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Smithsonian Apollo T-shirt, ruby statement belt, Ralph Lauren denim skirt, Hipstik legwear (all own) and hoodie c/o vshred

Photo inspirations on how I wear my athleisure. Read, see and get inspired.

  1. You Can Wear Athleisure Beyond the Gym
  2. Athleisure Wear Calls for a Mix of Non-Gym and Non-Leisure Fabrics
  3. Athleisure Trends Yesteryear
  4. Satin Joggers for Summer – So Cool

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You can wear athleisure beyond the gym

I am not a big sport fan and find exercising at the gym, running or cross country ski plain boring. Thus, my exercising is ballroom dancing and – pre-COVID-19 – walking thru malls. Does shopping count as exercising? Just kidding. 🙂 Nevertheless, I am really excited that leisurewear still is a Do. Even though you don’t need joggers, they make a great wardrobe addition. Joggers can provide various modern looks with what you own. The same applies for an athleisure jacket.


influencer in denim skirt Tee altheisure hoodie

fashion blogger in red hoodie and blue skirt gray booties
Outfit details: Smithsonian Apollo T-shirt, ruby statement belt, Ralph Lauren denim skirt, Hipstik legwear and hoodie c/o vshred (read the v shred review.)


Athleisure wear calls for a mix of non-gym and non-leisure fabrics

Athleisure is still a big trend. Well, the trend is made in such a way that one can’t just shop the closet and wear the gym wear. No, no. The trend asks for the cuts of athletic wear and the comfortable style of leisure wear. However, when it comes to the fabric the trend asks for glam or fancy. And you have to style it, well, not like you are on the way to the gym. You can find an ultimate guide how to style athleisure at the link.


fashion blogger over 50 in joggers and blazer

fashion over 50 woman in unmatched suit

older woman in a dressed up athleisure look

style over 40 woman in pink jogging pants
Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, Keep Calm T-shirt, Vittoria Verati Blazer, Madonna True or Dare pumps, structured work bag, Cartier juste un clou bangle, and Shein marsala jogging pants

Athleisure trends yesteryear

Remember those over 50 years old couples in the 1980s? You know, these couples who wore their athletic suits outside on the weekends? She and he dressed in partner jogging sweat suit look! They both looked alike like a dog and its owner. Or, like an old frumpy couple? Who hadn’t hit the shower in … how many years?

Athleisure Trend Today

That’s not how to style – did these couples actually style to begin with – this sport and leisure wear today. On the contrary: It’s dress up time! You wear a pair of satin or velvet joggers with pumps and a blazer to the office on Casual Friday. Your wear your athleisure jacket like a blazer with a skirt on Casual Friday or the weekend for running errands. You style your athleisure to show off your shape while still feeling comfortable, but looking polished. Today, sweatpants worn on the street are satin luxe trainer joggers or even leather joggers that you can wear at the office. When you put on leisurewear, you dress the pieces up!

Tip: Wear your leisurewear with pumps and a blazer to not look frumpy.

Satin Joggers for Summer – So Cool

These satin joggers are super light, i.e. I can wear them even on a hot summer day. The satin fabric keeps its form. Thus, these pants won’t look frumpy after a day of sitting at the desk. The marsala color goes well with gray, black, white, blue and even olive. These colors are all neutrals. In other words, they are the colors of the basics in which to invest.

Tip: Pair trendy cheap items with your more expensive quality basics for a posh chic style.

Tip: Mix low and medium price pieces for a nice balance to not look over the top nor cheap.

Try to style Adidas pants as a faux suit.

Which trends will you adopt for this summer? Do you like the athleisure trend?

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