have light skin than wearing dirty pantyhose. 😉
  5. Avoid wearing fabrics that start smelling when they get humid. You don’t want to smell like a wet sheep or dog.
  6. Have a pair of pumps in your work tote/bag as rubber boots are heavy and may lead to sweating. It is already wet outside and you wore the rain boots to stay dry. You don’t want to get them wet inside. The sweat water would lead to cold feet once you are back outside.

Further rainy day outfit ideas to try

High Latitude Style blogger showing what to wear on a rainy day Double H boots with denim skirt, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, college T-shirt, silk scarf and HH men’s raincoat (all own)
#over50style woman in trench coat on a rainy day Burberry Brit trench coat with Express shirt dress, Madonna True or Dare floral pumps, Jaeger tote and black pearl necklace, Dolce & Gabanna Madonna sunglasses (all own)
over 50 years old fashion blogger with umbrella in the rain Bebe motorcycle leather jacket with Karl Jäger button front dress, Carhartt gingham shirt, Anne Klein T-strap slingbacks, American Meteorological Society umbrella and LV bucket bag (all own)
over 50 years old style blogger presenting a look for a day with rain in the forecast Burned red leather capri pants for a pop of color with Madonna True or Dare floral pumps, GNW sweater, pearl necklace, Kate Moss for Longchamp bag and Burberry Brit trench coat (all own)

Woman in a golden trench coat on a rainy day Burberry leather coat, GNW tights, Steve Madden sandals, American Meteorological Society umbrella (all own)

mature woman in classic trench coat Burberry Brit trench coat, GNW cardigan, polka dot scarf, L.K. Bennett pumps, Esprit shoulder bag, Paloma Picasso sunglasses (all own) and colorful striped skirt c/o eShakti

midlife woman wearing a trench with polka dot skirt Burberry Brit raincoat, GNW cardigan worn as top, Ralph Lauren  skirt, L.K. Bennett pumps, and yellow Longchamp bag for a pop of color (all own)

stylist in fashion week inspired fall look with biker jacket, scarf, hat, jeans and sandals James & Graham biker jacket, Oscar de la Rente scarf, Loft sweater, Oliveo Italian style jeans, Nicole plateau high heel sandals, red color Celine shopper (all own) and Vienna Scala hat c/o Tenth Street

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Does weather affect your mood? What do you do about it? What are your wearing on these April days with moody weather? What are your tricks to stay comfortable even when it rains cats and dogs? Have you ever thought about starting an umbrella collection? What do you wear on a rainy day? Do you like the posh look of an outfit with just neutrals? Do you add a pop of color? How do you style your neutrals?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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