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Madonna True or Dare floral pumps (own)

Many people don’t understand that shoe love is true love. This post provides 101 arguments why you should wear heels over 40, and why you need another pair of sky-high footwear.

  1. Here Are My 101 Reasons to Go 2.5 Inches Up or More
  2. Further Examples of My Shoe Collection 2.5 Inches and Up


Here Are My 101 Reasons to Go 2.5 Inches Up or More

  1. I prefer being on eye height with male colleagues.
  2. The world is so much nicer at 5 ft 9 (1.80 m).
  3. Heels make me look young. Most women stopped wearing heels when they became mothers.
  4. Stilettos increase the sex appeal.
  5. You can wear heels in Fairbanks like in every city.
  6. Pumps mean power.
  7. I am not afraid to stand up and stand out.
  8. Pumps make me look professional.
    Kelly green pumps to wear heels over 40
    Nine West Kelly green pumps with lizard imprint


  9. Sky-high footwear is stylish.
  10. Pumps permit me to wear joggers to work without looking frumpy or unprofessional.
  11. The World is so much nicer 4 inch (10 cm) higher. Click To Tweet
  12. Some heels are affordable pieces of art.
  13. I am in love with heels since age 10. So why should I stop loving them now when they were the It shoes for me over four decades?
  14. Men remember heels! Just one word of proof: Cinderella. Click To Tweet
  15. Heels take every outfit up a notch.
  16. Heels make your feet look small and cute without the need of foot binding.
  17. Heels look interesting.
  18. Christian Louboutin does not make bunny or traditional lobben boots. Even though the latter may come with a red sole.
  19. The gap that builds in ballet flats when walking looks so ugly. Heels don’t make such ugly gaps.
  20. Heels make me feel confident.
  21. High heels let your ankles look thin.
  22. Stilettos lead to sexy looking calves.
  23. Stilettos make your bum look hot.
  24. I can’t walk in flats.
  25. Pumps’ roots go back to military gear and I love the military style for its well designed, practical features.Did you know that pumps served Persian worriers to anchor in the ground when shooting their arrows? #funfacts #HighLatitudeStyle Click To Tweet
  26. Tall boots with penny-heels anchor me when walking thru the deadlocked snow in the parking lot.
  27. I am well balanced and I can show it in heels.
  28. Heels save me from having to buy bicycle shoes.
  29. I can gain weight, loose weight, but my heels still fit.
  30. Stalks are too high.
  31. Heels bring me on kissing height with my more than 4 inches (10 cm) taller husband. ♥
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  32. They are considered feminine.
  33. I get a lot of attention and admiration when running in heels with pants than walking in sneakers with a skirt.
  34. Sure, these shoes are pleasure with pain. However, I prefer to look good over looking comfortable and frumpy.
  35. Women dance shoes have heels and I am an enthusiastic dancer.
  36. Heels make me feel damn good.
  37. Heels add an elegant touch to dresses.
  38. Pumps take even distressed jeans into polished outfits.
    Valentino Rockstuds
    Valentino Rockstuds


  39. A pair of nice heeled Valentino Rock Studs or L.K. Bennetts make an entrance.
  40. I love the click clack when walking. They hear me coming. The sound says I mean business, don’t mess with me.
  41. Heels allow me to be a tall brunette.
  42. Heels make you look slim.
  43. Dancing Argentine Tango in 4.5 inch (12.5 cm) stiletto sandals is easier than doing it with flats.
  44. Heels can make an outfit.
  45. Heels distinguish me from men.
  46. Heels give me a better posture than flats.
  47. Christian Louboutins add a pop of red to an all black outfit with ease when they have heels. You don’t get that with his flats.
  48. I love to tower over every single person in the crowd including ex-basketball players and German men.
  49. Heels save me from having to shorten a high-low hem maxi dress or my pants.
  50. I enjoy wearing heels.
  51. Among other things, I do modeling for a living, and models wear high heels. So to speak they are a professional uniform. 😉
  52. Heels don’t give me calf pain.
  53. Heels show my confidence.
  54. I don’t want to be petite and/or tiny.
  55. At a certain age, you should show off your assets and flaunt the rest. Heels make my (already long) legs look even longer than they are and my legs are my best feature. So why not enhancing them?
  56. I like my shoes to have heels as sharp as my words. #womenscientist #HighLatitudeStyle Click To Tweet
  57. Heels give the bumper sticker “Alaskan Women Kick Ass” a whole new meaning. 😉
  58. Heels make walking look so much more elegant.
  59. TSA permits putting heels in one of the boxes. Try that with dirty track boots and you are in trouble.
  60. Heels are comfortable. They always fall to the side when you put them off. Have you ever seen that with flats? Click To Tweet
  61. All successful women wear heels.
  62. I am as shoe obsessed as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City.
  63. Even from a physics point of view heels have more energy.
  64. Heels make me feel motivated.
  65. I am a strong believer of power dressing.
  66. I dare to take risks.
  67. My mother would not wear heels.
  68. For my colleagues 13 pairs of new shoes would not be news.
  69. I always have liked being taller than my younger sister.
  70. L.K. Bennetts are good for the Duchess. What’s good for Kate is good for Nicole.
  71. Angelina Jolie wears them. It’s all her fault, right Jen?
  72. My husband loves when I wear heels.
  73. Victoria Beckham is one of my style icons.
  74. Heels are one of my signature style pieces.
  75. Heels make me look authoritative.
  76. I'm not afraid of height. #heelslover Click To Tweet
  77. Heels make the legs look toned and lean.
  78. Heels make me look competent.
  79. Heels make me more productive which is one of the pre-requisites for success.
  80. Heels are considered career shoes. Who doesn't want to make a career? #HighLatitudeStyle #dress4success Click To Tweet
  81. Not everybody can walk on heels everywhere else without wobbling, but I can. So why not show this ability off?
  82. Ivanka Trump designs great heels.
  83. Heels are iconic. I love iconic.

    pink orange and nude pointy toe pumps
    Ivanka Trumppink cap toe nude with orange trim heels
  84. Heels are one of the best engineered pieces of the wardrobe.
  85. I am not dead yet.
  86. I wear what I want.
  87. I seem to collect heels and like the Smithsonian, I show pieces of my collection to the public for free. #heelslove #HighLatitudeStyle Click To Tweet
  88. 50 is too young to give up on heels. #shoelove #HighLatitudeStyle Click To Tweet
  89. I wear them because men won’t do that.
  90. Heels are the most fashionable shoes there are.
  91. High heels help me to exaggerate the feminine aspects of gait. Women have a unique hip movement that men don’t have when they walk. Walking in heels requires to pull the hip up to put the whole foot down advance. Doing so enhances the hip movement. Thus, walking in high heels makes my gait more attractive.
  92. Heels train me for Latin Dances where lifting the hips is part of the styling.
  93. Walking in high heels leads to shorter strides. Hence, it increases the number of steps per distance. Thus, I am able to accumulate my 10000 steps a day in a shorter amount of time than someone walking in sneakers on a treadmill.
  94. Wear heels over 40. It ensures that orthopedic doctors don't get out of business. Click To Tweet
  95. Heels are the most sold shoes. I don't want anything that nobody wants. #shoelove Click To Tweet
  96. Recall Lucy Shepard in An American President when she advises her Dad the President “Just be yourself.” “Be myself?” “Yeah, and compliment her shoes. Girls like that.”
  97. I like supporting the economy.
  98. One can’t run in flip flops.
  99. I like the look of mile long legs.
  100. I am addicted to high heels.
  101. I like the way heels look.

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Futher Examples of My Shoe Collection 2.5 inches and Up

Now everyone expects to look at a great selection of heels with affiliate links. However, I decided to show you some of my own favorites instead. I guess doing so is better for my budget. 😉

vara Salvadore Ferragamo pumps
Salvadore Ferragamo pumps (own)


Leopard print pumps
Aldo pony-hair leopard print pumps (own)


Floral pumps Madonna True or Dare floral pumps (own)

Salvatore Ferragano pumps
Jaeger Tote and Salvatore Ferragano Vara pumps (all own)


Söfft shearling buckle up booties
Söfft buckled shearling booties with GNW leopard print tight (own)


Michael Kors camouflage ankle high footwear
Michael Kors camouflage ankle high footwear


Manolo Blahnik booties
Red Manolo Blahnik booties


Antonio Melani shoes
Antonio Melani shoes. The buckle can be taken off. Thus, it’s one pair, two looks.


Dior over-the-knee boots
Dior over-the-knee boots


boot toppers
Clark booties with boot toppers


Valentino rock studs
Turquoise Valentino rock studs


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