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camo with plaid look with purple pumps

Mixing prints and patterns is a Do. It is also an element of eclectic style. This post shows how mixing plaid with camouflage pattern make great timeless looks.

  1. You Can Mix Plaid with Camouflage
  2. Eclectic Looks Are Timeless
  3. Pick a Color of the Plaid and Add It as a Solid
  4. Wrapping Up Mixing Plaid with Camouflage

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You Can Mix Plaid with Camouflage

Ok, ok, I admit, I did it again – mixing prints and patterns. In the skirt top utility jacket, you see the mix of bias cut plaid in orange, olive, purple, winter white, burgundy, black, gray, and brown. The utility jacket has the typical camouflage colors with gray, brown, olive, black. On top is a floral print that just consists of lines of abstract flowers. The top repeats the olive common to both pieces. The pumps pick up the purple of the tartan. A belt is best for accessorizing this look as it also adds shape.



stylist mixing a bias tartan skirt with a camo utility jacket
Orvis floral print camouflage utility jacket, Hipstik pantyhose, amethyst belt, Covered Perfectly top, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Prada pumps, Tracy Reese orange plaid skirt with bias draped hem, navy dial olive wrist band watch c/o Nordgreen



Eclectic Looks Are Timeless

I wore the Casual Friday outfit in the photos below a while ago. It features a plaid Irish riding blazer and skinny camouflage cargo pants. This eclectic style outfit works because they have colors of the same family, the patterns are of distinctively different size, and one expects slim pants with a riding jacket anyhow. The gray (turtleneck sweater) and brown (jacket details, booties, camouflage print) ground the look. The outfit is timeless because it consists all of classic pieces. The riding jacket has a little half belt in the back that one can turn around.


influencer featuring a timeless outfit mixing camouflage and plaid
Side view of outfit with Irish blazer and camo cargo pants


camouflage pants with plaid blazer
Back view of the outfit



eclectic outfit with mixing camouflage and print pattern
Outfit details: Orvis Irish blazer, London Jean camouflage cargo pants, Brooks Brothers gray cashmere sweater, smoky quartz statement belt, and Clarks booties



Pick a Color of the Plaid and Add It as a Solid

This outfit is very eclectic style. This combination of the camouflage cargo pants with my tartan blazer works because the red V-neck cashmere sweater and brown long-sleeved T-shirt pick up the red of the plaid pattern. The tartan pattern picks up the green and browns of the camouflage pants as well. The brown of the belt picks up other brown shades of the tartan pattern.  The camo and plaid outfit is extreme – like living in the subarctic ;).


style blogger over 50 in eclectic mix of camouflage with tartan in one outfit
Front view of outfit with plaid blazer and camouflage cargo pants


influencer in a plaid blazer, red sweater camo cargos
London Jean camouflage cargo pants with Burberry plaid blazer, layering top (similar here), v-neck Ann Taylor cashmere sweater, smoky quartz belt buckle, smoky quartz statement necklace, DKNY socks, Ray Ban sunglasses, and Clark booties


stylist mixing tartan and camo
Outfit deatails: Vittari shearling coat, Burberry tartan blazer, Ray Ban sunglasses, LandsEnd sweater and Halftee layering top, London Jean camouflage cargo pants, Clark booties, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, YSL bag, Taylor’s Gold’n Stone smoky quartz statement necklace and LeatherCoatsEtc green beret



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Wrapping Up Mixing Plaid with Camouflage

When wearing camoufalge with tartan make sure that both pieces have enough colors that occur in both pattern. Ground the look with a common color. Note that adding a solid that only occurs in one of the pieces is tricky. It may work when you style the camo as neutrals like the last look shows.


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Photos: G. Kramm

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