How to look professional in joggers at work
Vince leather joggers, Christian Louboutain pumps, winter white GNW Luxe cashmere sweater, Festina watch, and gray-white graphic silk scarf (all own)
  1. Sweat pants back then
  2. The leather trend
  3. How to style jogger leather pants
  4. What outerwear goes with leather jogging pants?

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Sweat pants back then

As a kid and teenager, I did not like jogging pants at all. I associated them with the weekly Saturday jogging up the moraine thru the deciduous forest that topped the moraine, and back home with my sister and Dad. I hated jogging, found it extremely boring, and unpleasant for my feet and ankles. Wearing high heels to school all time, and walking in heels every day for about 45 minutes had my legs adapted to heels. As of today, my feet hurt and legs hurt when I wear flats for a prolonged time. Actually, I can catch a bus in heels, but not in flats. Anyhow, back them I swore to myself that I would never jog again.

Of course, it did not even occur to me that I would one day buy a pair of jogging pants.

What for, I would have asked back then.

The leather trend

Well, leather is a big trend right now. Thus, when I saw the new leather joggers trend, I had to have them. When you are a regular reader, you know I love clothing made from the hides. I have featured leather clothing in various posts, for instanst,

How to style jogger leather pants

I think leather is the only way joggers looks great, or even better: Stunning. Here they are: I wore them with white high heels (of course), and a white cashmere sweater. Watch out how I will style my new closet favorite next time.

fashion blogger in joggers in a black and white look
Vince leather jogging pants with GNW Luxe cashmere sweater, Christian Louboutain and silk scarf for a Casual Friday look

What outerwear goes with leather jogging pants?

For the commute to work, I wore a vintage coat with stripes, and my leopard print satchel. I had to break the old fashion rule not to wear brown and black together. I just like the edginess of doing it. It works because the bag and coat repeat both have black and brown shades. Read more about how to wear black and brown together in this post at the link.

fashion influencer in stylish winter outerwear
Thrifted coat with graphic details at the sleeves, head band, Clark booties, gloves (similar here) and Michael Kors leopard print satchel (all own)


What do you think? Do you like to break fashion rules for the sake of looking edgy? Would you wear leather joggers on Casual Friday to work when your dress code allows for leather and Casual Friday? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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