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3.1 Philip Lim tote, silk neckerchief, Hermes collier de chien bangle, statement necklace, Winkwood wooden sunglasses, amethyst barrette, Daily Schoes sneakers (all own), leggings and top both c/o Coolibar

Black and white is a stark contrast. It shows up every now and then as a big trend, but it’s always also a classic when in the right cuts. This post covers how to create interesting looks that turn heads. Read how to wear the black and white trend.


  1. When in doubt wear black and white
  2. Invest in black and white basics
  3. Update white on a regular basis
  4. Black-and-white is a trend for minimalists
  5. Go beyond the solid basics with BW
  6. A pop of color adds fun to the look
  7. Mix black and white prints and pattern
  8. More black and white outfit ideas
  9. How to keep an all black and white OOTD interesting
  10. Try the look at the gym
  11. Wrapping up how you can wear the black and white trend

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When in doubt wear black and white

A black-white fashion trend, is not really a trend. On the contrary, this combination is an eternal classic! Despite I am a fan of a pop of color, when it comes to black and white, I like it the Ying Yang way, just these colors side-by-side.

BW is associated with sophistication and elegance. There is a long history of wearing black and white in Europe.


Invest in black and white basics

Black and white is a classic combination that perennially pops up as a trend. Thus, stocking up on pieces in this “color” combination when it has a moment is a good idea. Go with a classic cut or a classic with a twist. Look for blazers, skirts and pants as well as shoes and bags. You get a trendy piece that you can wear for years. All you have to do is to search for a classic cut with a twist in good quality. Don’t fall for a trendy cut or low quality; you save more when the item will be part of your wardrobe for more than one season. For more tips on how to know when to splurge and when to bargain see the post at the link.


How to wear the black and white trend post flyer


Update white on a regular basis

Of course, in case of white T-shirts and button-down shirts, you have to be prepared to buy them new every year. They tend to “yellow” under the arms or totally or get grayish over time. Here you can go for a trendy cut to look up-to-date and not Old Lady or old-fashioned/too conservative.


Black-and-white Is a Trend for Minimalists

Be more minimalist on a budget. Think of a white button-down shirt with black skirt or dress pants and pumps. It’s a crisp look perfect for the office. Swap the button-down shirt with a silk camisole and the pumps with strappy sandals and you have a date night outfit.

You can’t go wrong with a LBD and white pearls.

Pearls are always appropriate. – Jackie Kennedy


Alaskan fashion blogger in pleated leather skirt, zebra top and shearling hoodie in the fog

Nicole in leather skirt, shearling cropped coat, pantyhose and heels

over 50 years old style blogger in zebra top, pleated skirt and cropped jacket
Christian Louboutin heels, DIY shearling hoodie made from Vittari coat, pantyhose, statement silver gemstone necklace, Oliveo pleated leather skirt, quartz earings (all own) and zebra top c/o Covered Perfectly


Go beyond the solid basics with BW

Other classic pieces in this classic color combination are the buffalo plaid shirt, the hounds tooth blazer, sheath/dress or skirt, herring bone sheath, blazer, pants or skirt, a Chanel jacket in white with black trim, gingham summer dresses and blouses, two-tone pumps or slingbacks as well as snowleopard, dalmatiner and zebra print.


fashion blogger in black dress with white leaf print and green accessories

fashion blogger in BW dress with pops of color

over 50 years old woman in a black-white minimalist dress with belt
Outfit details: Sak hobo bag, Hermes collier de chien belt and bangle, Medor watch, pantyhose, peridot beads with pearls necklace, Nine West pumps (all own), sunglasses c/o Eagle Eyes, best girl friend bracelet c/o Chicos, leather and metal bracelet c/o Lizzie and James and dress c/o Coolibar


When wearing these classic pieces you can keep the look in just two tones by adding BW solids. However, you also can create a nice desaturated look of all neutrals by adding gray or blush (for examples see also the slideshow later in this post).


A Pop of Color Adds Fun to the Look

A bold crayon color like pink (see inspirations below), Royal blue, green or yellow add fun to the look. Think of a Mondrian painting. Be careful with adding red. You don’t want to look like Mrs. Santa Claus.


fashion blogger wearing a striped trendy black and white top with leggings and pink accessories

over 50 years old street style blogger in Coolibar casual weekend outfit

Alaskan blogger walking down the street in striped hoodie with cropped leggings

Nicole in pants, beach coverup, sunnies with pink sneakers and tote

woman in sunprotective Coolibar hoodie plus pants

midlife stylist showing how to wear the black and white trend with a dress and leggings outfit and pop of pink
Outfit details: 3.1 Philip Lim tote, silk neckerchief, Hermes collier de chien bangle, statement necklace, Winkwood wooden sunglasses, amethyst barrette, rutile quartz necklace, Daily Shoes sneakers (all own), leggings and top both c/o Coolibar


black polka dots on white with orange belt

stylist in black and white trend with leather pants and layered cardigans
White INC leather pants with GNW polka dot cardigan as top, Moda International black cardigan for warmth, Paloma Picasso xo belt, and studded pumps


Mix Black and White Prints and Pattern

When you are daring you may try to pair zebra and hounds tooth in one outfit or a hounds tooth skirt or blazer with a striped top. Other possible “wild” combinations are polka dots with stripes or BW prints of different scale. For instance, wear a buffalo plaid shirt with a hounds tooth skirt. Just apply the same rules like for mixing color prints and/or patterns.


over 50 years old woman in black leather skirt and pepper and salt blazer

style book author in leather skirt, tweed jacket, trench coat
Outfit details: Burberry trench coat, GNW polka dot cardigan worn as top with Oliveo pleated leather skirt, collier de chien belt, Gap pepper-and-salt blazer, structured bag, and Apostrophe Mary Janes (all own)


How to Keep an All Black and White OOTD Interesting

To keep this desaturated neutral color look interesting I play with structure (the boucle of the thrifted blazer) , pattern (the polka dot blouse), and material (the leather skirt). I closed the blazer with a gold brooch that is from the estate of my late grandma Hannah. To lengthen the legs I wore nude sling backs. To stay warm on the commute to work I pulled my Burberry Prorsum trench coat over.


black and white outfit
Black and white Chanel type Anne Klein jacket, Oliveo full leather skirt, Apostrophe Mary Janes


Tip: To keep a black white fashion look interesting play with structure.


mature woman in black leather skirt and pepper and salt blazer

style book author in leather skirt, tweed jacket, trench coat
Burberry trench coat, Anne Taylor pepper-and-salt blazer closed with a brooch, Oliveo leather skirt polka dot Jones New York shirt, unbranded structured bag, pearl necklaces, unbranded pantyhose and Anne Klein sling backs (all own)


Try the Look at the Gym

The trend looks also great at the gym like is illustrated below with black leggings and a zebra top.


style blogger Nicole working out at the gym in a zebra top

Nicole styled for the gym in long shirt and leggings
Very Fine Dance shoes, Coolibar leggings and Covered Perfectly top.


Solid Pieces as Color Block

The following photos show the look using solid pieces in the colors. It is best to use a solid piece that is a statement like this wrap top. To create interest add another neutral with the shoes, belt, bag and accessories.


over 50 years old woman in black and white work outfit

influencer in draped top and BF jeans

draping details

style blogger over 50 ying and yang look with top

midlife blogger in posh black top and white pants

over 50 years old stylist in jeans and lump and bump hiding top
London Jean boyfriend jeans, Michael Kors plateau sandals, Dior neckerchief, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, statement necklace, DIY ear studs, lace camisole, Hermes collier de chien cuff, and Sylvia draped front top c/o Covered Perfectly


Wrapping up how You Can wear the black and white trend

Try a look great in a white blazer with black pants. Black and white is a classic combination that can be worn year round.

The look is sophisticated and work appropriate. It also makes mixing prints and pattern easy. In solid colors, the Ying-Yang look is very elegant. An easy way to start with mixing prints and pattern is pairing zebra and hounds tooth.


#fashionover40 spring black and white trend winterized as a work outfit
Hounds-tooth blazer with white Newport News leather pants, Kieselstein Cord belt and three horses buckle, Clarks booties, layering top c/o Adea, upper pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source, and own pearl necklace.


Photos of me: G. Kramm

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  5. Black and white together, and as monochrome outfits, are incredible. I can’t believe I’m only learning this in my 50’s xoxo