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Never Ask a Woman for the Number of Her Shoes

No, I am not talking size. Here is the story. One day a couple of years ago, the boyfriend of my bff asked me how many shoes I own. I found this question pretty invasive, and inappropriate. They, my hubby and I had accidentally met in a sports bar, or may be not so accidently given that the four of us are all ballroom dancers.

The question came up because my bff had mentioned she needs a pair of red Stephanie (It’s her fav dance shoe brand), after we had put our dance shoes on while we were waiting for the DJ to get his act together to play some good Argentine Tangos.

“Not enough” I repeated. “No, seriously? How many?” “I never counted them.” “Why not?” “It’s not about having many of them. It’s about having the right ones for every occasion. There is no need to know how many. There is only the need to know where they are when the occasion is right. The number of shoes doesn’t matter. You only wear one pair at a time.” Then he turned to my husband and asked him for the number. My hubby said “I have no idea and I don’t care how many she has. It’s her business.” <3

Do Men Know How Many Footwear They Own?

Then the guy asked my hubby for the number of his pairs. Hubby said “I don’t know, but it’s enough for me.” “You have 18 pairs” I said and continued “That’s not enough! You should have more. I told you that several times.” “Why?” asked my bff’s boyfriend while she was smiling all over her face. “Because everyone should have as many as they can afford to promote the economy! That’s why! It provides work for others so they can afford to buy things too and have a good life too” I responded with a firm voice. I turned to my bff and said with a determined, almost commanding voice “You can afford to buy those red Stephanie, just do it!” At that moment, the DJ played “Allerdings” and my hubby asked me for a dance.

“He will never buy her those” my hubby whispered in my ears. “Yes, because he doesn’t understand the Cinderella heels thing.”

Cinderella is proof that if you give a woman the right shoes she can conquer the world. Click To Tweet
Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the World. - #quote Marilyn Monroe
weight loss doesn't change the size of your galoshes

It’s More than a Fairy Tale

I love footwear, I always did. And yes, you can wear high heels in Alaska like in any other city. … and Alaskan women love pretty galoshes like the next one. Therefore, when an Alaskan returns from the Lower 48 shopping trip 13 new pairs are no news.

Let’s get to the roots of it. There are 101 reasons to wear heels. May be even more. They are my wardrobe favorites.

Probably, they are all women’s closet heroes.

Why? Read on! That’s why!

You can loose weight, you can gain weight, your shoes still fit! #shoelove Click To Tweet

They are even better than chocolate! Guys, did you hear that? Shoes are better than chocolate (or flowers)! Remember that! They are crab-free! You can’t buy her happiness, but you can buy her new heels. That’s kind of the same thing. Seriously! Consequently, Sold Out is the shortest horror story ever for any woman!

… and yes, we strongly believe

There is always room for one more pair. #fashionquote Click To Tweet

Imelda Marcos Has Competition

There are two things you never can have enough of: Good friends and great footwear. Which woman when she gets tired of shopping at the mall, doesn’t go into the galosh department, sit down and try on the next season’s Must-haves? Like most women in the Western World, we only buy them on two occasions, when we need them, and when we don’t need them. It’s that easy! Doesn’t maturity mean to wear whatever makes you happy?

buying new heels equals happiness

Move over, Imelda Marcos, you've got competition. #shoefetischist Click To Tweet

Footwear for all occasions is sooooo American. Recall America’s style icon Jackie Kennedy owned her size 10 loafers in many colors when she was FLOTUS. And it’s not just the D.C. and New York area or the East Coast. Think of the different flip flops of the California gals, the cowboy boots in the Southwest or the rainboots of the Seattleite. An Alaska outdoor wedding requires x-tra Tuffs for the bride to get to the place.

pumps shopping attitude
Imelda Marcos' competitor in footwear ownership

Hunters and Collectors

No I’m not a shopoholic! No, I’m don’t need help! No, I’m not a footwear hoarder, I collect them! They are all well edited. Heeled ducks, tall boots, over-the-knee boots (Yes, it’s a Do over 40), patent leather espadrille wedges for work (as introduced by Kate Middleton, what’s good enough for the Duchess is good enough for me), Very Fine Dancesport sandals (the Alaskan way in all colors), wood clogs like in the 70s, studded boots, and meanwhile even mules. Why I didn’t start wearing mules earlier is a different story!

Anyhow, this “collection” is probably more useful than my fossil leave/vegetation print collection I had in the early 70s in the time of the oil crisis.

… and didn’t civilization start with collectors and hunters?

It’s important to feel great about yourself

… and what’s wrong anyhow about keeping your heels and standards high? I’m like

I can't concentrate in flats. - Victoria Beckham #poshquote Click To Tweet

I’m totally with you, Posh, on that one. Yes, and

I'm not afraid of height. Have you seen my Tango stilettos? - Nicole Mölders #fashionquote Click To Tweet

I am 100% convinced that the World is so much nicer at 5 ft 7 (1.74 m) than at (my) 5 ft 3.  And didn’t Mademoiselle famously say

A woman with good shoes is never ugly. - Coco Chanel #fashionquote Click To Tweet

Who wants to wear ugly style-ruining trends to begin with? Coco Chanel is right, style can be elevated one heel at a time!

The world is so much nicer at 5 ft 10 fashion quote
high heels and standards

I am old enough to know not to talk to anyone anymore who tells me that I have enough or even too many footwear! Who need’s such negativity in their life? Not me! No woman does! By the way, just in case you wondered,

I'm not weird, I'm a limited edition. #quote Click To Tweet

or as Marilyn Monroe said “Being normal is so boring.” And yes,

the only BS I can live with is bags and shoes. #bloggerquote Click To Tweet
BS stands for bags and shoes
limited edition of weird boots

In a nutshell

Stop asking me about how many shoes I own! #shoelove Click To Tweet

… and never ask a woman that invading question. In the aftermath, I think I should just have answered “Grow up boy!”

Did you ever wonder why you can walk in those heels in the store, but not at home?

Don’t let the right footwear to the right outfit be a random thing. Wear the right look with the right pair in every situation by looking up what to wear when in How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy my book now.

Shoes are more than just to protect your feet from being hurt or getting cold unless they are footgear needed for a profession. Think engineering boots, combat boots, … . However, often these professional gear becomes adopted by mainstream fashion. When worn not for professional reasons, styling may become tricky. For instance, you don’t want to look like Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman when wearing over-the-knee boots.

And finally,
I love a shoe that can make another girl jealous. - Rihanna #shoequote Click To Tweet

What is it with you and your shoes?

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  1. Mr.Rios

    You have hit upon one of life’s greatest challenges: quantifying the ownership of a plethora of shoes to others! Like, you, Nicole, it is not a problem, but a matter of having the right shoe for the right job! Two pairs of ‘everyday’ combat boots, one ‘clean’ pair of combat boots to wear with formal kilts, one ‘fashionable’ Timberland construction boot in denim blue leather for ‘work’ kilts, one pair of ‘quiet’ combat boots, and a pair of Ecco high-top hikers in black and brown for those ‘fashionable’ light hikes! Must agree with Gail, boots are more than pleasant to wear and can’t get enough of them. Didn’t even mention the score of running shoes (local runs, long distance, trail, everyday, fashion, and actual race) or vast amounts of wingtips (two white, but have a chestnut, dark brown, burgundy, and black for formal dress)! One thing is for sure: you look amazing in any shoe you wear. Keep making us smile with your ravishing beauty and timeless fashion sense.

  2. Nicole Mölders

    No offense taken. Sure, people collect various things and find satifaction therein. The sustainability is in collecting and repairing them. I bought my riding boots, for instance, in 1999. What you collect, you love. Thus, you take care of the pieces and have them repaired rather than throwing them away. No, I am not “preaching” shoe love. On the contrary, I make fun of myself. The post was meant to be funny, for a laugh. Who doesn’t love to laugh?

  3. Gail

    Boots bring me a lot of joy, shoes less so these days – I have to choose styles with lower heels which ruins the fun really. I still find quirky pairs of brogues and flatties that I like. I occasionally wear my Stan Smiths with a skirt or dress, but not sure it’s a look that really suits me. Thanks Nicole for joining the #WowOnWednesday link up.

  4. Sadhana Kembhave

    Really? I guess each one to their own. Thanks for mentioning the western world’s idea of footwear requirements.
    Taking excesses to what heights!?!
    Where is your sustainability, ecological conservation, sense of satisfaction etc.?
    One likes coats, another bracelets,I et another
    may love shoes. But to preach it?
    I am shocked. Let’s also be responsible while talking fashion and style.
    No offence meant. Nothing personal here
    Warm regards,
    Sadhana Kembhave

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