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The ear jacket are quite new on the market. Read all about the ear jacket trend, what they are, who wears them, how to style them, best hair cut to don them.

  1. Ear Jackets Are It Right Now
  2. What Are Ear Jackets?
  3. History of Ear Jackets
  4. How to Wear Ear Jackets
  5. Best Designs in Ear Jackets
  6. Wrapping Up the Ear Jacket Trend

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Ear jackets are It right now

Ear jackets are a huge trend right now. They change the look of an earring instantly. They can convert simple studs into bold ear jewelry. Despite they are very subtle, they are perfect to make a style statement and even change the vibe of a look. It just depends on their design. There are pieces for every taste from minimalist to bold and chunky. What I love about ear jackets is that they add many new accessorizing possibilities without breaking the bank. Even when you go for a 14 K gold ear jacket! They are actually cheap given that they offer more options than regular ear jewelry.


14K gold chain ear jacket
14K gold chain ear jacket



What Are Ear Jackets?

You have seen them on the Red Carpet. Recall Emma Watson with the pearls on both sides of her ear lobes. Kate Mara wearing a diamond covered jacket with a simple pearl studs. Or Jennifer Lawrence‘s ruby embellished pearl jacket.


floral romantic ear jacket
Floral romantic ear jacket


woman with rose gold sensu earjacket and details
Rose gold sensu earjacket and details


These jewelry items take over both sides of the ear lobe. Think a two piece ensemble that creates a three dimensional effect. On first sight, you wonder how this art work got thru the piercing. Some designs go behind the ear lobe, while others go behind the earring post. However, the basic principle is the same. The jacket hangs down behind the lobe adding extra oomph to the look. There is a hole in the center to attach your earrings (see photos above). You simply push your earrings/studs thru that hole. Then you secure the ensemble with the screw backs or clasps of your earrings or hold them in place with a butterfly. Easy as 1-2-3!


12 K gold enhancer with cultured pearls
12 K gold enhancer with cultured pearls


14 K gold bars ear jacket
14 K gold bars ear jacket



History of the Ear Jacket

Some styles have been around for a while. Just recall the circular rings to wear around various studs for a halo effect. You could find them in the 1970s in various sets. They were advertised as three studs six different looks. When there were two different sets of circular rings it was promoted as three studs nine looks. Unfortunately, the rings only worked with pieces of the set. On the contrary, the modern jackets are so much more versatile. You literally can push and studs thru the said hole, right?

classic diamond with halo of diamantee
“KATARINA Diamond Earring Jackets in 14K Gold (1/2 cttw) (Color GH, Clarity I1-12)” by shop8447 is licensed under CC0 1.0


Recall the bee-earring-jacket launched by Yvonne Léon. It got a lot of buzz in InStyle and Lucky as well as other fashion magazines. Bees were all over the place.


How to Wear Ear Jackets

This trend is truly a Must-have for every woman who wants to elevate her style. You don’t have to wear them the way shown above. Of course, it’s one way to don them. However, you can mix them with what you have in your jewelry box. And the possibilities to wear the trend are huge. The limits are only the kind of jacket you choose and the pieces in your jewelry box. This means you can create many very unique, so you looks.

  • Combine ear jackets with other earrings for an edgy, funky or glam look.
  • Pair a chain jacket with studs to create dangles.
  • You can either match the metals or go for a fashion-forward mixed metal look (see featured photo). It’s all up to you. Be creative.
  • Circle-like pieces can enhance a simple single pearl studs. A great sophisticated and feminine look for black tie or the opera. Add a semi-precious stone for a work appropriate look.
  • When your style is Rock’n Roll spiky jackets give your simple pearl or diamond studs from work an edgy vibe for a meeting with the band. Also perfect for a finishing touch to an outfit to wear at an outdoor concert.
  • Create a dramatic look or add some movement by adding charms to a hoop design or on a chain-jacket.
  • The trend looks best when the view on your ears is free. This means with a short hair cut. When you have long hair, pin your hair half up, make a messy ponytail, a braid (like I did for the photos with my chain) or go for a sophisticated up-do. The goal is to create the stage for showing off your beautiful pieces.
  • When you have an asymmetric hair cut, try wearing only one to balance the asymmetry. So sultry, dramatic and sexy.


Stylist tip: Go for a simple stud and let the jacket do the talking.


over 50 years old blogger wearing a chain as earring and then looped thru the lobe
Chain ear jacket hanging down to look like a dangle regular earring (left) and worn 3D giving the illusion of a chain pulled thru the lobe (right)


Best Designs in Ear Jackets

When you are new to this kind of accessories a chain is a great choice to start with. Their light weight keeps your ensemble from becoming too heavy to don. They come in all lengths. Depending on your life style you may prefer shorter or longer chains. The latter can make a great edgy statement with an off shoulder outfit for going out. Be aware that you won’t wear them with anything that can catch the chains like, for instance, a knit cardigan, turtleneck sweater or even a necklace.

Never wear shoulder dusting earrings with a necklace. It's a safety issue and hence not stylish. #agelessstyle #safety Click To Tweet


all you need to know about the ear jacket trend post banner


When you love Romantic Style double-sided pearl jackets or a circle design that decorates your simple pearls or gemstone beads is a great investment.

When you have Bohemian Style or your personal style is Rock’n Roll or Steampunk inspired, spirals worn thru a single piercing may call your name.


These spirals remind me of my recreational silver smiting classes in college. There were twins in the class and one of them had multiple piercings. One day he started smiting a spiral to go thru all his piercings. His brother was late for class. When he arrived, he looked at the spiral and asked “What are you making?” The other brother stated pushing the spiral thru the holes in front of a mirror, which wasn’t easy due to the curving of the earplugs and the non-equal distance of the piercings. “Isn’t this a cool idea?” he asked while struggling to wind the spiral thru the many piercings. The 20 minutes older twin shock his head and said “I didn’t have such a stupid idea 20 minutes ago.” In deed, the look is a cool idea, but impossible with many holes. However, when created by an ear jacket – which needs just one piercing – a really good one too that actually works.


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puzzle piece and square with river-like pattern
These pieces are from my own production


Wrapping Up the Ear Jacket Trend

Ear-jackets are not only great to up your earring look from good to best. They are fun, add more possibilities to your jewelry box than a new pair of hoops, chandeliers, or dangling drops. Moreover, they are very affordable even in 14 K gold. They are definitively a trend worth adding to your accessory wardrobe.


man wearing a modern decoration in his earplugs
“Money Maker” by allyrose18 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0


And, yes, they are not only for women to enjoy and decorate.


Extra tip: Christmas is approaching faster than you think. A pair of ear jackets is a great welcome gift for many women, not only fashionistas.

Photos of me: G. Kramm
Photos of DIY and chain ear jacket: N. Mölders

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