1. You can mix plaid with camouflage
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You can mix plaid with camouflage

Ok, ok, I admit, I did it again – mixing prints and patterns. In this Casual Friday look, I paired a plaid Irish riding blazer with my skinny camouflage cargo pants. This eclectic style outfit works because they have colors of the same family, the patterns are of distinctively different size, and one expects slim pants with a riding jacket anyhow. I grounded the outfit in gray (turtleneck sweater) and brown (jacket details, booties, camouflage print). I accessorized with my brown belt with smoky quartz buckle.

#Streetstyleover40 woman in mixed pattern outfit

Belt buckle

camouflage pants with plaid blazer


#fashionover40 Mature casual outfit
Orvis Irish blazer with London Jean camouflage cargo pants, Brooks Brothers gray cashmere sweater, smoky quartz statement belt, and Clarks booties for Casual Friday (all own)


The riding jacket has a little half belt in the back that one can turn around. I am not sure whether I like it better when it shows the plaid or the corduroy side (see photos). Do you like the plaid or corduroy better?

Further post with mixed patterns

It is not the first time, I did this type of mixing pattern. Earlier this year, I also wore the camouflage pants with a plaid blazer).

Did you know that you can find a style guide on mixing prints and patterns here on High Latitude Style?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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